Jessica Ollenburg: A Striking Instance of Exceptional Leadership


The secret of sound leadership lies within an intrinsic value of lifelong learning. By inculcating the same attribute, Jessica Ollenburg, the Managing Partner & Principal Consultant at Ollenburg LLC Executive Consulting, has set a noteworthy impact of innovative leadership.

Even in her early leadership roles, she recalls leveraging invention and engaging others dedicated to pioneer and learn full-throttle along with her. It is quite evident that mistakes happen but can lead to spontaneous new findings… and often new successes. Ollenburg embraces, astutely processes, and learns meaningfully from each wide lens and microscope of experience. Successes are emphasized through appreciative inquiry; and missteps are early-detected, corrected, and engraved as “roads explored” and data to share. Ollenburg does not give up when creating new findings.

Staying on Top

Delivering four decades of entrepreneurial business success, honors and awards, Ollenburg LLC Executive Consulting provides playbooks, decision tools and dedicated command of changing laws to savvy C-suite executives and business owners through its successful flagship parent, Ollenburg LLC.

In order to entice the target audience, it is critical to listen to customers and to continuously research case studies of those who are not yet customers. The team at Ollenburg LLC believes that in the consulting arena, businesses need to always bring some new value to the table. Pertaining to the same, Ollenburg LLC stays true to its core principles but positions itself legitimately to be ahead of trends and demand.

Treading through Adversities

As a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Jessica has built businesses from scratch and has done so in collaboration. With every venture, her team has enjoyed and endured the ‘early mover status’ to include propelling its clients into a competitive edge and being recognized as noteworthy pioneers, including development of landmark inventions recognized by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Talking about the challenges she faced, Jessica says, “The obvious challenge of doing something never done before is working without roadmap or instructional guide.” Another challenge Jessica came across was when she took over as the CEO of a company drowning in debt. With her sheer grit and perseverance, she reversed its position to an award-winning enterprise with new accolades, high levels of profit, successful debt paydown and creation of jobs in the multi-thousands. Ollenburg adds “It’s much easier to start from zero, especially once you’ve succeeded at that multiple times.”

A Noteworthy Track Record

Ollenburg LLC embraces and delivers upon its responsibility to continually prove that it can both do and teach the successful adaptations and methodologies it delivers. As professionals in a relatively new and forward-thinking venture, the company’s principals offer lengthy track record of quantifiable successes, accomplishment, recognition, credentials and earned honors that are hard to match or beat.

By continually leveraging those tools to adapt and lead through change, and even crisis, the organization proves immediate and forward-moving relevance. Under Jessica’s leadership, her company has solidly earned even more audience and respect in 2020, by proving itself among those who most quickly and reliably learned the new leadership landscape, plus the swiftly emerging and changing COVID-19 regulations, risks, and mandates.

Ollenburg LLC has delivered reliable resources for not only existing client companies but also those who learned of them from other clients already receiving high value. When it comes to sustaining creative leadership spirit, Jessica along with her team, focuses on balancing her company’s responsive consultations with its proactive and change agent consultation mindsets. The company reliably helps its clients through every risk and crisis they entrust to its guidance. As all solutions are custom, proprietary, and not ‘cookie cutter,’ creativity never suffers.

Turning a Pandemic into a Door of Opportunities

“Family business always throws extra complexity into that formula, so it takes purposeful effort and boundaries to create balance,” states Jessica. “Balance can sometimes be fleeting when you pride yourself in professional availability for urgent client needs. It is absolutely fabulous to have earned enough recognition and work pipeline to choose whom we work with as clients and partners,” she adds.

Jessica takes pride in stating that Ollenburg LLC’s clients and partners are responsible, ethical, respectful, and trustworthy. “2020’s pandemic urgencies have created dark subject matter for the company that began to “pull us under” mentally,” she expresses. However, Jessica and her team used that as a sign to launch new initiatives such as ZenByOLLC.com as a journey for both its personal self-care and also self-care tools for its clients and community.

Additionally, the company has also delivered multiple successful articles, webinars, and podcasts on the topic of capturing opportunity in this crucial time, a risky time that offers potentially the highest upside and lowest cost of change.

Adding more Feathers in the Hat

While the Executive Consulting Company of Ollenburg LLC remains its flagship dedication with healthy relationships and healthy pipeline, the company practices what it preaches by also launching sub companies of the parent company and acquiring equity in other companies.

New OLLC Company “ZenByOLLC.com” is launching in Fall 2020 as a dedication to executive balance between strength and peace, and it is already enjoying a highly positive ‘soft launch’ response with ample traction.

New OLLC Company “Whiskey- Dude.com” is also launching in Fall 2020, capturing partner John Ollenburg’s success, lifelong learning and current certifications in the wine and spirits industry. This new company is partnering with its F&B friends and clients who are strategically revamping right now.

Jessica’s family shares a strong passion for and history with the living, breathing, art and science of wine and spirits making, and the craftsmanship around it. This company has also acquired part ownership in PaQui Tequila Company and is planning some well-appointed events and immersive online experiences.

Self-Awareness is the Key

According to Jessica, self-awareness is the key. In her advice to upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs, she says, “You can build success off of so many different leadership cultures as long as you know who you are, deploy aligned leadership tactics and choose/engage compatible team members. Thereafter, commitment to lifelong learning should not falter.” 

Jessica also believes that people learn best from leaders they see learning, and the CEO needs to devote to ever-evolving sciences of leadership, comprehensive business administration, and relevant industry knowhow.

“Those who are shallow in or averse to learning will have a difficult road unless chance favors them. The curtain is being pulled back by the savvy populous… and the smarmy snake oil salesman of yesteryear with ‘bait and switch’ substandard ethics is in danger of extinction,” concludes Jessica.

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