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Nowadays, we all are becoming more engage and busy in our day-to-day life due to professional commitments or personal life. In such a situation, we always find ways to make our life simple and easy. Every human on this planet feels lazy at certain situations where he/she wants to make his/her work or task easier. Thus, there are various innovations which are carried out with these technologies. Those are intensively working upon such tools which can execute to minimize human efficiency and saves time.

According to the well-known French author Jules Renard, “Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.”

To reduce this, there are some virtual inventions that create an easy way to implement our work. One such major device which is widely used is known as Virtual Assistant generally abbreviated as VA or Virtual Office Assistant. It is a unique self-employed device which provides assistance to clients remotely. It is a highly skilled device that recreates overall verbal communication stronger. VA helps its users to access data and information through voice assistance with its unique approach to signify various fundamental activities.

Hence, VA exclusively synchronizes human voice instructions to manage various human actions such as music playback via voice, emails, to-do lists, and calendars with verbal commands. Its invention has created a reforming approach for doing our day to day task easier. The qualities that make virtual assistant a power tool is its exceptional programming and strong process execution.

Various Forms of Virtual Assistants

In the global market, there are many technology giants that have introduced their own virtual assistant (VA) devices are as follows,

Amazon Alexa majorly known as Alexa is a virtual assistant device developed by Amazon. It has two devices which reflect its VA properties such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speakers. Alexa helps you to check the weather, latest news, connect to music and listen to your favorite song on command as its special features. Siri by Apple is one of the unique virtual assistant devices introduced in 2011. Siri answers all the questions and updates you with sports news as well. Siri also uses to set alarm, timer, and scheduling daily task manually. With voice request, Siri can help you to send text or place call just by voice. Siri is exclusively available on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watches etc.

Cortana is a Microsoft device, known as its digital assistant who is designed to learn from your command and respond to the queries. It is very similar to Apple and other VA device which can track tasks, manage your calendar or follow your commands etc. Cortana works on following Microsoft devices, including Windows phones and operating systems. Google Assistant a product by Google which is highly known for its accessibility. It is easily available on various devices like your phone, speaker, watch, TV, or in your car. It connects smoothly with any device and gives an active response. Google Assistant is available on Google Play Store and iTunes App store.

Last but not the least; we have Bixby a smart virtual assistant by Samsung. It is one of the most featured and unique virtual assistant device used globally. It has a unique feature that represents your music choices and voice commands to identify landmarks and other visuals by taking a photo. Bixby can translate many foreign languages and transform them in an easy manner. It also recommends you about businesses, restaurants to create reminders and manage your schedule. Bixby is exclusively available on Samsung devices like Galaxy S series and Note 9.

Role of Virtual Assistants

Followed with its overall introduction and functionalities, the core part that highly approachable about virtual assistant is its features and roles like,

  1. Responsiveness: A virtual assistant is mainly known for its extreme responsive nature and fundamental structure. The ultimate role of any virtual assistant is to follow the commands and execute the process accordingly. In any organization, the basic role is to follow the commands and provide suitable information at the earliest like, quick response to the e-mails, requests, and voice commands.


  1. Discretion: Discretion is nothing but the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing confidential information. Hence, the virtual assistant helps individuals and organization to avoid conflict between confidential information and relieving information.


  1. Accuracy: Accuracy is very important and essential. Human make mistakes and it will happen but to avoid mistakes and false we need perfect and accurate work. Hence, virtual assistant provides accuracy that plays a crucial role when commands are given to it for execution.


  1. Multi-tasking: Probably one of the important feature of virtual assistant it its capability to do multiple jobs at the same time. A virtual assistant can hold many commands and actions with respect to multiple users and keep them moving correctly. It benefits organization with efficiency, good scheduling, and perfect duty.

How Virtual Assistant aids Organizations

Today, almost every organization is working on its core competencies to grow rapidly in the market with effective speed and market response. Hence, they are building its capabilities with the help of a virtual assistant which are as follows,

Email Management: A good virtual assistant will always offer email or inbox management services. Virtual assistant organizes various email skills such as managing emails into manageable folders, incoming emails notifications, prioritizing a list of senders etc. Better virtual assistant supports organization for superior productivity.

Marketing Responsibilities: One of the top feature of virtual assistant, in which it handles various marketing tasks easily, timely and precisely. There are some of the respective tasks on which virtual assistant works such as, website landing page, blog posts, graphic design, and social media marketing etc. It also helps the organization more effectively and precisely.

Planning and Organizing: Finally, planning and organizing is another topmost virtual assistant feature. It prominently works to track and analysis top-level view of daily tasks and helps to create effective plans and methods to meet business goals.

Promising Future

As we mentioned earlier, how virtual assistant is important in our day-to-day life or in an organization process. In businesses, the virtual assistant helps organizations to grow fast and efficiently. Virtual Assistants are independent experts, who work for its users from a remote location. With specific skills, a virtual assistant can perform multiple tasks at the same time and work on various projects simultaneously.

Hence, a virtual assistant is becoming one of the major parts of organizations overall process and structure for opting better growth and their future endeavors. In addition, it signifies importance it in our day-to-day lives and helps us to make our daily task easier.

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