R2C Inc.: Supporting the Warfighter by Providing the Highest Quality, Responsive Solutions

Robert Wilson of R2C Inc.

Passion combined with purpose and service can achieve transformative results. R2C, Inc. is a result of that passion and purpose for Mr. Robert Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer. R2C provides the highest quality products and services to ensure our Warfighters receive the most advanced, technologically superior tools to perform their mission by which they defend our freedom and our way of life.

With headquarters in Huntsville, AL, R2C is a full-service aerospace and defense company that truly focuses on service through their employees, business partners, and customers personal and professional lives.

R2C is defined by its seven core values: Service, Professional Competence, Integrity, Trustworthy, Attitude, Loyalty, and Family. The company seeks out opportunities through its diverse personal and professional roles, and its core values are the foundation it builds on. It is ready, reliable, and capable to meet and exceed all customers’ expectations.

Let’s have a look at how it all started.

An Accountable Leader at the Helm

The company’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Mr. Robert Wilson, is a disabled U.S. Army veteran. He is extraordinarily passionate about supporting the American Warfighters in defense of their families, friends, community, nation, and allies. This passion developed into action as R2C came to fruition through relationships with employees, business partners, and customers that gave Mr. Wilson an opportunity to truly understand the needs of the Warfighter. Mr. Wilson strives to recruit, retain, and develop a skilled workforce to meet those needs. By continuing to provide excellent products and services to its customers, the ideas and concepts of R2C continue to flourish beyond even Mr. Wilson’s own expectations.

With his 27 years of experience in the aviation field, Mr. Wilson provides strategic leadership and oversight for all aspects of the business, ensuring all laws, regulations, and other applicable obligations are observed wherever and whenever business is conducted on behalf of the company. He formulates and determines the company’s values, mission, vision, and short-term and long-term goals.

Mr. Wilson holds a bachelor’s degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is recognized by The International Society of Logistics as a Demonstrated Master Logistician. Additionally, Mr. Wilson is a member of the DoD Acquisition Corp. and is Level III Certified in Project Management and Life-Cycle Logistics. Mr. Wilson is a member and supporter of multiple industry and professional societies and groups.

Meeting the Call of Duty

R2C’s offerings include but are not limited to engineering, logistics, manufacturing, and technical services. They have been shaped and continue to evolve over the years based on customer requirements.

R2C provides an ever-evolving opportunity to provide the highest quality products and services to its clients to ensure that Warfighters receive the most advanced, technologically superior tools to perform their mission. Technology rapidly changes and is critical in the field. The team at R2C understands that and walks alongside its customers to ensure the company goes above and beyond to meet this call to duty.

Moreover, R2C implemented superior engineering and logistics practices and processes to seamlessly ensure low-risk, best-value solutions with a high degree of collaboration with government customers. It continues to upgrade hardware and software tools to provide better processes that drive more efficient workflows.

During the past three years, its innovative solutions have saved the United States Government and Taxpayers over $107M. This has been accomplished due to the excellent personnel the company locates, hires, trains, and brings their talents to bear at the right place at the right time.

The Courageous Services

R2C is a company on the move expanding capabilities to include construction management services and building information modeling. Great pricing, superior service, great people, integrated quality and productivity performance tracking and reporting are just the beginning. R2C’s total service package will keep them growing in this space for a long time.

Going Forth and Rising

R2C faces the same challenge as other companies face in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment – keeping pace with and staying one step ahead of technical capabilities. It is through those challenges in the initial days the company began to identify risks and develop solutions to overcome them. The company continues to envision and create innovative approaches that increase efficiencies and optimize technical capabilities that set it apart from the competitors.

Staying Committed is the Key

Mr. Wilson mentions that the pandemic created a requirement to think outside of the box. Vendors had challenges with timely supplies due to the impact on their workforce and turnaround time shipping materials.

Stating the significance of the aviation industry, Mr. Wilson asserts, “The aviation industry is critical to the defense of our nation and support of our warfighter. R2C is essential, as are our employees and the jobs they do daily to support the defense of our nation. We were capable of strategic business planning and operations

to continue meeting customer demands and our employees’ commitment during this crisis.”

A Unique Characteristic

Mr. Wilson further opines that an essential feature for an aviation vehicle service provider to thrive in this industry is a workforce with the knowledge and sincere authenticity for the Warfighters and their friends and families. R2C’s employees understand, and many have personally experienced the critical amount of detail and effort that goes into every component of aviation vehicle. They know the literal difference between life and death in the field. This unique characteristic is the key to success in the aviation vehicle service industry.

Building a Strong Bond that Lasts Lifetime

Mr. Wilson mentions that R2C places tremendous value in the creation and maintenance of positive work culture. The company implements a positive work culture through its core value of family, as its employees spend almost half of their waking time at work. Employees at R2C celebrate victories, mourn losses, and build trust and commitment with each other to form a team that focuses on supporting America’s Warfighter. This forms a strong bond that lasts a lifetime.

Serving to the Community

When it comes to giving back to the community, R2C contributes greatly by providing mentor protégé to other aviation companies, internships to high school and college students, resources to charitable causes, and partnerships to a veteran, minority, and women serving institutions. Service being one of its core values, the company seeks out opportunities to serve God, the nation, and communities through the different roles of its personal and professional lives. The fact is that the team at R2C constantly supports the community including other aviation companies.

What Lies Ahead?

“If we are so blessed by our creator to continue to support America’s Heroes, I have no doubt that R2C will continue to provide unparalleled solutions and support to America’s Warfighter around the World,” says Mr. Wilson.

R2C’s strategy in achieving this goal is to work alongside its customers to gain a greater understanding of necessities to support the defense of the nation, friends, families, and allies and turn those necessities into deliverable, high-quality products.

In his advice to upcoming entrepreneurs in aviation industry, Mr. Wilson says, “Success is being able to provide on-time delivery of high-quality products to our customers in support of defending our nation and warfighters. The formula to success is humility and genuine care for our people. In that, all things are possible.

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