Tesla X Model Saves 2 Families from Being Crashed in Storm Dennis

Tesla X Model Saves 2 Families from Being Crashed in Storm Dennis

In the southern part of UK, during a brutal Storm Dennis, a 400-year-old Oak tree fall down on two Tesla Model X cars. In this incident, there were two separate families involved with total 8 members who were saved by the autopilot action of both the Tesla vehicles.

Kitty McConnell, one among the victims, was returning to her home with her mother, Julia, and her friend Josh Whitelock via A31 in Dorset. As per the words from Kitty, during the drive, suddenly their £86,000 Model X Tesla has applied the emergency brakes due to which their lives got saved. At the same time, another Model X Tesla which was coming from the front side had also practised the same as of Kitty and saved the lives of five including Laurence Sanderson, his wife Anna, and their three children Max, Isabella and Rex. Both cars were crushed by the tree without harming any of them.

Laurence sates, “It was a miracle, another second and we would have been crushed, as I wouldn’t have been able to react in time. The car undoubtedly saved our lives. We would have been killed without it.” He added, “We were driving along and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tree coming down. The car was on Autopilot and the emergency braking kicked in. It was chaos with smoke coming from the car and people shouting to get out. People from other cars came to help get the kids out. It was an amazing response.

Kitty’s Tesla was being driven by her friend Josh who has stated that, “I was on Autopilot driving home when I saw a flash from the power line which lit up the tree as it fell. We stopped suddenly. There was a loud crack and then the sound of metal on metal. I was expecting to turn around and see my girlfriend and her mother impaled by branches but incredibly that wasn’t the case.

Kitty thanked the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk through Twitter in reply of which Elon Musk stated, “Glad you’re all ok.

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