MCG Consulting: Increasing Operational Efficiencies and Driving Long-term Value

Paul Murdock, Founder & Managing Director, MCG Consulting LLC

As we all have heard that ‘prevention is always better than cure’ so in the world of digitalization it becomes essential to prevent frauds before they happen. As they say ‘failure is costly’ so are the frauds. Therefore, taking due care in detecting frauds earlier and then preventing them before they occur is very important as it is costly to being victim of frauds. It’s always better to be cautious than to be complacent. Any business demands authoritative sources to assemble regulatory data requirements most efficiently and productively.

MCG Consulting is one of the few companies that provides both regulatory compliance services and assistance in software development. At MCG Consulting, its team believes that all securities markets are holistically connected in today’s world. The company has deep expertise and extensive global experience. Its industry knowledge spans regulatory reporting, regulatory data management and distribution, transaction monitoring and analytics, compliance management, and identity control. Paul Murdock is the Founder and Managing Director of MCG Consulting. Paul has amassed over 25 years of experience specializing in finance and compliance within the financial services industry.

Cost-effective Technology Solutions

MCG Solutions™ are globally localized, data-driven intelligent solutions to help companies navigate the complexities of the FinReg Industry. MCG Consulting partners with various vendors to offer its clients cost-effective technology solutions while at the same time focusing on the business use cases of those solutions.

Personalized and Forward-thinking Compliance

MCG Consulting identifies and mitigates compliance, regulatory, and financial risks on the compliance side and helps clients devise personalized and forward-thinking compliance plans to deliver long-term value. While on the technology side, MCG Consulting’s technology experts help clients upgrade to next-generation software systems cost-effectively and stay updated with the latest innovations.

Delivering Innovative and Seamless Solutions

MCG’s team of Chief Compliances Officers has deep expertise and extensive global experience spanning regulatory reporting, regulatory data management and distribution, transaction monitoring and analytics, compliance management, and identity control. These officers help navigate the complexities of the evolving financial landscape and deliver innovative, seamless solutions that increase efficiencies achieving exemplary results.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Paul believes the pandemic has accelerated the need for companies similar to MCG in the “work from home” environment. This unprecedented time has created unprecedented opportunities; however, it is not without risks. All devices connected to the internet must be even more adequately secured with the appropriate endpoint solutions because not only is it essential to secure office devices, it is also essential to secure personal devices as well. Uncertain or unprecedented time calls for win-win, decisive, constructive, innovative, and unprecedented solutions. Innovative leaders like to transform challenges into opportunities.

 Utilizing Latest Technologies

At MCG, it is its team’s belief that the future of digital technology is only in its infancy. Its team expects exponential growth in digital technology across all platforms and everyday life in a post-Covid-19 world. Paul adds that “The pandemic has significantly impacted the adoption rate of technology. A prime example of the rate of technology change and impact is Zoom video conferencing, it has been a game-changer.”

Paul says that with the accelerated rate of technology change, it becomes even more evident for businesses to align their service offerings with new technology. Paul believes that specifically to Security and Intelligence it is most essential to keep abreast of the latest technology in the marketplace. MCG Consulting is constantly reviewing new technology offerings to ensure its clients have “best in class” technology to solve their problems. MCG works with leading providers in its industry to ensure its clients have the latest solutions to solve their business problems.

Giving Back to Society

MCG Consulting acts with intention and cultivates an environment of progressiveness. Prioritizing the greater good and building local communities around the company is one of its core values. MCG strongly advocates giving back through charitable works. MCG sponsors educational and scholarship opportunities for African American, and Latino males within the Metro NY area.

Delivering Best Experience to Clients

Paul advises aspiring entrepreneurs in the security industry to stay abreast of the latest technology impacting the cybersecurity industry and put the business interest of the clients ahead of one’s own. Paul believes that this strategy may take time to pay off but eventually, it will. The core of MCG Consulting is that it continues to ensure that its clients have the best experience it can while working with the company’s highly competent professionals. Most importantly, MCG is a business partner in helping clients to solve their most complex business problems by providing uniquely customizable professional service advice. MCG expects the company to continue to grow in this competitive environment. MCG’s clients appreciate what it brings to the table.

Competitive and Professional Team

“From the first interaction, it was obvious that MCG was the firm that could deliver. The detailed ancillary discussion reaffirmed that this team is technically head and shoulders above the competition.” — Chief Compliance Offlcer, Refinitiv (a Blackstone private equity group/Thomson Reuters company).

“MCG has out-of-the-box thinking, extensive industry knowledge, and employs a high level of professionalism.” — Managing Partner, Interactive Learning Group.

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