Jahanara (Jan) Miotto: A Valuable Asset in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Jahanara (Jan) Miotto: A Valuable Asset in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In today’s age of big data, companies operate on a global scale, and the volume of operational data is growing, not shrinking – resulting in increased management costs and the need to disseminate important information quickly & efficiently. Nowadays companies want to capture and integrate the data and information associated with those projects in a centralized database and then share that data and information with hundreds or thousands of people in real-time, whenever and wherever they happened to be.

In this way, business leaders could leverage and reuse common business data far more efficiently than they could with any other traditional desktop tools. Continuing to build what she believed to be one of the best companies in this market today is one such leader Jahanara Miotto, President of Metrendalytics. The company’s advantage is having extensible hands-on experience and knowledge in R&D, leveraging that knowledge with current technologies to improve drug development outcomes.

Genetic Risk-taker

Leadership was one of those things that came naturally to Jahanara at a very young age. She supposes it had to. Jan was, the eldest child in a single-parent household, she had a lot of responsibilities at an early age. Her father was an immigrant who came to the US with only clothes in his backpack.

So, the ability to take the risk, and seize an opportunity when presented was in Jahanara’s genetic makeup. She grew up in very humble surroundings and worked a variety of jobs while getting her degree, so she could become independent and contribute to her family.

Jahanara began working in the pharmaceutical industry and was always looking to work hard and identify the areas she could bring the most value. Eventually, her hard work and dedication paid off as she was able to climb from entry-level to executive management.

Due to Jan’s personality, it was difficult to understand the importance of communicating what you do and highlight success. “Brag-advertising” was not part of how she was raised, and she often suffered with “let my work speak for me” mentality. However, we must remember that leaders work through the influence of others. And if others are unaware of what we do, then how will they consider us leaders? asks the leader. Jahanara eventually found a way to fulfill this, finding a delicate balance and way that works while still coming across as authentic.

Leadership is certainly a journey. ‘What makes some people leapfrog from just a good leader and becoming great is they take the time to understand what is needed and, then take actionable steps accordingly’, says Jan.

Incredibly Secure Database

Jahanara’s vision is to provide Portfolio Management tools providing the ability to eliminate silos, gain insight, and improve risk management by providing a consistent, timely view of risk indicators across all projects. She works with the unique needs of each company in proposing the development of an Operational Dashboard with automated data integration, aggregation, and signal detection in interactive, visualizations, which allows for centralized, remote monitoring of project performance in real-time.

A new area in Jahanara’s personal growth has been – learning as much as she can about blockchain technology. According to Jahanara, this is the next disruptive technology that will eventually offer fundamental changes to the way companies do their business.

Blockchain holds great potential as a unified solution for efficient and secure management of information around the globe. Its uniquely distributed network would enable the development of complete end-to-end information management for every company and product. By allowing multiple stakeholders to participate in distributing the network, it creates an incredibly secure database, without the patchwork configuration of previous technologies.

Acquiring the knowledge

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas…focus on things you have the power to change’, says Jahanara. She also adds ‘Always focus on good health. Good food, exercise, and sleep. Don’t keep to a fixed mindset and be able to explore new opportunities. If you wait for things to be perfect, you can miss opportunities. Don’t focus on the failures. Focus on the journey toward results. It’s better to do something and fail than to not try anything at all. Build good relationships. Spend time with people who are accomplished than you. Great leaders become great because they keep great company. And this point is valid not just for leaders, but for almost anyone who is looking to grow in professional life. Building a network of influencers creates the ability to acquire the knowledge that no textbook can teach’.

Business Strategy Goals

Acquiring and disseminating information available during that time provides a significant competitive advantage for businesses. Metrendalytics is completely focused on providing the underlying technology for information distribution. Providing full visibility to portfolio status, predicting milestone delays, and proactively identifying milestones issues. Each study and associated risks signals will be summarized to product level as to key project threats impacting regulatory submission and overall business strategy goals.

Services to Customers

Companies need platforms to create efficiencies comprehensively across project planning and execution with built-in analytic tools that are easy to implement, highly customizable, and cost- effective. Metrendalytics works with the unique needs of each company in proposing the development of an Operational Dashboard with automated data integration, aggregation, and signal detection in interactive visualizations, which allows for centralized, remote monitoring of project performance in real time.

Reviewers would be able to zero in on signals and trends that could affect operational performance and make smarter decisions about how to deploy monitoring resources. This would eliminate the management of various inefficient spreadsheets that are typically being used for the tracking of these activities.

Jahanara focuses on being authentic and bringing value every day. She listened to her customers and brought them the goods and services they needed. Metrendalytics are constantly developing additional services and solutions that complement its core communications offering that, in turn, help the company’s customers maintain their relevance as well as helping them to increase their revenues and profitability.

Technology not the End Goal

The successful CEO and by extension their company has to not only adapt but also sense the market and get out in front of it and lead it, says Jahanara. She also adds, “Your customers count on you to do this for them. All one has to do is to look at how technologies such as the Internet and Amazon to see how they have fundamentally changed our lives. We view technology as a building block. Technology itself is not just the end goal it is, a tool to facilitate the user experience… to achieve the desired outcome.”

Advice for Growth

Never stop adapting – For her company, experimentation has helped reach a product-market fit. Metrendalytics is constantly making tweaks to its products and testing new functionality to see what resonates best with its customers. Even though the company doesn’t always get it right, it keeps learning and adapting.

Jahanara says ‘Perseverance and intelligence are your allies; use them to your advantage. Change is good, the more volatile, the more disruptive it is. Expose yourself to as many new people ideas, challenges, and viewpoints as possible. The more you can learn, connect, and integrate, the more you can evolve and grow. There is no end sight for what we can accomplish’.

Look at the world through the eyes of other people. People get caught up in their vision without carefully considering what might be the actual flaws in their plan. Best to take a step back and get a fresh perspective.

Jahanara believes, Accountability is also key like responding to emails on time, doing what to say you’ll do and being genuinely honest and hard-working to not only the customers but all people, gives others faith in you more likely to recommend you as a trusted friend, rather than a business.

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