Manzeera Solutions: Passionate about Empowering Businesses through Data

Maninder Singh, Founder, Manzeera Solutions

ERP systems like SAP and Oracle are a crucial component in business intelligence landscapes. Although it plays a vital role in an organization’s data landscape, it is often difficult to extract data from ERP systems to deliver insights swiftly. To solve these challenges, Maninder Singh – Managing Director at Manzeera Solutions bridges the gap between mission-critical ERP systems & modern BI platforms.

Maninder Singh implements a flat organizational structure at the company that helps to communicate the goals and business objectives clearly to all staff members as it ensures a clear understanding of their role in the delivery of exceptional service to the clients.

As a Founder, Maninder Singh personally implements a transformational leadership style. He interacts with all his employees one-on-one and inspires them through effective communication & collaboration, initiating the path to success for the organization.

A Digital Transformational Pioneer

After more than 15 years of experience in the field of business intelligence and advanced analytics, Maninder Singh decided to go solo and found Manzeera Solutions, an independent UK based consultancy focusing on bespoke customer-orientated solutions & approaches.

Manzeera Solutions was inherently connected to Maninder’s professional journey and his experiences in the data and analytics space over numerous years.

Throughout his various roles, Maninder identified the same problems that needed to be solved: enhanced modernization and customization in the field of business intelligence. This was important across the board, at small, medium, and even large enterprise organizations. In light of this, Manzeera specifically focuses on the challenges faced by different organizations at the nexus of data, business intelligence, and IT with its mission of ensuring that clients reach their full potential.

An Experienced Consultancy Team

Founded in 2014, Manzeera Solutions is a UK based consultancy specializing in business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Manzeera Solutions works on providing real-time analytics, combining ERP extraction with the integration of unstructured data. Manzeera’s operations revolve around its best practice methodology the “Pentagon of BI Success”, a flagship model of the consultancy, generated over many years of project implementation experience.

This helps to guide clients on the right path to success. This methodology provides unique 360-degree coverage for the clients, enabling them to ensure both maximum ROI and optimum adoption of any initiative.

This, along with other intellectual assets, make Manzeera unique in the market. Manzeera Solutions is committed to constantly reviewing the market and partnering with the most innovative BI platforms & technologies to ensure they can assist in the selection of the most appropriate landscapes for their customers, providing best-in-class solutions.

Solving Issues with Customer-Centric approach

As a strong business leader, whether it is a small-scale business or a large established organization, Maninder Singh would want to change the way some businesses operate in an unstructured manner and ensure all the businesses stay customer-centric in their approach, Customers define the success of any organization – Manzeera’s success only follows after customer success and this mantra ensures that it has the right client-centric approach to all it does.

Furthermore, a holistic approach at Manzeera is what makes the consultancy truly unique: innovative ERP Extraction Frameworks such as GYD(Get Your Data) providing data as a service are combined with customized project management and business strategy to achieve the highest ROI & create large-scale positive impact for an organization. Sustainability, long-term results, and customization where appropriate remain at the heart of any service or solution provided by Manzeera.

Leadership Development Initiatives

On Leadership Mr. Singh’s intake is “Business leaders need to appreciate, acknowledge, and be open to different disciplines and cultures. This definitely helps any organization to strengthen its foundations. Secondly, practicing core values in day-to-day activities that truly reflect the collaborative culture of the organization and maintain a healthy working environment is key to success.

Additionally, dynamic business leaders should be highly adaptable and flexible in their approach. This will help both the leaders and the organizations in crafting strategy during unprecedented situations like the covid-19 pandemic. Finally, employees play a vital role in every organization and therefore they are the most important asset. They play a crucial role in determining the success of the business and I strongly recommend valuing them, listening to them, and showing compassion at all times”.

Making the Seemingly Impossible Possible

Manzeera Solutions is striving to keep its investments aligned with changes in the industry & the requirements of its clients, growing and shifting in line with the market. Manzeera is creating a strategy to expand the business geographically in a fast-growing market. The company is specifically focusing on regions where the demand for such innovative BI solutions is high, to stay competitive and reach as many clients as possible to deliver services to them, help them make better business decisions in this fast-growing and changing era.

Undertaking Technology & Innovation

As technology is a fast-growing and fast-changing industry with new solutions & tools emerging each day, one of the major challenges is to stay focused on constant innovation for its client-based solutions & to work closely with our primary and secondary stakeholders throughout the process. Whilst this is a challenge, this approach also has its advantages, with it ensuring Manzeera Solutions remains up to date and ahead of the curve with the latest emerging technologies & trends.

Focused on Achieving Desired Outcomes

Manzeera Solutions is now focused on maximizing its success by keeping the core characteristics of the consultancy – its agility and dynamic nature as well as its customer-centric approach. The growth of the consultancy will be vitally linked to keeping up to date with new & emerging trends and technologies at the same time as keeping true to its identity and roots that make the clients return customers through the company’s approaches, work ethic, and result-driven nature. Manzeera Solutions is looking forward to very exciting times ahead, with the path to Manzeera Solutions’ most fruitful year yet being paved in 2021.

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