Social Media Mammoth Prototypes Letting Creators Monetize Their Content with Ads

Social Media Mammoth Prototypes Letting Creators Monetize Their Content with Ads

Popular social media platform, Instagram might finally let IGTV video makers earn money which is their longer-form content center. According to various sources, Instagram has confirmed that it has added an internally prototyped Instagram Partner Program that would let creators earn money by showing ads along with their content. In a hope to motivate the creators to bring more high quality content on the platform, the company is trying to give a chance to earn sustainable income from IGTV.

Similarly to Facebook watch, where content creators earn 55% of the revenue generated by “Ad Breaks” which are placed in between of their content. There is no confirmed words on how much revenue split Instagram would offer. Previously, Instagram worked with limited number of celebrities for IGTV content without offering any method to earn profit. This led the creators to look-out for sponsored content over other platforms like YouTube, where they could earn reliable amount of money from ads.

Many of the videos on the popular page of Instagram are mostly rip-offs or click-baits which affects the view counts, and lack of monetization adds up to this. Instagram has been looking up for other ways to boost quality of its content that users see, they have also launched an ’Unfollow Suggestions’ feature to its app. According to the company, the new feature is being tested in beta version but, no feedback has been noticed from the public side, till date.

Monetizing the content of creators has been evolving on many major platforms of social networks. As of lately, YouTube generates its revenue mostly through ads, and the other social media platforms are trying to do the same. Ad splitting, subscription to exclusive content, tipping connections to brand sponsorship, and merchandise sale are just few of the many ways through which the existing creators can make their cut from social media.

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