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From here on, when you hear the phrase increase Instagram followers, the words must immediately jump into your mind: “comments likes and views”!

If you want to increase free Instagram followers you need to start interacting with other profiles.

You must know what: Instagram users prefer comments to likes. If you take the time to comment on the photos of other users, they will be encouraged to view your profile and become your followers.

In this regard, I recommend that you interact with other users in this way:

If someone starts following you and you find their profile interesting: reciprocate.

If someone comments on your photo, always reply. Mention it with @ so you can be sure he/she reads it.

Another important action to take is to like. It is statistically proven that for 100 likes you put in you will receive 20!

Advertise on Instagram

One of the quickest ways to increase the visibility of your profile and content is to use sponsorship through Instagram advertising. You need to use Instagram auto liker without login to promote your brand. It’s not complicated, the steps to take are these:

  • Choose yo%20https:/www.insfollowup.com/blog/instagram-auto-liker-without-login-6ur best content (photo or video)
  • Promote it with Instagram Ads
  • Analyze the results obtained

I won’t go into that much but if you’ve never done it, I suggest you take a look at the guide (written by me) on how to advertise on Instagram.

Considering that we are talking about advertising, and therefore about the money you use to push your content (even a few euros), I advise you to be as attentive as possible to a couple of factors: the quality of your message (which should be particularly accurate and eye-catching) and the target audience of the people to whom you address it. If you miss this last step, the risk is not to achieve a satisfactory result with respect to the investment you have made.

One of the most used techniques is Follow/Unfollow.

Although often criticized because it is considered ethically incorrect, the Follow/Unfollow technique remains today one of the best strategies to increase Instagram followers.

It’s simple, free (in some cases), and allows you to increase followers in a targeted way.

How does it work?

Begin to follow (follow) thousands of users (those who think deserve to be potentially interested in your profile) and stop following (unfollow) those who do not reciprocate your follow.

This technique can be implemented in three different ways: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic. Whichever mode you choose these are the steps you will need to follow. Identify one or more well-known accounts in your own niche.

There are so-called  Instagram bots that allow you to do this automatically … and therefore without having to spend hours on your mobile!

Since last year, Instagram has changed its algorithm by drastically decreasing the number of daily actions allowed. All this was done to counter the use of bots and other automatisms. Therefore, most of the software that used to work great today no longer works as it did before. Some bots have adapted and changed their way of working while others have disappeared from circulation. In my article on Instagram Bots, I ONLY SELECTED THE BOTS THAT WORK (so you don’t lose money). Alternatively, if you have any doubts write to me on the Facebook group. You can get more ideas about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

A valid alternative to follow/unfollow is Story Views.

That is: the stories of the people who are in the target are displayed with those that interest you, if these people are interested in your profile (usually if you publish beautiful, quality, and interesting photos this happens) they will go to view your profile and put follow, they will like the photos and see your stories.

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