Nippon Data: The Go to Partner for All IT Business Solutions

Harish Saraf | Founder & CEO | Nippon Data Systems Ltd.

Since the time, Nippon Data Systems Ltd was established in 1994, the company has built a solid foundation of success on which it continues to grow. The organisation specializes in solving business problems by harnessing technology and applying them for developing and implementing customized and standard information systems. Under the Nippon Data’s resource umbrella is a team of highly skilled IT professionals with expertise in Software Development, Domain, Business Process re-engineering, Strategy Planning, Downsizing, Rapid Application Development, Object Oriented Approach, Business Intelligence Internet and Mobile Technologies, Infrastructure Management and more. Over the years, its team of professionals have encountered and conquered complex problems relating to various business needs. Nippon Data has invested several thousands of man years of effort in bring NEWTON Enterprise Resource Planning suite of software applications.

Pack of Advance Technologies 

Nippon Data is a provider of IT enabled business solutions which provide its clients competitive business advantage. The company partners with its customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and help them ‘Live Your Enterprise Potential. We take pride in conducting business with the highest degree of ethics and treat each transaction with fairness and honesty Client satisfaction is our ONLY measure of success. Following are Some of its Industry Specific Solutions which include

  • Newton ERP
  • Newton CRM
  • Newton BPM
  • Newton SCM
  • Newton Case & Compliance Management
  • Fintech Solutions
  • SIMPPLIFY (Complete Vendor Network Management System)
  • Licensing (Eg: Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, Etc).
  • Cloud Solutions (Eg: IAAS, PAAS, SAAS)

Nippon Data with the most professional and advanced resources, bring the most satisfactory outcomes for their client’s business. They make sure that through their solutions; customers can get one-stop industry solution effortlessly and are capable of tackling IT related issues in the best possible manner. Its R&D section transforms the product onto latest technologies which are modular in nature, faster and easy to maintain.

Proficient Leaders 

Harish Saraf, CEO & Founder of Nippon Data, has more than 25 years of experience in consulting is a B. Tech in Computer Science and is a gold medal holder for his efficiency in his academia. He came back to India from the US to establish Nippon Data Systems with an objective to provide Business Software solutions and IT Consulting to its customers and serve as a one-stop shop for all their IT requirements. “Being an ERP company, Nippon Data Systems understands its customers’ needs from a much larger perspective which has endowed us with a distinct competitive advantage,” affirms Harish Saraf, CEO, Nippon Data Systems.

Ashish Saraf, Director of Nippon Data, is an MBA Finance has over 20 years of experience in consulting. He has been a part of leading client’s implementation. He envisioned the corporation as a high-tech performer. He has the vision to make Nippon the leading solutions provider. Implemented an energetic and innovative approach in conducting the business. Ashish asserts, “We have the best technical, marketing and process teams that are balanced and also work together to deliver best and complete solutions in all aspects and perspectives such as functionality, business process and technology as well”.

Serving with Excellency 

As an evolving company in the same sector, Nippon Data’s first contribution/priority is providing the customer one-stop shop for all their IT requirements and make them aware about the real good and services provided by an IT company. The Management and team together have built up a platform for common people who can’t afford to have infra in their premises and looking for a quick and easy pay as per use model. In this model Nippon Data will provide infra on cloud and will manage it with support and maintenance. Additionally, customers in the market are so price conscious that their main focus is pricing without actually understanding the stability of the vendor, depth of the product, post- sales support, product roadmap etc. The competition quotes any prices to take the business and this is one of the biggest challenges faced while providing services. Despite of cut-throat competition, Nippon Data is doing very well in India and now expanding to other parts of the world.

  • It is handling largest Govt. project for Skilling India.
  • Auto mobile company with more than 120 locations running live on the company’s ERP Software.
  • It has also implemented University Management Software for Africa’s largest university.

Achieving New Heights Everyday 

The company also listed in 25 Most Trusted ERP & CRM solution providers in India, The 10 best Enterprise CRM Solution providers, Award for Asia’s Pacific’s 25 most promising ERP Solution Providers, The 10 Most Innovative Tech Companies to watch and The 10 Fastest Growing ERP Solution Providers.

 Value Added Services 

Today’s technology is constantly changing, forcing businesses to seek versatile employees with specialized skills, experience, and certifications Nippon Data can fill almost any requirement, including the following areas: Engineering, Research & Development, Design, drafting & CAD Technicians etc. According to the company “With considerable experience of delivering services and industry specific expertise, our value-added consultations help you find the right answer to your business challenge”. It possesses deep seated capabilities to scale up services in accordance with changing requirements, ensuring the continuity and on time completion of Services.

Unique Approach 

The unique footsteps of Nippon Data are use in technical expertise and partner with their customers to deliver business solutions to their satisfaction and assist them in realizing their full potential. It shall strive to conduct business with the highest degree of ethics and treat each transaction with fairness and honesty and be among the top five preferred solution providers in the market.

Nippon Data also wants to create an amicable working environment which respects and encourages innovation and helps employees look at Nippon Data systems as a long-term employer.

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