Mathieu Gorge: A Seasoned International Security Expert

Mathieu Gorge, CEO and Founder, VigiTrust

Where is your data & how does it flow? Who are the stakeholders & what regulations and standards are you subject to? Founded by Mathieu Gorge in 2003, VigiTrust has been answering these questions to international clients in the healthcare, financial services, retail, and government sectors for over 20 years.

A regular speaker at International Conferences

Mathieu Gorge is the CEO and Founder of VigiTrust which he created in Dublin. He is an established authority and speaker on Cyber security, Risk Management & Compliance with more than 20 years’ international experience.

Gorge’s areas of expertise include PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, VRM, and ISO 27001. He has been in volved in payment security for more than 20 years and has worked with many security working groups and associations in the US and EU. He is a regular speaker at international security and compliance conferences such as RSA, ENISA & ISACA.

Gorge was the President of the French Irish Chamber of Commerce in Dublin from 2017-2019 – he remains on the Executive council and as chair of the ICT working group. Mathieu has also served as the Chairman of InfoSecurity Ireland and was an Official Reviewer for ANSI (US). He is the founder of the PCI DSS European Roadshow, which has been running since 2011. He is also the Chairman of the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board, an international security & compliance thinktank.

Aims to Deliver Innovative Projects

The security and compliance sector e volves very quickly at the best of times, so Gorge pro-actively and diligently keeps his finger on the pulse at all times. He does this through the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board which gives him amazing insight into what’s happening in the industry from a technology, regulation, and research perspective.

Right now, a lot is going on in Machine Learning, AI, and Quantum, not forgetting blockchain. VigiTrust is in volved in a few innovation projects with research partners globally and aims at delivering new innovative solutions to clients & partners at all times. Gorge is also on the board of several tech companies and part of working groups within the security & compliance community. This allows him to keep learning at all times and to extend his network.

Passionate about Data-Security

Gorge studied languages, marketing and law. He never once studied IT or compliance. However, he was fortunate to work for companies whose leaders were passionate about security, and having caught the bug, he developed a keen interest in data security, a subset of the security market. Things grew from there, and Mathieu remains passionate about data security, risk management, and compliance.

Focusing on Core Solutions

The current global crisis is unprecedented, and like most organizations VigiTrust had to learn as it went along. Whilst the company had a crisis management plan, it had not planned for a crisis that would impact travel, health, finances, and global geopolitics at the same time. So, Gorge and his senior management team started with reducing all costs, focusing on core solutions that were not impacted by the crisis, and servicing the company’s key clients and partners. The organization then decided to explore if there was any opportunity to reposition its solutions to address the new way to perform risk assessment audits. It quickly realized that its clients and partners alike could no longer go on-site to conduct assessments.

As it happens, VigiTrust’s 2020 roadmap for Q4 included the development and deployment of remote assessment capabilities, so it moved that forward to Q2 and Q3 and the company was able to address this opportunity and, incidentally, majorly enhance its partner program and partner onboarding.

A Perceptive and Accomplished Individual

Gorge ensures that VigiTrust continues innovating, looking after existing clients, and gaining new markets. There are a lot of companies doing well right now because they can see new opportunities and they are agile. VigiTrust is one of those, and Gorge is very proud to be surrounded by a team of highly motivated, resilient people, and by very encouraging close people.

Gorge suspects that VigiTrust will either be acquired in the next few years or start acquiring other businesses to continue its expansion. From a personal perspective, the founder has just published his first book, The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom, published by Forbesbooks and it has opened up many opportunities. Gorge is now a regular contributor to US, UK, and French media outlets on the topic of cyber-accountability and cybersecurity.

Gorge has also just been appointed VP of the Dublin section of the French Trade Advisors, and he remains involved with the French Irish Chamber of Commerce. “I think I’ll remain involved in those spheres as long as I can continue to add value wherever I am, probably with similar structures but based in the US as Vigitrust builds its US team out of New York”, shares Gorge.

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