Vantage Information Services: Integrating Data of Businesses to be Modeled, Visualized and Monetized

John Kogel | CEO & Founder | Vantage Information Services Ltd.

Most analytics companies start with technology, whereas Vantage Information Services Limited starts with the business, specifically what creates ROI, and works back to the technology. Vantage was founded to bring best in class analytics to the business user. It was set up with a mission to build best in class technology that operationalizes data driven decisions and deliver value to organizations through data analytics. It leverages its business experience and uses proven approaches to create value from data and enhance client profitability. Using proprietary processes for prediction and analytics, the company turns its clientele’s raw data into actionable insights on demand.

Enabling Businesses to Make Data-driven Decisions

Vantage believes that technology companies have done a great job at building amazing technology for the power user. At this stage, the messaging of these companies to the market is “become a citizen data scientist”. What these technologies are missing, and what Vantage Point solves for, is the fact that these companies have teams of people which are hired to perform very important functions, and not to learn how to code or data model or to become a data scientist. They don’t have time to spend hours searching through dashboards to explore the data. They need answers and recommendations on what to do next, so they can combine these recommendations with their expertise in a seamless manner, and then understand the ROI impact of their decisions. This is how analytics can be driven to every person in every organization and this is where Vantage comes into the picture. It envisions creating technology that bridges the substantial gap in the market today that every company struggles with i.e. how to enable teams to make data driven decisions as part of their everyday workflow.

Flagship Technology

At the heart of Vantage is its flagship technology, Vantage Point that operationalizes data driven decisions and connects business users with other business users across their company’s network of clients and suppliers. The technology enables the communication of value via KPIs that can be set at any level of the organization, autogenerates tasks with ML models at a user level, allows users to understand why that task was generated for them by diving into the data, and measures ROI from completing that task. Vantage Point modules are plug and play deployments – no code, no long implementation times, and include subject matter such as Sales Analysis, Inventory Analysis, Customer Analytics, HR Analytics, and Financial Analysis.

An Inventive Mind

The person behind the inception of Vantage Data is its CEO, John Kogel. John has accumulated an enriching experience of 1o years, which was focused on leveraging data analytics to enhance portfolio returns while minimizing risk. In 2014, he began developing his own suite of analytics, generating outsized returns for his investment strategy. On the back of this, he saw an opportunity to expand these analytics beyond the scope of finance to industries including retail and manufacturing, and started Vantage.

“Focused on the business user, Vantage Point starts with ROI, and works back into the technology, to achieve an efficient and data driven approach for each business user.”

As CEO and Founder, John drives the strategy and technology vision of the company. He plays an in-depth role in the product development of Vantage’s flagship product, Vantage Point, actively works on continually building and developing great customer relationships and a great team. He is focused on making and shaping a culture of efficient, data driven investment decisions based on ROI across his business and clients’ companies. Besides, he holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Core Values

Vantage has experienced significant growth and evolution over the last 5+ years by shaping a fast moving, high performance culture, all of which is underpinned and measured through its values of Collaboration, Agility, Catalyst, Diversity and Innovation. These values all relate to each other to drive success. Diversity is the underlying difference matter though. The company is of the belief that with collaboration and agility, one can drive innovation and change. Diversity however is the fuel that makes the engine run. Without differences in background, thinking, and approach, any company will struggle, and ultimately fail, to create a product that differentiates against today’s market.

Giving Back to the Community

Speaking about CSR, John asserts, “Corporate Social responsibility is a key focus of our business as the principle of “enabling” is core to who we are at Vantage. We recognise that not everyone has access to the tools, knowledge and technology that will allow them the best foundation for the current market opportunities, and it is part of our mission to ensure that we continue to drive avenues where we share our platforms and skills, particularly with previously disadvantaged individuals and communities.”

Changing the Way Companies Operate & Communicate

Vantage aspires to change the way companies fundamentally operate internally, and how they communicate with each other externally. There is a massive gap and therefore universal inefficiency in how companies operationalize data driven decisions. Vantage builds technology to bridge and eliminate that gap. Ultimately, it does not only want companies to do this with their own data, but to incorporate their customers and suppliers into their Vantage Point network, thereby driving more seamless cooperation, enhanced ROI for all parties, and data monetization.

“Vantage’s core technology, Vantage Point, operationalizes data driven decisions and drives interactivity across an organization’s network.”

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