Lynda Aphing – Kouassi: Sculpting YOUR Life with Excellence

Lynda Aphing-Kouassi, Founder & Director, Kaizene

Failures are part of life; however, facing a failure and picking up oneself to thrive with a bigger and better comeback takes determination and valor. The business world is a pit of challenges, where failures and success aren’t stagnant; it is a process. One has to keep griding, learning new things, and adapting to innovations that can be a hectic task. Thus, to guide individuals and organizations with various strategies that align with the values, creating synergy is Lynda Aphing – Kouassi.

Lynda is the Founder & Director of Kaizene, a business consulting, training, coaching, translation, and networking firm. Lynda’s passion for ensuring organizational success is unmatched. Her journey is filled with challenges that were the stepping stones that led her to become one of the most successful business leaders worldwide.

Today, Lynda acts as a difference-maker to numerous people bringing the much-needed change and setting them on a path of success.

CIO LOOK caught up with Lynda to understand how she ensures sustainable development, becoming a role model for the younger generation.

The Start Towards Guidance

Lynda started her professional journey as a team manager at Société Générale, Vaultex (a subsidiary of the HSBC group) in Santander. Her dedication and grit ensured her rise to become investment director and then investment banker in London for 15 years, giving her solid expertise in the financial and banking sector. She also spent a brief time in the field of social responsibility and human capital management. Lynda shares, “l strongly believe in developing the talent to achieve milestones.”

Lynda achieves her goals by working with people who share similar values of excellence, expertise, and work, building a professional network and quality partners. Though getting to this point wasn’t as easy as it seemed, Lynda faced a significant challenge when she started to build her network, which was the critical aspect of developing a successful business.

Building Perfection

Lynda states that Kaizene shares the vision and mission that accompanied her throughout her career, notably:

  • Ensuring the complete success of individuals through capacity building, coaching, and building an African elite in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Unlocking the potential of people and simplifying the company’s activities through agility and quality is the mission of Kaizene.

Lynda notes, “We live in an era where SMEs in Africa is key to the economic development; therefore, through our activities, we strive to position them to the top and accompany them efficiently in their quest for growth. The most important value that does not appear on the balance sheet: people and we focus on them.”

Adapting Technology

The world is changing to adapt to technological evolutions. Lynda understands that digitalization is a powerful means of transmitting information, which is she has invested in digital communication to reach the maximum number of prospects. She ensures that most of the services that Kaizene provides are online and aligned toward pushing the clients’ growth.

Expected Turns, Aiming Ahead

Lynda would like to change the mindset of the people towards coaching, pushing on its usefulness for every individual’s growth. She asserts, “We can’t all be a coach, but when we are, we must position this role at the top with seriousness and integrity.”

Lynda believes that the following significant change will be the number of actors in the consulting industry that will strive to create a stronger community that could push reforms for the greater good of the business ecosystem. She will continue to grow Kaizene forming new partnerships training more people to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Bestowing Experience

Having garnered various personal and professional experiences throughout her life, Lynda advises aspiring entrepreneurs to believe in themselves. She says, “Ensure your beliefs with dexterity and seriousness no matter the hurdles that may occur, stay determined and on your course, and you will make it. Don’t aspire on becoming rich aspiring on becoming a serious contributor, and the rest will fall into places.”

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