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Sebastián Stranieri

The chances of frauds and risks are reduced, thanks to a reliable cybersecurity infrastructure. Taking this into consideration, Sebastián Stranieri founded VU Security in 2007 to prevent fraud and offer solutions to protect people’s digital identity, after seeing an opportunity to introduce an innovative security solution that would considerably simplify the process of network authentication. Thanks to his past experience in Trend Micro, Sebastián was able to introduce simple and innovative solutions that are still ground-breaking in the present day.

“At VU we want to resolve the large vacancy in the industry by providing training and becoming one of the mayor cybersecurity employers worldwide”.

As a huge nerd and tech fan, Sebastián is always up-todate with the latest launches and technology events. In order to upgrade himself with ever-evolving technological trends, he also follows Elon Musk, Natya Sadella and Phil Knight very closely, as both a source of inspiration and advances in the industry.

Broad Range of Solutions

VU Security has 14 solutions of fraud prevention and identity protection that can be adapted to the needs of each client in various industries from finance, insurance and government, to health, education and Oil & Gas. It is aligned with the good practices of international authentication, as part of FIDO Alliance, the Open Authentication Alliance (OATH) and the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). It also works with the Tech Accord to promote the implementation of cybersecurity good practices worldwide.

Keep Going

Sebastián believes that as an Argentine CEO, one of the roadblocks is overcoming the prejudice that VU is a “third country” provider. Being selected as Partner of the Year by Microsoft, finalist of JVP Moonshot Challenge in New York and of the Korea-LAC Business Summit 2019, among other recognitions, help VU Security prove that its solutions follow the highest standards and can therefore compete head to head with companies anywhere in the globe. Since 2007, many people have told Sebastián that he was crazy, that he was never going to succeed or that the country wasn’t ready for this kind of company or technology. However, today the company is reaching new territories and increasing revenues by over 30% every year.

In a Frictionless Way

Sebastián mentions that VU provides frictionless and digitally secure experiences that prevent fraud and protect digital identity while improving citizens’ lives. The company understands that today it’s easier than ever before to pretend you’re someone you’re not through a mobile device. Sebastián asserts. “Digital identities are being stolen and used to take loans or make millionaire transactions. Some banks still have a physical employee check by phone call if the user has just made a transaction through their online banking. That’s expensive, takes a lot of time and what’s worse, the bank could still be talking to somebody else. We know users want to avoid interacting with institutions and organizations as much as they can. We help companies see there are other, easier and more efficient ways to check their clients’ identities remotely; we show them it’s possible to do so in a frictionless way.”

In the near future, the company hopes to strengthen its operations in Europe and open new offices in South Korea, India and Australia.

Redefining the role of CEO

According to Sebastián, the role of a CEO in cybersecurity isn’t only about protecting clients, it’s also about teaching the very own members of the company and the general public, from kindergarten to seniors, how to protect themselves within the online world. Everybody thinks “This is not going to happen to me” until it happens. As a matter of fact, the main weakness used by attackers is the lack of knowledge.

Furthermore, he believes that every CEO must be curious to be one step ahead of the client’s needs, which allows to continuously offer new solutions. Secondly, as a CEO, he or she must be resilient to adversities and trust their team so they can work together to achieve the desired goals. Most importantly, he or she must have a broad vision of the industry, the newest advances and movements within the ecosystem to make decisions.

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