Let Me Edit That! – Twitter Testing Out its New Edit Button


Twitter is now testing edited tweets after years of users requesting such a tool.

On Thursday morning, Twitter (TWTR) tweeted that it was testing the long-awaited edit button and some users may start seeing updated tweets in their stream.

“This is happening and you’ll be okay,” the tweet assured.

The social media giant announced in a blog post that altered tweets are currently being tested internally and will soon be made available to Twitter Blue subscribers. According to the firm, the test will first be made available to Twitter Blue subscribers in New Zealand, with Australia, Canada, and the US following. On the platform, modified tweets will also be visible to users outside the test group.

Tweets will be able to be altered “a few times” for up to 30 minutes after they are initially posted in this test, according to Twitter. In order to indicate that a tweet has been edited, it will display an icon, a label, and a timestamp. Users can click through to a tweet’s “edit history” to view previous iterations.

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