MariApps: Providing Digital Direction to the Maritime Industry

Sankar Ragavan | CEO | MariApps

From the onset, the digital sector has been transforming the global business landscape on every front. Data is generated, shared, stored, and analyzed in large quantities and at speeds that are increasing exponentially each year.

Today, the data we create, navigate, and monitor has a direct impact on both how we work as individuals and how businesses work collectively. This digital information flow drives processes and task automation and consequentially have a significantly positive effect on security, efficiency of business operations, and the environment.

Digitalization and data use have had an immense impact on the maritime industry gradually over the years. Ships have had to become sophisticated hubs for sensors and data generators that produce and transmit data in real-time and often expected to do so from anywhere. Concurrently, satellite communications advances have improved connectivity, which allows for a substantial increase in the volume of data transfer at diminished costs.

The integration of data streams from multiple sources enables the maritime industry to make effective and critical decisions, more efficiently. The way the industry handles knowledge and how ships and components are planned, constructed, and tested, is beginning to have a significant effect on emerging cloud-based technology such as BMPs and digital twin technology.

“MariApps’ comprehensive digital tools offer efficiency and expertise for maritime professionals to succeed in a business environment that becomes increasingly demanding.”

Recognizing the significance digitalization plays within the marine industry, we see it only fitting to start off this special issue, Top 10 Most Disruptive Maritime Solution Providers-2020, with MariApps, a pioneer in providing digital solutions to the marine industry.

MariApps Maritime Solutions is a young and passionate company committed toward developing the best solutions for the marine industry. The company’s vision is not to be the largest solutions provider in the marketplace but to be the best in providing niche solutions to clients.

The Core Philosophy

MariApps’ flagship product smartPAL, has been connected on over 1500 vessels and provides quality services to some of the leading names in the shipping industry.

According to the team at MariApps, the ship operation systems and digital solution applications are available in different forms of more comprehensive and effective modules. Consequently, MariApps not only offers solutions, but rather goes the extra mile in offering the customers an opportunity to form partnerships. MariApps follows through in overseeing organizational changes, communications, project management, and implementation.

Training is also an important aspect in the service MariApps provides and it will continue to serve the customers, by ensuring that the service offered is extended in training all the departments within the organization of their clients.

Comprehensive Services

MariApps provides users with the possibility of monitoring ships, retrieving real-time financing, results, access to crew-information and activities, assets and operational data in order to ease decision-making, especially in times of crisis. The flagship maritime digital solution is the right choice for all ship management and ownership needs.

With extensive research and the delivery of end-to-end digital solutions covering all facets of modern marine fleet management, MariApps has advanced rapidly into the market. Leveraging the technical expertise of a talented pool of mobile developers, it has built marine applications that can run on various mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS, thereby equipping customers with the accessibility to their vessels’ operational data as well as the convenience of attending to any situation anywhere and anytime.

MariApps’ expansive portfolio of solutions includes, Maritime Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Project Management and IT consulting, Business Intelligence, and the MariApps Innovation Hub.

This broad product range allows MariApps to provide the foundation for potential maritime applications through the incorporation of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning that simplifies and substantially reduces errors in processes. The organization also has its R&D department, exploring the full spectrum of technical opportunities and incorporating them in the smart PAL suite.

MariApps’ LiveFleet module is a central platform for efficient monitoring of information related to vessel, expenses, performance, and voyage on one comprehensive display. The desktop module and mobile application are designed specifically for ship-owners to access significant vessel information concurrently. In the interest of saving time, owners can be updated and track vessels in near real-time on the go, with all the following key parameters highlighted to them: financial reporting, vessel position, crewing, operational performance, environmental performance, maintenance reporting, purchasing, and ship certificates.

The Business Intelligence module (BI) is powered with intelligent analytical tools to scan, monitor, and showcase trends of the near real-time data managed by the application, gathering data from across the smartPAL suite as well as external data. MariApps develops business intelligence solutions with a team of experts in the industry and the extensive data shared by customers allowing customers to look into analytics, prediction of OPEX, breakdowns, and how to continually reduce costs.

Keeping up with the Industry and Fluidity of the Times

MariApps’ comprehensive digital tools offer efficiency and expertise for maritime professionals to succeed in a business environment that is increasingly demanding. MariApps has set in place an integrated business continuity strategy to reduce disruptions, even for their customers.

The extensive continuity program is a contingency plan to keep the services in operation in the event of unforeseen setbacks like COVID-19, with minimal disruption. This program involves remote teams, core distribution team meetings, Azure facilities and other network management tools online, support for ships, and a workforce situated worldwide to better serve their customers.

The company continues to focus on incremental improvements and enterprises in the process of improved maritime effectiveness and standards, connecting maritime workers, ship managers, and employees around the world.

Meet smartPAL: Leading-edge Maritime Solutions from Mariapps

The maritime flagship digital solution suite is the right choice for all involved in the operation of a ship. It helps maritime staff, ship owners, stakeholders, and ship managers with resources, automated supplies and financial systems, timely PO cycle purchases, effective invoice processing by automated bots, full travel performance analysis, business information, detailed intelligence and analysis of all transactions, processes, and day-to-day businesses.

It provides personalized creation of maritime solutions, consulting, data building, application testing and project management, which can work on all mobile devices, desktops, and tablets.

The ‘Visibility’ concept for the management of the vessels and shipowners has also been implemented by MariApps. SmartPAL digitizes all ship management features and has increased stakeholder engagement alongside apps such as Business Intelligence, LiveFleet, and eConnect.

MariApps is currently creating a digital platform that incorporates smartPAL and telemetry data, propelling their customers forward in the digital world.

From a Startup to one of the Leaders in the Industry

Sankar Ragavan, CEO of MariApps managed to take MariApps from 30 people in the company with 1 client to a 500 strong team with over 40 clients within the short span of 5 years. With offices existing in 6 countries to date, MariApps is making its presence strong by gradually acquiring market shares in various key geographic locations. MariApps will expand expand more actively into offshore, cruise, yacht, and seafarer travel with new solutions that have already been developed.


“After opting smartPAL, our company has benefitted greatly. Our operations have become streamlined and follow the company’s strategy. We have established a great partnership with MariApps, and their dedication is evident in all the aspect of the ERP. Appreciate their attention to detail approach and integrity in ensuring quality and user friendliness of the system along with study on the functionalities we need daily.”– Shoaib Seedat, Tomini Shipping

“MariApps smartPAL covers functional areas of ship management. They innovate on the product and brings in stability to our products across global offices.”– Yiannis Sykas, BSM.

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