Salt Essential IT: Information and Communication (ICT) Partner of Choice

Sonja Coetzer | Chief Operations Manager | Salt Essential IT

Cloud Computing paradigm has given the opportunity and capability to the entrepreneurs to achieve their business goal. It represents an opportunity for all businesses to save their time and budget with resources focused on innovation. Hence just like salt, cloud technology is an essential ingredient to your business transformation. Salt Essential IT provides collaboration, connectivity, & support services to the businesses and paves the way with innovative new technologies and IT solutions in the markets. The company has been serving thousands of organizations since 1998 with personalized solutions delivered by internationally certified subject matter experts.

Changing technology can be daunting and expensive if not supported by experts. Also, the company’s experts ensure that consumers benefit from the perfect solutions to drive their business’ growth and digital transformation. Salt Essential IT enables the business to operate better, generate revenue, and boost with happy employees by its solutions. The company is known to make the impossible, possible for the customers, and ’Salties’ are very proud to be a part of the Salt family.

Empowering Customers

Salt is one of Africa’s select award-winning Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Providers, supporting customers ranging from small and medium business to enterprise. The company’s mission is to empower each other, its customers, and its economy. The company delivers expert solutions and services in data-centers and hybrid/cloud solutions that allow its customers to be disruptors in their respective industries. As their core focus is understanding its customers’ business. Apart from its competition customers can buy a license, or a computer, from thousands of other IT Companies. The company believes in the empowerment of each employee to take on the challenge of delivering quality services that will impact the customer experience in an efficient, productive, and collaborative manner. Customers get guaranteed up-times and access to email while ensuring security and compliance.

Salt will involve the vendor for architecture support and confirmation and where needed to engage with a third party to ensure a successful consumption of products and solutions once procured by our customers. By putting the customer first, the company is an ICT partner of choice. The company’s biggest challenge lies in vendor support, which it manages through good relationship management to ensure its customer is always top of mind for the channel. The company is tackling one customer at a time through short workshops to teach them about the power of the technology they have procured to drive collaboration, productivity, and disruption. At Salt, it only provides the very best AntiVirus available in the world to its customers. The company continually strives to do its work in new & better ways, bringing new and better technology to the customers.

Securable and Reliable

Salt’s focus is on understanding the customers’ business and their ICT needs to manage & securely achieve core business goals. With solutions such as Security eXchange Point, or SXP, ensures its customers’ employees are always connected to their cloud services reliably and securely, from any location or device. SXP provides systems and tools to ensure their company and their employees’ data is secure. Its Information eXchange Point provides a secure and productive environment for the customers. Employees and stakeholders get access to the latest Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc, as well as the very secure and stable Windows Enterprise, for a fraction of the cost of the traditional licensing vehicle. Documents are secure as only certain people are allowed to edit or share the documents. Secure to Secure Site Connectivity (S2SC) is groundbreaking technology allowing securely connect the branches to the concerned Head Office, and all offices to the world wide web. Disaster Recovery (DR) is the process of getting crucial data duplicated, in a safe, secured, and easily accessible place. Online Backup Service (OBS) allows protecting your critical data securely so that customers can concentrate on the key focus of the business.

Driving Down Costs

Salt closely works with its clients to understand their business needs, goals, and objectives and accordingly formulate and design an ICT environment that drives down cost yet increase productivity and yield. Through the company’s various Software as a Service offering, it can deliver Email eXchange Point that allows the customers to be connected from anywhere at half the cost. The company also allows its customers to be disruptors in their respective industries while driving down the cost of ownership of their Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Its solutions are known to save businesses up to 50% on IT costs. Its Exchange Online plan offers a secure corporate email for a low cost.

Time Matters

Salt Essential IT understands that it has embraced the fourth industrial revolution digital marketing approach, focussing its time and efforts mostly on reaching its customers through easily accessible mediums, such as social media and internet-based platforms. The company’s Desktop eXchange Point enables our customers to work from anywhere at any time, making work always accessible. Pro Plus even share the documents and have multiple people work on the same document at the same time from different places that saves time.

Salt’s sleeping server replicates data real-time between data center’s and if hardware fails or disaster strikes, the sleeping server which wakes up and keeps the employees working. By accessing the right skills to solve the customer’s problems, they don’t waste time trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Customers only pay for a portion of that person’s time, and the resource is shared, making that usually unaffordable and unattainable skill accessible to all.

Overall Impact

Salt’s vision is to positively impact everyone and everything connected to it. The company believes in the empowerment of each employee to take on the challenge of delivering quality services that will impact the customer experience in an efficient, productive, and collaborative manner. The company’s goal is to empower all companies in all the industries to take on their delivery challenges and Impact each client through digital transformation. The company strives to make a positive impact on each other and the customers in all it says and does.

As Salt is a hybrid-cloud based service and solution house, it affords the much-needed agility to cope with the ever-changing technology that its customers require to be industry disruptors meeting the needs of their clients. The company’s goal is to challenge the status quo and in doing so, change lives for the better, by embracing and sharing better technology.

Passionate and Motivational Leader

To evolve IT leaders need a clear vision embarking on the journey to the cloud. Those who stay ahead of the cloud trend will be able to control and shape this transition. Sonja Coetzer, Chief Operations Manager, at SALT says, “I am honored to work with such a brilliant, forward-thinking team who embraces a Cloud-first model, delivering smart yet effective and inclusive solutions to our clients”. She is a living example of how choosing the right technology tool can bring a huge amount of delivery excellence to any job and shares this passion with customers, staff, interns, and students alike. Having worked all over SADC, she has been able to reach thousands of people and helped them grow personally and professionally by introducing and exposing them to her world full of technological pearls.

Sonja fell into IT over 20 years ago and had her first exposure to the love of her life when she met Windows 3.1. She grasped the infinite power ICT products and solutions could offer to change lives for the better, and of course like any other marriage, for the worse. Sonja is passionate about IT and in particular, Microsoft and will take every moment and opportunity to apply it to her everyday life and customers’ environment.

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