Review of Alicia Carroll’s new book available at CIOLook

  • Tech Innovation Global Inc. ® ISBN-13: 978-1- 7344654-2-6 $43 is available now for pre-order at https://www.techinnovationglobalinc.com Barnes & Nobel and more.
  • Daily Life Business & Careers and impacts of COVID by Tech Daily Life® ISBN 978-1-7344654-1-9 $43 May 2021 available now for pre-order at https://www.techinnovationglobalinc.com Barnes & Nobel and more.

You can register today at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated. We include individuals, health professionals, CPE, Solution Focused Brief (SFBT), industries and other companies with services. We collaborate with FLS, Foreign Language Services of the American Translators Association (ATA).  Global workforce solutions offers CCWP helps solve the human asset.  “You can upload videos/webinars, job boards, products and even resumes.”

Our recognitions in data analysis include Global Business Leaders LLC.  We have received recognition for our tools in March 2021 by A.I. Global Media (2021 Corporate Excellence Award), a British organizer and member of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC).

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is a verified vendor and utilizes experience in data analysis, science, market research, Project Management (PM), and services in many sectors with a goal to maximize success in various socioeconomic companies and communities. We collaborate with teams in a position that is challenging utilizes collaboration, experience, leadership and skills acquired to maximize success in communities, private industry sector, commercial and nonprofits.  You can register and purchase services at https://www.techinnovationglobalinc.com or give at www.webtechdailylife.net/donate/ for community development, charities and more.

Stay healthy and practice additional safety.

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