Manna Kadar: A Competent Entrepreneur Curating a Prestige Chain of Cosmetics Boutiques

Manna Kadar, Founder of Manna Kadar Beauty.

In recent years, the shift of women leaders towards entrepreneurship has increased exponentially, but when one is born with a knack for entrepreneurship, nothing can stop oneself. The above statement wholly resembles Manna Kadar and her entrepreneurial venture Manna Kadar Beauty. She is a natural-born leader who proved herself as a successful young entrepreneur in the competitive sales and marketing realm early on in her career.

Manna is a well-known persona in the cosmetics industry for her evolutionary line of product produce with the motto Beauty Simplified. She aims to simplify her consumers’ beauty routine!

We at CIO Look caught up to Manna in our expedition to find ‘The 20 Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch, 2021.’ We got into a conversation to have an insight and understand how the thought process behind her high-quality beauty and wellness products.

Dive right in.

Journey Until Now

Manna was born in the world’s fashion capital, Paris. Her courageous single mother and grandmother raised Kadar in California. She grew up in a tough neighborhood and witnessed first-hand the battle to survive and viewed education and enterprise as the way out of the struggle.

At age 16, Manna purchased her first cosmetics store at the local mall, and at 18, she became one of the handfuls of students accepted into college. She stayed close to home, studying Finance and Distribution Management at USC. She implemented what she learned to grow her mall-based cosmetics chain to seven stores in six years in her entrepreneurial drive.

After college, Manna sold her beauty business to enter the world of corporate banking. Over the next six years, she excelled rapidly yet missed the fulfillment and purpose that entrepreneurship provided. In 2007, she exited the finance world, taking everything she learned and applying it to her new venture: developing a chain of tanning salons that would one day lead to the Manna Kadar Beauty empire.

Seeking to maximize revenues creatively, Kadar turned her tanning salon lobby into a beauty bar. The idea quickly gained traction, giving Kadar her first opportunity to develop an original cosmetics line. By really listening to the needs of her customers, she was able to craft products that delivered real-world beauty solutions, growing the small company into what is today a family of six brands with more than 600 SKUs in 40,000 stores nationwide – all without outside investment.

Better than the Rest

The motto of Manna Kadar Beauty – “when you look good, you feel good” – means something different to everyone. She designed products to suit multiple concepts of beauty, from minimalist to glam. Understanding that makeup can feel time-consuming and too technical for some, she developed her signature three-step Beauty Simplified System, coordinating instructions with numbered products to streamline application. More than the opportunity for profits, Kadar is drawn to the hope and self-confidence she can encourage others through her work. She has found that providing people with multi-functional, high-quality cosmetics can change their whole outlook on life, helping them become the best version of themselves.

The Wide Range of Manna Kadar Beauty

Manna Kadar has become a celebrity in the entrepreneur world, carving her name and brand out in Orange County, California, for over a decade now as the GO TO in all thing’s affordable luxury for life! She has become a reliable resource for her cult following, delivering high-quality beauty and wellness products that perform.

The self-made, self-funded minority mompreneur behind the Manna Kadar Cosmetics family includes Manna Kadar Beauty, Goddess by Manna Kadar, Beauty and the Bump, Haute Dog luxury pet products, Mason Man Skincare, and Manna Kadar Luxe Bath and Body. She is the creator of the “7 Minute Face,” Kadar’s three-step, award-winning Beauty Simplified System, and a Life Stylist host for MKB’s weekly Amazon live. Driven by a philanthropic DNA, Kadar gives back 10% of the company’s annual profits to a variety of organizations she supports year-round.

Manna has worked hard to curate beauty products that fill a void—being able to produce products that are multi-functional and easy to use sets Manna Kadar Beauty apart from other beauty brands.

Awards and Accolades

Kadar’s innovative approach to both beauty and business has earned her a spot among the Orange County Business Journal’s “2021’s Top 50 most influential people”, “Top 40 Under 40 Beauty CEOs,” along with being named 2018’s USC Alumni Member of the Year.

The Manna Kadar brand made Inc. Magazine’s 2020 “Top 5,000” list and is published among the fastest-growing enterprises in the LA Business Journal. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently named her 2020 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Putting Pedal to the Metal

Manna states that her venture has dedicated various marketing efforts to all things digital in the last year. It has found great success engaging its current and future customers with video. She adds that you can discover Manna Kadar Beauty streaming all things beauty on Instagram to Amazon and all the channels in between.

Never Give Up

Manna advises budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the cosmetics sector to be true to themselves. She says, “Create a brand that you believe in and shoot for stars. There may be days where you want to give up but don’t. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.”

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