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Passion is the key to change an idea into innovation. It is the most necessary element that drives the skill sets to achieve the desirable goal. People who are passionate about their visions are always willing to go one step further. In the corporate world, it is essential for entrepreneurs to excel their desire passionately and connect it with other people as well.

Paolo Fidanza Founder and CEO of MO Technologies is a leader exemplifying leadership powered with vision to help others grow successfully. He has a significant amount of experience in technology and internet industry. Paolo has started his entrepreneur journey in 2001 and never looked back again. He started with the automotive industry and subsequently moved to the IT, Telecom, Social Networking, Healthcare and Security industries in his tenure. With his technological excellence now he is excelling his wings in Fintech sector, and envisions providing an advanced platform which can resolve the difficulties of maintaining credit score and loan management.

Below is the story of Paolo Fidanza exhibiting his exclusive knowledge about industry and emergence of MO Technologies: 

Paolo Fidanza was born in Italy and graduated in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rome, Italy, but he has lived most of his life outside of Italy, and spanned his career across the continents and industries. He has the passion for technology and for making of the world a better place. He has founded MO because he wanted to be able to use technology to help the billions of people in the world who cannot access credit and cannot progress as a result of this. Today he is the CEO and Chairman of the Board at MO and oversees all Companies operations, with particular focus and very many hands on product & technology development.

Paolo has a broad experience as a chief of management he reveals that being a CEO in a rapidly evolving industry like technology, adapting proactively could be one of the essential traits every CEO must possess. It is vital to recognize that setbacks are an integral part of changing course and treat mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. He further said to clearly communicate the vision of the company to inspire staff, investors, and customers is another trait that has also been crucial during his journey. Adding the significance of leadership he mentioned as MO is flag-bearer; all eyes turn to the CEO for direction and example.

Paolo trusts MO Technologies has developed an innovative patent-pending proprietary with credit scoring technology and loan management platform. This loan management platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to implement credit products for consumers and merchants without a formal credit history. Ultimately, the organization’s mission is to promote financial inclusion with the aim at revolutionizing the credit scoring industry. The company is eliminating discrimination occurring due to lack of credit history and giving everyone the possibility of accessing Nano and micro loans in a simple and effective way.

According to Paolo Global financial sector has been resistant to change. This rigidity has given the opportunity to MO Technologies to solve real-world issues utilizing cutting edge technology to give everyone, independently of their credit history, the opportunity to access a small credit. Paolo stated “After all, technology is leaping ahead, and moving ever forward. We, as today’s business leaders, need to do the same to secure enduring success.”

The company with its revolutionary technology has created an end-to-end solution that transforms the lives of people, who are not financially included, and take them to a new world full of opportunities. Thanks to the product range integrated by credit technologies, credit issuing, payment services and consulting, business partners, Financial Institutions, Service Companies and other Fintech firms, organization can offer new credit products to consumers and merchants with no access to traditional credit.

Currently almost 70% of adults worldwide do not have access to traditional credit – to build a customer centric financial model it needs to include most of the excluded, so to make it fair and for everyone. MO Technologies’ future lies in further expansion, forging new partnerships and moving into overseas markets. After all, Paolo has set MO’s sight on creating a paradigm shift in the credit industry, realigning the financial industry with the very real needs of its customers. MO working with many financial institutions and Fintech firms in South, Central and North America, African and Europe, giving access to small credit to millions of customers and merchants. The organization also sees many of these credits to be delivered instantly on pre-paid and debit cards, therefore truly financially including these people.

About the Leader 

Before establishing MO Technologies Mr. Paolo Fidanza was the founder and CEO of Opinit Inc, a content sharing Technology Company sold to a Canadian investment fund. He has been a Member of Advisory Board of Fundamental Applications Corp. and ROK Homeland Securities. He holds expert knowledge in the social networking, telecommunications, healthcare and financial industries. He has launched and advised companies on the Canadian Securities Exchange and Frankfurt Exchange. He held positions at Lotus, PriceDoc, JP Selects and Pinot Corporation. He is an international executive and established entrepreneur with vast experience in the technology and internet industries. His fields of expertise include automotive, media, entertainment, healthcare and consumer ecommerce sectors.


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