Ran Rachlin: Paving the Way for Bug-Free Mobile Applications

Ran Rachlin, CEO & Co-Founder of Ubertesters

Since the rise of smartphone users in the last decade, the world has been an enormous playground for mobile apps. Everyday thousands of apps are added to the different app stores to gain millions of downloads and soar in the trending media. However, these apps are buggy and have several drawbacks, making them difficult and irritating to use. To avoid such disasters, Ran Rachlin came up with a professional mobile beta testing platform, Ubertesters.

Ran leads the company as the Co-founder and CEO. He is an accomplished, well-rounded senior executive with extensive global experience in several industries. With his vast experience, Ran can make Ubertesters, the world’s top QA professionals, on-demand to help its launch excellent software.

We at CIO Look, in our endeavor to find ‘The 30 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech, 2021’, came across Ran. We talked with him to get insights into his journey and how his expertise makes Ubertesters the new way to monitor and manage the mobile beta testing process.

Let’s have a deep dive into his success story.

Up Until Now

Ran has trained himself to become an effective leader from a very young age with a global view. His first job was in sales at a Hi-Tech Israeli company that sold products globally. His goal was to gain cross-cultural experience.

Soon after, to pursue MBA, Ran moved to the USA, the ‘center’ of where things truly happen. He advanced in roles, holding several high-profile management positions, doing business in six continents and different industries with several large companies.

Ran brings his massive global experience, managing, and leading companies from inception to significant sales and leading during times of prosperity or global crisis to Ubertesters.

As the CEO of several organizations, Ran says that there are three major challenges.

People, communications, and alignment. People are the most important part of any organization; thus, the challenge is hiring and maintaining great committed, engaged, and accountable employees.

Communicating the right message internally to encourage collaboration.

Lastly, it’s about aligning business units and people to ensure they are all on the same page and stay there.

The Mission and Vision

Ubertesters offers a complete, end-to-end software testing solution for digital products to help organizations beta test before launching. It offers two complementary services:

  • A crowd testing service of global, professional freelance testers for hire with devices (part of the “sharing economy” model) for the most flexible and cost-effective global testing under real-life conditions.
  • An offshore outsourcing service of remote QA experts on a full-time basis based in the company’s East European facilities.

Ran has a clear vision and mission statements created in the early days of Ubertesters as a company. Its vision is “to provide cost-effective, innovative, and quality testing services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.”

The mission statement of Ubertesters can be summarized as “help digital organizations launch better, well-tested, bug-free products by enhancing natural best testing practices while providing exceptional customer services.”

Ubertesters’ goal is to help digital consumers (the end-user) get a great bug-free product from its business customers for a better, faster, simpler, and no-frustration digital experience.

Implementing Experience to Curate Next Generation

Ran is a great believer in the “sharing economy” (or gig economy) term that allows companies to use available resources to benefit clients while allowing the resources to earn money. He helped implement this within the software testing segment.

One of the major changes Ubertesters does is providing the opportunity for young, inexperienced QA people who just completed their QA education to gain experience in the QA and testing world. It works with many QA schools worldwide and allows recent graduates to get their first testing experience by working for the company as freelance testers. It allows them to earn money during their free time. More importantly, it allows them to gain the needed testing experience and put this job experience in their resume while looking for their first job opportunity in the IT world.

Organizational Values

Ran believes that the core values of Ubertesters shape its work culture and inspires its employees to do more for its clients and, as a result, is better motivated. The core values of Ubertesters are:

  • We believe in customer focus and treating our customers with respect and faith.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity, transparency, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
  • We care about our employee’s satisfaction and personal growth.

Ubertesters work culture puts the customer and superior customer service at the true center. It is the company’s DNA that starts with Ran as the CEO.

Further, Ran believes in accountability and recognition. All employees must be accountable for achieving their goals and the company goals. He follows their work and either hold them accountable when underperforming or recognizes a job well done.

Ubertesters also build a culture that is based on “make it fun.” People work better when they love what they do, and they can’t perform strict tasks all day without fun.

Lastly, Ran provides its employees with “room to grow” and makes sure they are presented with interesting new roles and responsibilities.

Hand-in-Hand with Technology

Ran states that technology and human touch are the main values Ubertesters provide. It had to develop its own proprietary QA management platform to provide a great solution to allow easy bug reporting. The platform allows the testers to easily submit bugs and issues (including video recordings and screenshots) while providing the client with an easy-to-use and clear tool to review the bugs/crashes. Technology allowed Ubertesters to make the bug reporting process much easier for the client. Thus, allowing the client a much faster ‘time-to-market.

Attaining the Peak

Ran expresses that Ubertesters aspires to become the #1 global player in the field of crowdsourced testing within the next 3 years period. It will achieve this by continuing to grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.

As for personal goals – In the next few years, Ran sees himself continue developing Ubertesters and making sure it continues to grow. After a few years, he hopes to build a new company to find a product that will help humanity by improving the quality of life and life longevity.

Leading The Way

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the IT sector, Ran says, “The most important advice is “take Care of Your Team.” Trust your team and let them shine but also be prepared to accept responsibility when things don’t go as planned. Help your employees advance their careers and always respect them.”

“As a leader, maintain the personal touch and often speak to your team. Lastly, stay humble. Humility is not a weakness; it’s a strength,” concludes Ran.

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