FOCUS-BUSINESS Magazine Rates Secucloud Among Germany’s Top 15 Employers for 2019

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German security specialist counters shortage of skilled staff with innovative technology and modern corporate culture.

Hamburg, Germany. 17 January 2019 – In these days of an ongoing shortage of skilled staff, companies are finding themselves in increasingly fierce competition to recruit the best talent and most experienced specialists. If these firms are to succeed in attracting and retaining people with knowledge and competence, they need to do a lot more than just offer an interesting field of work. Many other factors make a decisive contribution to a job’s attractiveness, including flexible working hours, remuneration, additional healthcare or further education benefits, and a positive working atmosphere. Against this backdrop, the German business magazine FOCUS-BUSINESS published its selection of the top midsized employers for 2019 in its 4/2018 issue. One of these is Secucloud, the Hamburg-based company specializing in cloud-based security. With a rating of 4.62 out of a possible total of 5 points, Secucloud is ranked as one of Germany’s top 15 employers in the IT and telecommunications category.

“Those of us in the security industry are particularly affected by the shortage of skilled employees,” says Dennis Monner, CEO of Secucloud. “The more the proportion of software grows in almost all areas of our lives, the greater the need for effective protection solutions – and consequently also for qualified developers and security specialists. There’s fierce competition for the best talent, but with our cloud security we offer these people a really attractive activity working with an innovative technology of the future in a growth market. We’re an agile, dynamic company that appreciates each individual’s creativity. With us, each employee can develop their knowledge and abilities in accordance with their personal goals – and that’s a decisive factor needed to keep the best people. To us, this is particularly essential since the specialized know-how and commitment of our staff are our most important asset.”

Secucloud is an international company and that contributes to its attractiveness. People from over a dozen nationalities work with customers from all over the world, including multiple large and well-known groups. To promote a high level of employee satisfaction and a positive working atmosphere, the company offers its employees a wide range of benefits. These span health perks like yoga and massages, regular company events, and pension schemes. For the future, Secucloud also plans to offer staff a participation program in the form of stock options. That way, they will directly benefit from their everyday work performance.

Employees rate their employers

The FOCUS-BUSINESS top employers list was developed in collaboration with the employer review portal kununu. To create its ranking, which is the second the magazine has published, it selected companies with between 11 and 500 staff that had a score of at least 3.5 out of 5 stars and at least ten reviews. The ranking of each company within the list was defined by including its total number of reviews as well as a comparison with similar companies.

Further information:

Secucloud Network GmbH

Kai Bulau

Poststrasse 6D-20354 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0) 180 5 015 437

Fax: +49 (0) 180 5 015 438

About Secucloud

The international security specialist Secucloud provides telecommunications and mobile telephony companies with a comprehensive, completely cloud-based, enterprise-class security system. With its international partnerships and group contracts with multiple well-known telcos, Secucloud already reaches just under 1 billion subscribers around the world. The modular Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) is installed directly into the carrier’s network infrastructure, enabling it to protect its customers from all cyber-threats on the internet in a centralized way. Customers do not need to install any software on their devices, so no setup or maintenance is required. The Secucloud solution scales elastically and can protect more than 100 million users effectively and in real time. While customers are surfing the web, the various analyzers in ECS2 scan all data traffic for malicious and damaging content. To ensure extensive protection, Secucloud combines multiple powerful security technologies, including multi-AV engines, next generation firewall, packet analyzers (including deep packet inspection as well as IDS and IPS systems), global cloud intelligence, DNS layer analyzers, SSL scan decision, trust & reputation analyzers, APT sandbox analyzers and content analyzers.

Further information about the company and its solutions is available on www.secucloud.com.

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