Laszlo Dellei: Inclusive, Adaptable, Innovative and Exemplary Leader

Laszlo Dellei, CEO & Founder, Kerubiel

It is not easy to operate on a highly competitive market. Technological and legal developments constantly affect working methods. To cope with this challenge, any organization as well as its experts need fresh and up-to-date knowledge and skills. Therefore continuous upgradation of knowledge, skills and abilities is vital for the leaders in any organization. Leaders of Kerubiel continuously train themselves daily as they consider that gaining such knowledge might be a competitive advantage since they will be prepared not only to follow the latest trends, but to act as a trendsetter.

Leaders with inclusive, innovative, adaptable, and exemplary leadership style are able to inspire the colleagues and employees for more better contribution. Laszlo Dellei, CEO and Founder of Kerubiel is one such inclusive, adaptable, innovative, and exemplary leader. He has led and delivered many successful projects in Security and ITC in the last 20 years. Mr. Dellei believes that innovation and adaptability are essential to make an impact on the world of business. Kerubiel is a 100% privately owned company specializing in the provision of ICT, Security and Privacy services and tailored IT Developments.

Expertise in IT and Data Protection

From the beginning of Mr. Dellei’s career, he has focused on IT and information security issues, as well as data protection. Generally, he provided support to his clients on how to protect themselves and their IT infrastructures against possible threats and cyberattacks. However, in so doing, it became apparent that this area has become increasingly connected to other expertise, such as data protection, especially after the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thus, it might be a competitive advantage if a company can provide counselling on all related fields. This idea to merge expertise from various areas led to the establishment of Kerubiel in 2017.

Outstanding Professional

Mr. Dellei has a vast 20-year experience in the field of software development, intelligence activities, IT, and information security. From the start of his career, his professional interest has been focused on IT and information security. He quickly became in volved in different projects concerning these areas, yet he always tries to better himself, engaging in training and additional qualifications. In this respect, Mr. Dellei is an outstanding professional with a unique experience and expert knowledge.

Notwithstanding these fact, Mr. Dellei realized that – due to technological and legal developments, these fields will become strongly linked with data protection and data security, and thus it is necessary for experts from these distinct, but interrelated fields to cooperate and work together. The turning point in his career was the adoption of the GDPR which made it evident that security and privacy go hand in hand.

Information Security Counselling

Kerubiel focuses on services concerning IT, information security, data protection, and related areas. It provides state of the art IT audits and information security counselling (e.g. IT risk assessment, IT security counselling), de velops complex cybersecurity systems based on ITIL and AI applications, and advices its clients on business continuity and disaster recovery plans. In so doing, Kerubiel utilizes IT standards, such as the ISO 27000 and the NIST 800-53 controls assessment.

On the other hand, the company provides services in the field of data processing and data go vernance. In this respect, Kerubiel’s goal is to offers state of the art solutions concerning GDPR compliance and to ensure that its clients are protected against all threats and unwanted incidents. Kerubiel provides complex counselling on data security measures based on GAP assessments, outsourced activities (DPO or CISO services) and other services, such as trainings and education. Thus, data protection can be a fourth line of defence. Beside these activities, Kerubiel strives to be a vivid and innovative scientific community. The company is participating in various R&D projects focusing on emerging technologies, such as AI or VR. Furthermore, Kerubiel has joined the Hungarian AI Coalition and is a regular participant of its programs. One of the main successes of the Coalition was its contribution to the new Hungarian AI strategy.

Inspiring Leadership

Kerubiel views itself as a scientific community, besides being a workplace. Thus, the main strategies and issues that may arise throughout its operations are always open to discussion. Mr. Dellei’s colleagues are encouraged to take part in the decision-making processes and to share their views with him and with each other. On the other hand, Kerubiel is as good as the contributing experts. Thus, all employees are encouraged to widen their knowledge via trainings and obtaining different qualifications.

As the CEO, Mr. Dellei especially tries to inspire them, therefore, also taking part in many of these e vents. For instance, he is currently in volved with his university studies, soon becoming a professional expert in data protection and data security (ELTE Institute for Postgraduate Legal Studies). Mr. Dellei has been listed among the 30 Best CEO’s of the Year 2020 by The Silicon Review. In 2019, one of Kerubiel’s Industrial Control System specific Cyber Threat Intelligence tool systems won the product development grand prize of ITBusinness Awards.

Navigating Smoothly through the Pandemic

When the first wave of the COVID-19 hit Hungary, in the Spring of 2020, Kerubiel’s main goal was to ensure the health and safety of its employees. Thus, the company immediately changed to home-based work. This change was swift and smooth, and meant no disruption in Kerubiel’s operations. Since on site presence is not always necessary, Kerubiel already had the necessary infrastructure and the tools to continue working from the safety of everyone’s homes.

The next goal was to provide support and advise to the clients. In this respect, Kerubiel managed to assess current systems and solutions, and to give advice to the clients on the necessary modifications to establish and maintain their activities. Kerubiel especially considered the protection against cyberattacks, phishing and other threats, thus, its experts carried out extended research concerning the most useful and secure tools and applications. Overall, Kerubiel managed not only to adapt to the new situation, but to counsel its current clients, and to expand its clientele as well.

Establishing Framework of Experts

In many ways, better connections and information sharing networks between experts in the field of information security and data protection would be necessary to benefit both the industry and Kerubiel clients. Kerubiel has already realized this and began establishing a framework of cooperating and contributing experts. This way, sharing crucial information that might be useful in its daily work has become easier. Kerubiel also supports different social initiatives. For instance, in 2019, the company was the supporter of the 1st DPO Ball of Hungary, an event to establish a social forum for expert of data protection as well as of IT and information security.

Broadening the Operation of the Company

IT, information security and data protection are highly competitive markets where missing technological advancements means that the company is lagging other competitors. Lack of innovation might lead to the loss of clients and opportunities. Thus, Mr. Dellei prioritizes keeping an eye on new developments and utilizing such applications so as to broaden the operation of the company and benefit of the clients.

As mentioned earlier, beside its traditional services, Kerubiel strongly focuses on R&D and the results of this work will only materialize in the upcoming years. Kerubiel already has certain products on the market, but the bulk of its projects are only in their initial stages. Mr. Dellei hopes that these developments will be as successful as its previous products.

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