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Along with inventive products, bestowing and achieving trust of clients is quite essential for a business to flourish in an industry. Proving the above statement, Gyanendra Kumar, Founder and CEO of infoTrust Singapore, has diligently implemented various effective methods portraying his organization as the trustworthy innovative IT solutions provider around the globe. He claims TRUST is product of “Teamwork, Reliability, Understanding, Service and Transparency”, which also represent the core-values of his organization.

CIO Look admires such competent leaders, and appreciates their efforts and distinctive methodologies which have remarkably contributed in the evolution of tech-driven industries.

Below is the story of a prolific tech entrepreneur, Gyanendra, in his own words. 

I was born in a middle-class family of Allahabad, India. After graduating from University of Allahabad in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, I began my career as a Software Engineer. Since my graduating days, I had a dream to start my own business. I did try to start business just after graduation, but was not able to sustain because of lack of funds. After working for almost 15 years in leading national and multinational companies in India, USA and Singapore, I finally formed infoTrust Singapore Pte Ltd. in 2006. My sole mission is to building a trusted relationship with customers, employees, organizations, society and stakeholders by providing innovative products and services in the field of IT.

When I started infoTrust, lack of fund and no client in the portfolio to showcase were the hurdles in getting business order but my experience and knowledge of IT sector helped me in establishing client confidence. I took first project of infoTrust of developing a simple website for Pinnacle Executive Search. I gave more than 100% effort to the project which resulted in winning confidence of the client and till today, we are maintaining a healthy business relationship. Small steps like this have led infoTrust to be at the position where it is today. infoTrust has earned accreditation from the Infocomm & Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) to be recognized as an Infocomm Singapore Company. Over the years, we have worked for several prestigious clients who include ST Electronics, Mindef Singapore, Trend Micro, National Highways Authority of India, Asian Tigers, Clearpack, Robatech, Horizon Terminal, Pearl Energy, Transnational Group etc.

Soon after setting–up my business in Singapore, I expanded to enter markets of India. In India, we have set up a company named teamWork info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. teamWork complements the Singapore company through technology developments and sales businesses in Allahabad, Lucknow, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi. Since the beginning of infoTrust, my main motive has always been to gain the trust of the client. I believe that, if client trusts us then there will always be a healthy business relationship between us.

I firmly believe that in order to achieve our goal of gaining trust of clients, every member of infoTrust family has to work as a team. I have always believed that working in team helps to achieve the goal in less time and work can be done more efficiently. Working as a team not only has brought us success but also has helped employees to enhance their skills and be more efficient in meeting targets.

As leader I like to lead from the front and taking my team along. I like to take up challenges and set an example for my team. This helps me to understand real-time challenges that my employees can face and helps me to pro-actively find a solution. Team will not consider me a leader, if I do not have solution to their problems.

Over the period of 10 years, there has been phenomenal change in the technology advancement and innovation. Since its start, infoTrust approach has been to use latest technology to develop Solution Oriented Products. Soon after starting infoTrust, it was identified by us that there is need of the solutions that could connect employees, enhance customer experience and enable integrated business intelligence, infoTrust Singapore came up with its cloud-based framework, teamWork for the development of web-based solutions. infoTrust mostly work with Microsoft Technologies. It enhanced its products and services with new releases of tools from Microsoft. Apart from using latest tool, infoTrust keep enhancing its technology and converted some of its web-based applications to cloud based applications running over Microsoft Azure Platform. Now with spread of Mobile Technology, infoTrust has started developing Android and iOS based mobile application for its products. infoTrust is committed to keep up with the pace of changes and new advancement. But as Every industry/business has its own unique way of functioning, customization of software to match client requirement is the most important part of infoTrust’ S business. The ability of understanding the nitty-gritty of the different business & delivering industry-specific customized solution is highly valued by our clients.

Growth Plan: 1. Expanding into new geographical markets with existing Products & Services.

  1. Diversifying the product portfolio into the related area of business
  2. Developing partners for new Technologies such as AI and Video Analytics

We at infotrust believe in constant innovation and thus new ideas related to upcoming technology is our key DNA. We practice Daily Incremental Growth. To summarize my views, I would like to say build the trust of client by doing good work as a team and offer solution based on latest technology.

To the budding entrepreneurs, I strongly advise to not venture into businesses wherein they have no experience. Get experience from the industry and be innovative. Think how you can add value to the customers in the existing market because of your expertise and through your business. My knowledge and experience of the domain has been key to my success therefore, I recommend the same to aspiring entrepreneur.

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