Verifysoft Technology GmbH: A Prominent Code Coverage Analyzer for Embedded Software

Klaus Lambertz | Founder & CEO | Verifysoft Technology GmbH

Verifysoft Technology GmbH is vendor of Testwell CTC++, a leading code coverage analyzer for embedded software. Since its founding in 2003, the company has established a presence in over 40 countries and recorded growth of more than 40% last year. The company believes software testing is an essential service and its importance will only increase in the future.

Software testing helps companies by improving the efficiency, reliability and lifespan of software. On the other hand, untested software can not only impact the reputation of a company but also put people’s lives at risk.

Verifysoft believes in delivering quality software which improves productivity and lowers operational costs. In line with its philosophy of providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the company also offers advanced tools through support services. These tools are aimed at undertaking static code analysis. Verifysoft also offers training to software developers and quality managers.

An Honest Foundation to Driving Growth 

One of the core principles at Verifysoft Technology is to be honest and fair with customers and coworkers. The inspirational pillar of strength for the company and the culture it embodies has always been Klaus Lambertz, its Founder and CEO.

Klaus graduated with a degree in Economics and then worked for several top companies, where he realized that true satisfaction for him lay in starting and running his own business. He explains, “the driving power is not security or a nice salary, but liberty and the spirit to do something useful”. Having led the company for the last 15 years, Klaus has achieved phenomenal results, which he attributes to his versatile, motivated team. He continues to find the journey both challenging and extremely rewarding every day.

Growing Challenges and Changing Dynamics 

Verifysoft has established itself as a leader in providing software testing solutions which are efficient and reliable. However, the company’s leadership still does not shy away from seeing the bigger picture and taking on new challenges.

There are several key trends emerging in the software testing industry. One of these is the rapid increase in the size and complexity of software. Additionally, clients’ increasing demands for featurerich software is driving intense competition within the industry.

Today, companies are pushed into exposing the control functions of their applications through web interfaces. This gives rise to a new set of challenges for software testing providers like Verifysoft. However, the leadership at the company is embracing such challenges and constantly strategizing new ways to deliver software quickly while incorporating the highest standards of web protection.

In many industries, governments regulate the quality of software in order to make it safe to use. Software for aircraft control is a prime example of this approach. The recent increased scrutiny of software by lawmakers represents growth opportunities for Verifysoft.



A Unique Strategy 

Verifysoft has positioned itself strategically to appeal to clients with a wide range of requirements. Currently, the company covers all aspects of software testing, and its specializations includes Testwell CTC++ for embedded C and C++. The tool is used for Java and C# as well.

Over the years, Verifysoft has established itself as an off-road vehicle for software testing solutions. Its CTC++ test system is extremely reliable even in the most adverse and challenging circumstances. It works with all compilers, embedded targets, and cutting edge programming methods to deliver a flawless, smooth experience. The company continues to inspire admiration and support from its partners.

The management team at Verifysoft believes they have a good product on their hands, and they give client satisfaction top priority. It is expected that this will establish the foundation of industry-wide leadership in the long run.

Lucrative Opportunities 

When Verifysoft was founded in 2003, the company distributed the solutions of the Finland based company Testwell to companies of all sizes based in Germany, France and other European markets. In 2013 Verifysoft purchased the intellectual property rights for the Testwell tools, which are now distributed all over the world. Verifysoft took the opportunity to work with this great product and brought it to a new level through continuous development by a dedicated 50-member team. The company has also taken the distribution of the products by taking the product to large MNCs and it has also reached small and medium sized firms to spread core appeal of the product.

Klaus initially did experience challenges when he was compelled to fund his venture through large capital investments, a move which carried inherent risks. Today, the company is looking at a promisingly lucrative future where software testing can account for as much as 90% of the budget dedicated to developing software.

Klaus is a firm believer in the bright prosspects of Verifysoft Technology as it continues to change software testing through innovation and customer satisfaction.

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