Jennifer Lauretta: Piloting “Tech for Good” Initiative to the Community and Across Borders Globally

Jennifer Lauretta, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at 360 HealthTech Pte Ltd.

The recent technological advancements came at such faster pace that it wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the unprecedented occurrence of pandemic. Industry leaders are always trying to innovate and improve upon existing technologies to provide better solutions for any respective field. Jennifer Lauretta, is one such leader who is committed, result driven and innovative in the advanced technological industry.

With proven set of expertise, Jennifer Battles COVID with AI and Data Science to control continuous epidemic outbreak at 360 HealthTech. She is the Chief Technology Innovation Officer working with authorities, scientists & engineers pioneering the latest innovation technology to infected regions.

We at CIO Look came across Jennifer in our endeavor to find ‘The 30 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech.’ We got into conversation with Jennifer to gain in-depth insights about her fight to control the continuous epidemic outbreak.

The Overview of 360 HealthTech   

360 HealthTech was founded with a mission in mind to connect the world via a collaborative platform borrowing the strength of the most advanced technologies from developed countries. It helps address social issues and health issues at risk, facing the majority at large through partnerships to achieve goals. 360 HealthTech promotes fostering and building humankind’s well-being and good health by using tech and innovation to enhance health infrastructure and industry to serve the aged population living more harmoniously for future communities and sustainable cities.

The company offers Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) and customized designed solutions for B2B & B2C clients. The AIoT products distribution channels from the 360 HealthTech collaborative platform were set up to meet the needs of various countries worldwide, from APAC to Europe.

360 HealthTech is the mainstream distributor for many China AI manufacturers and developers’ new AIoT inventions. Initially, 360 HealthTech was incorporated in the beginning of Year 2020 to address the silver generation’s healthcare issues. However, there was an upturn of event. Due to the outbreak of global COVID19, 360 HealthTech becomes an immediate contact point of platform in global aid to deploy anti-COVID19 pandemic solutions for humanitarian initiatives addressing world health risks and emergency pandemic issues using Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data technologies.

The challenges 360 HealthTech faces are the different countries’ governance compliances, adaptation to the changing technologies into the countries’ ecosystem, customers’ preferences, cultural differences, and practices of the locals affect significantly how fast the AIoT products are being adopted between countries. It partners its technologies vendors, researchers, scientists, manufacturers, and developers will continue to adapt to comply with stringent regulations and to fit into the worldwide.

Award-Winning Expertise

Jennifer expresses that the formula that determines her success is the purpose, talent, culture, customer trust and loyalty, customer-centric solutions approach, and building a rapport and trust through friendship first before business.

Jennifer believes that when people come together with a common purpose, it delivers the perfect result, and she is thankful for her teams’ supports. She understands that hiring the right people on board strengthens the company to co-create the future by building a culture that fuels innovation to reinvent working methods.

According to Jennifer, building trust in a customer or business relationship takes effort if company management and representatives are willing to be open, honest, and efficient when communicating with customers. She develops a customer-centric approach by learning what the clients do and thinks in-depth of their surrounding circumstances. She analyzes their problems and needs and offers them feasible solutions.

Jennifer states that the people she meets can choose to give business; however, it is crucial to winning their hearts. She says, “Business is not necessarily an open deal; the best business deals are ones that are hidden. We can only see this opportunity if that person allows us to, so it’s how they feel about us that can make them open doors for us.” Before she asks people for business, she starts a friendship by giving value and building trust in them. In time, generally, people feel the inclination to make sure they repay us when opportunities arise.

Implying Innovative Technologies

Jennifer states that the industry ahead is full of opportunities that solely depend on business leaders embracing the transformation and performance opportunities from data analytics and digitalization, particularly the rapidly evolving AI, robotics, and automation opportunities. Business leaders need to invest in technology to transform the organization with new mindsets and reimagine business models and processes. Having an action plan to test, experiment, learn and scale fast; digitalize assets and capabilities; stay calibrated and invest in digital technological implementation to transform; accordingly, combine workers and machines integration to improve a new focus on human capital.

Undeniably, 360 HealthTech’s business operation is also constantly evolving with changing times and customers’ market demand. It plans to expand its operation in various dimensions to enhance its global supply chain network’s currently trending smart technologies application. It will do this by bringing in more partnerships through curated collaborative opportunities in the healthcare industry, using different omnichannel’ strategies via technological integration on its platform as a point of contact.

Goals for Fourth Industrial Revolution

Jennifer expresses that the business model of 360 HealthTech isn’t the conventional global IT platform. Its success is strategized accordingly to geographical positioning to connect world distributors, country managers, account managers, and business development managers to reach out to their targeted audiences within their own countries.

Jennifer states that in the fourth industrial revolution, 360 HealthTech plans to sell and distribute tangible AIoT smart technologies products worldwide. AIoT, import and export products, are regulated mostly in all countries across the globe. However, there are still challenges and gaps to build the full ecosystem to make import and trading seamless. The company has integrated electronic bank transfers and a digital payment gateway to transact for import and export.

Valuable Guidance

Jennifer advises budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the technology sector to be courageous to adapt to changes and uncertainty and be willing to learn work on things that are out-of-your comfort zone. “Work alongside with your counterparts to gain first-hand perspective for better maneuvering of technological directions,” concludes Jennifer.

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