The term human resource management was first coined in the 1960s when the value of labor relations began to garner attention. Notions such as motivation, organizational behavior, and selection assessments began to take shape. In today’s scenario, organizations are often in a need of a Human Resources Management System in order to systematically organize the workforce. In this competitive world there are a few organizations which provide the best Human Resources Management System in the marketplace, and HRBoost LLC is one of them.

Emphasizing on the courage to pursue passion, the ability to bring out a change and redefining entrepreneurship, CIO Look brings to you the journey of an avid leader, Nicole Martin, the Founder and CEO of HRBoost LLC.

Following is Nicole’s story, possessing the potential of inspiring and motivating everyone.

I am Nicole Martin. My vision, and the reason that I left the corporate world to launch HRBoost, was to help businesses to create winning workplaces through our people. We desire to bring joy and purpose to people through their work. HRBoost provides solutions with passion to individuals, groups and businesses alike. We do not operate under the philosophy that one size fits all. Every leader must align their personal values to the organizational values and define success clearly so that every person can connect their role to a transcendent organization purpose. Our mission is to provide value added Human Resource Services that allows each business to do what it does best. When HR is aligned, HR is no longer just a partner; it is a fundamental part of the business helping to drive the human side of profitability.

We have specialized experience in providing values to small and middle sized companies, who, unlike their large-company counterparts, can often lack the time and resources to build infrastructure and processes that are beyond core business objectives. But, every business needs to have a competitive edge in today’s economy. Both small and large companies need to attract, develop and retain the best talent for their organizations while complying with the ever changing maze of state and the federal regulations. All companies need to be concerned with issues related to compensation, benefits, training, employee retention, talent attraction and generational agility. HRBoost has built its reputation on partnering with business leaders to achieve corporate goals while maintaining integrity and delivering outstanding results.

We serve businesses spanning over multiple sectors; these include Professional Services, Non-Profit Organizations, High Tech, Manufacturing, Staffing firms, Hospitality, and Healthcare. Our clients are typically from high growth business with 50-250 employees. Our model is to meet the clients wherever they are, thus we provide full-service embedded HR support, project to project support, culture design and management training, employee programs and assessments, virtual support, and phone support.

I am honored to lead a high performance team of HR leaders who partners with our business clients to meet them wherever they are on their journey to being a best place to work. We have experienced tremendous growth and proudly nearly every client has been sourced through word of mouth. Our appeal and success is due to our personal dedication for each and every client.

The greatest concern I see for today is the Talent Emergency, which I address in detail in my book, “The Talent Emergency”. Generational Agility is utmost important to businesses who want to succeed and grow. It is imperative that companies look within their organizations to ensure that they have a culture which embraces diversity, not only we are speaking to gender, culture, and ethnicity, but also generational diversity. Creating a team that brings multiple views and experience to a business provides a unique perspective that will elevate the business and ensure continuing success, which in turn will lead them to be a best place to work. Retaining and attracting top talent is a sure way to maximize the human side of profitability and become THE place to work.

A Multifaceted Leader

Nicole is an internationally renowned speaker and an author. She is a dynamic and empowering consultative leader, and a futurist skilled in helping organizations to meet their strategic objectives.

In recognition of her complete commitment to professional excellence as well as her community, Nicole has been honored by multiple organizations and most recently as a 2016 Enterprising Women of the Year Champion, by Enterprising Women Magazine, a 2017 Excellence in Business Award winner, and a Mirror Review enlistee of, 20 Impeccable Women in Business recognition in 2017.

As a highly regarded and sought after expert, her knowledge and advice have been featured in newspapers and magazines throughout the country. Recent publications, in which she has been seen, include Forbes.com, the Daily Herald Business Ledger, and Fast Company.

She is the author of the books, The Talent Emergency, The Human Side of Profitability, and The Power of Joy and Purpose. She is also the author of the chapter “Emotionally Speaking” in the book titled Leading from the Heart. In addition, Nicole is the host of the internet show, HR in the Fast Lane.

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