Steven Russo: with a Passionate Team, Revolutionize, Cyber Security

Steven R. Russo | Executive Vice President | Eclypses, Inc.

Many doors i.e. Before the internet cybercrimes was non-existent. With the coming of the internet age cyber is now the most prolific imminent danger spot effecting every aspect of government, business and people’s lives. Cyber threats from all levels of bad actors and state sponsored cyber-attacks are plaguing the world all over. As cyber threats and crime have also taken a pace with this internet revolution, securing digital assets/data soon became a necessity. Various organizations took the responsibility to tackle such issues with their unique solutions yet, many are still striving to attain a reliable system to operate on.

Meet Steven RussoExecutive Vice President at Eclypses, a leader who understands the requirement of the markets, and desires to contribute in this ever-evolving cyber-security sector. With the Eclypses team’s significant experience, as well as background in around payment card security, he firmly believes that they have invented/developed cyber security solutions that will revolutionize the protection of all forms digital data. The Eclypses team’s unique ideologies and methods assisted the process to attain many achievements in company’s pathway.

Our primary goal is to educate the world regarding MicroToken Exchange® (MTE) technology and change the way that data is stored, transmitted and secured, while in the end, simultaneously making the world a safer place to live.

Exceptional Offerings to Rely On 

After creating MTE, Eclypses realized that its product is unique compared to any other data security solutions available in the market. Like any other company, with a breakthrough invention, MTE, the initial challenge faced by Eclypses was ‘how to penetrate the market’. Thus, the company had to understand how to engage the on-going markets and why would a customer buy its technology. It determined that they had to engage its customers to comprehend their pain points and cyber risk they face on a daily basis.

In addition, to the quote, “We solved the Data at Rest,” Steven states that the company went on to address the enormous vulnerabilities with Data in Transit, as well as IoT and IIoT challenges, which include commands to connected and or intelligent devices. Steven continues, “If one were to take a deep dive into the most significant successful hack attacks over the past 36 months, it’s clear that the largest governments, enterprises, financial institutions, tech companies and even Departments of Defense have been unable to stop state sponsored bad actors from executing successful intrusions.”

Traits One must Posses 

Through vision, patience, compassion, persistence, integrity, motivational drive, the right personality and high levels of intelligence, our team has been able to attain many milestones en route to success. However, along with the above listed traits, ‘being lucky’ i.e. occurrence of luck factor also plays a role. Focusing on such valuable points, the company states that a C-level executive must have determination to get the required breaks, and certainly use their intuition to surround themselves by a team of talented passionate individuals.

Meanwhile, when cyber security comes into picture, Steven believes and states that the individual must be able to use their vision, while maintaining patience and exuding compassion for their employees and teams. This individual must portray persistence, maintain integrity and trust both internal and external aspects of organization. As per Steven, he or she i.e. the individual is expected to be self-motivated and be able to motivate others, along with a strong work ethic and desire for success. “They need to approachable and personable, while using their high levels of intelligence to overcome the many daily obstacles that keep coming on an endless basis,” adds Steven.

Overcoming the Obstacles 

When it comes to challenges, there are far too many to list down, for all types of evolving companies. Steven expresses that successful executive management works with their teams, and their varying personalities, personal challenges, levels of competence and skills, and degree of loyalty they possess as unique individuals. The only real advice to use, is for managing executives, to utilize all the talents and skills they possess as leaders, such as compassion, persistence, integrity and motivational skills, to maintain patience, have compassion, provide consistent guidance, vision, direction and leadership, while always holding people accountable for their actions or lack thereof. Additionally, executive teams must be able to understand when to pivot and change direction by making quick decisions and either succeeded of fail quickly, then adjust as required.

Embracing New Advancements 

In order to keep up with the times, staying connected to other industry leaders participating in open forums is a great start. Steven advices that we must always listen to what others are saying, but verify the information being disseminated and then trust the results. Although, it is the job of Executive management to keep their teams laser focused, it is also imperative that they do not to wear blinders and go on trusting people on baseless information. Leadership must keep their heads on a swivel to read the market and ensure that their team is aligned with the technology trends as well as needs of its customers and future clients. Additionally, it is important to stay on top of what your competitors are doing to ensure that both you and your company remain at the top of your game, continues Steven.

On behalf of Eclypses, members of our Executive team provide Keynote appearances in the public sector throughout a variety of verticals, including David Schoenberger, one of the MicroToken Exchange inventors. We strive to bring to light the many vulnerabilities today around the securing of sensitive data, while educating other industry professions regarding how successful attacks and be thwarted. Additionally, we take college students and allow them to participate in various areas of our company so that they can garner real life experience, to help propel them in their future career. We continue to be members of several cyber associations and are working closely with municipalities and state agencies to address cyber concerns on macro level.

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