Trevor M. Saliba: Driving Successful Growth of Business by Leading With Innovativeness & Integrity.


Winning the game of life requires maintaining integrity. Integrity is all about walking the talk, living by values, and leaving a legacy behind. Successful leaders recognize the value of maintaining integrity. They understand that integrity is essential pillar of trustworthy leadership.

One such successful business leader who recognizes integrity as a most important component of success is Trevor M. Saliba. With his novel approach and shrewd financial acumen, Trevor has been at the helm of the growth of many successful companies.

“More than just a consulting firm, NMS Consulting is a dedicated catalyst for the growth and success of business of its clients on many levels.”

Currently, Trevor is serving as Managing Partner, Global Head of Private Equity, M&A and Strategy at NMS Consulting, Inc, a global management consulting and strategic advisory firm. NMS Consulting’s mission is simple; being dedicated to an uncompromising principle of placing needs and goals of its clients above all others. It is a solution driven organization and is relentless in its constant pursuit to challenge established thinking, inspire innovation, and drive results.

Growing Significantly Over a Period of Time

In Trevor’s role as Managing Partner, he directly oversees the private equity, M&A and strategy practice groups for the firm where he works with a global client base comprised of private equity funds, public and private corporations on acquisitions, due diligence, divestitures, sales as well as general strategy which can cover market entry, sales growth and marketing. NMS Consulting has grown significantly over the past three years to an organization of over 250 professionals across 15 offices.

Utilizing Technology to Make Processes Easier

While it can be quite overwhelming for clients to undertake the initiative to “go digital”, Trevor really does think that not being digital in this era is a disadvantage. Technology can make processes so much easier, but as they have just experienced through the COVID 19 pandemic, it was a true test of which company was truly digital and able to operate and scale and who needed to adopt being digital.

Valuing Everyone’s Opinion

While putting the importance of positive work culture Trevor says “From my perspective in a way that yields productivity and teamwork, I think sometimes organizations get lost on making the work environment less like work, when work is and should be work. If you are fortunate enough to love what you do for work, then it’s easy.”

NMS Consulting tries to create a very casual horizontal hierarchy with an open-door policy where everyone’s opinion matters. Trevor has often been surprised when junior staffers are asked their opinion about a topic in meetings; they are usually surprised that the senior staff would care what they have to say. He believes that sometimes one can get the best feedback or perspective from someone’s new and fresh perspective.

Recognizing Integrity As a Key Component for Success

When asked about people, books, or life factors that have influenced and impacted him, Trevor admires Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, stating that he is an excellent example of a leader who has built an amazing organization without overextending or putting strain on their finances. He just finished his biography, Last Man Standing, and mentions that many would be surprised at how he arrived as CEO of what has become arguably the world’s best run bank.

Another great book Trevor is inspired by is Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. He states that it’s a fantastic overview of humankind starting from the stone age until now.

Making Professional Consulting Affordable

In the opinion of Trevor, consulting industry is a unique value proposition; it usually is sought after by firms that can afford it. It’s deemed as a corporate luxury, but many smaller firms who often avoid hiring consultants do so solely because of the expense, unless there is some event that requires it.

NMS Consulting has created a structure that is built on being entrepreneurial so that any company can afford professional consulting. The company is able to do this based on the way it operates its own firm, but also because its team has a general underlying desire to truly help clients first.

Engaging in Multiple Sector or Services Group

According to Trevor, the consulting industry is incredible because it literally touches every sector. Some would argue so does law, but consulting allows an ability to engage in multiple levels.

Trevor advice to anyone starting out is to take on as many different types of assignments as one can. “Try to avoid being placed into a particular practice group. Ask to change sector or services group and make sure to advise your supervisor that you are doing it to be a better consultant,” he asserts.

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