mGage: Helping Businesses Leverage the Power of Mobile Messaging

Denisse Goldbarg | Global Chief Operating Officer | mGage

With a mission to provide worry-free messaging by delivering every message from businesses to their customers swiftly, reliably and securely, mGage was formed.

It all began in 1999, when Air2Web was established as a wireless application service provider in Atlanta, Georgia. Its objective was to provide mobile marketing solutions to brands wanting to connect with their consumers via mobile devices. Over the years, the company grew through a series of mergers and acquisitions, including its European affiliate entity in London, as well as entities in other geographic locations. In 2014, the company was rebranded as “mGage,” and the following year it was acquired by its parent company, Vivial Networks LLC, and this is where the story of mGage continues. Today, the company is recognized as one of the largest domestic and global mobile messaging providers, delivering over 1 billion messages monthly.

Throughout its journey, the company has invested in its technology and people to ensure mGage delivers bestin- class services. mGage is at the forefront of the industry and is a critical partner to large brands who want to leverage mobile to engage with their customers.

There are over 5 billion people around the world who can send and receive SMS messages (latest figures 2018—GSMA). It’s important to know that SMS is still a relevant and growing channel even with other messaging apps emerging in the marketplace. According to MobileSquared A2P (Application-to- Person) SMS is set to rise to 2.8 trillion messages by 2022.

mGage enables brands to send high volume time sensitive, transactional, and promotional messages across key messaging channels, including SMS, RCS, MMS, and Push. mGage also provides mobile payment solutions, allowing consumers to pay for digital content and services using their mobile phones.

The company’s solutions enable brands to build out customer journeys that deliver personalized, timely and relevant messages. The arrival of mGage’s latest technology RCS (Rich Communication Services) offers an app-like experience within the messaging inbox. It includes features like quick response buttons, carousels, rich cards, videos, branded messages and much more. This technology when combined with smarter segmentation and better analytics, allows brands to understand and know their customers more to drive higher customer engagement, enhance the user experience, and increase customer satisfaction.

The broad and deep expertise of the company in the ever-changing mobile industry makes mGage sought-after experts, trusted advisors, and the go-to partner for enterprise-level companies that look to use mobile to their best competitive advantage. The level of service the company provides, its reliability, security, and speed of delivery are the key differentiators of why mGage retains such a significant market share. As a Tier-1 SMS aggregator, the company meets the highest industry standards. The level of dedicated support it provides to its clients is unmatched in the industry.

mGage daily operations are led by its Global Chief Operating Officer, Denisse Goldbarg. In her role, Denisse oversees all sales, operations and marketing functions worldwide at mGage. She also serves as CMO for Vivial Media.

Denisse has held senior sales and marketing roles at companies such as Time Warner Cable, where she served as VP of Marketing, Tachyon, Teligent, MCI, Colgate Palmolive, and Booz, Allen & Hamilton. Ms. Goldbarg graduated from Wellesley College and holds an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Harvard University. Denisse has worked with large global brands throughout her career and understands what their pain points are and how to find solutions to those problems. Combined with her deep marketing expertise, she provides insights into how companies can utilize mobile as a part of the overall marketing mix. She has helped drive mGage forward with her strong operational expertise coupled with a track record of success that allows her to provide a clear vision as to where the company is heading, and what it needs to focus on to remain successful.

mGage operates in a dynamic industry that experiences a lot of changes and its ability to adapt to those changes and continuously evolve its solutions is the core reason behind the company’s successful longevity. Given how quickly the landscape of mobile technology changes, mGage constantly evaluates new technologies and how they can integrate the company’s existing technology to offer a more comprehensive solution to its clients.

This is a very exciting time for the messaging ecosystem. mGage will continue to develop and embrace new methods of customer interaction. Through its RCS technology, the company will continue to transform the way brands connect with their customers through business messaging.

The company will continue to invest in its proprietary messaging cloud platform to ensure it continues to meet the demands of both the market and customers, to further enable omnichannel customer engagement.

mGage will always be committed to helping businesses leverage the power of mobile messaging to engage, inform, and better understand their customers.

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