Elyse Flynn Meyer: Stepping Up to Encourage Women

Elyse Flynn Meyer | President & Founder | Prism Global Marketing Solutions

There is no doubt in how women, as leaders, are bringing about drastic transformation in e very industry, discipline, or country. When we look at figures, more than 11.6 million businesses are owned by women, employing approximately 9 million people, and creating $1.7 trillion in re venue as of 2017. Women-owned businesses (51% or more) constitute 39% of all privately held firms and add 8% of employment and 4.2% of incomes. (Source: NAWBO).

What does this mean? Women in business are critical to our economy, employment rates, and comprehensive progress. When you have women in leadership positions or as owners, results are astonishing.

Organizations across the world recognize how impactful women are and how they can contribute to organizational success. One such woman setting an example for all emerging entrepreneurs is Elyse Flynn Meyer, the President and Founder of Prism Global Marketing Solutions.

Having held various roles in companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-up organizations, Elyse has developed leadership skills that can work in a variety of situations. Also, she learned a great deal from managing teams and helping others pursue their goals and aspirations.

“Continual learning and uplifting others are the keys to true success.”

An Award-Winning Agency

Prism Global Marketing Solutions is an award-winning inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Diamond Partner providing inbound marketing services to organizations around the globe. We asked Elyse how her company has changed over time to adjust to changes in the marketplace, and she mentioned that their services and partnership have adapted over the years to align with the market and target audience.

Elyse says that it is important to recognize changes in the marketplace and how a company can align products and services to make sure it is meeting the needs of a customer. One thing Prism does consistently is surveying its customers and target prospects to get insights into what services would be most valuable to improve its services and meet their client’s goals.

Uplifting Others

We asked Elyse how women can help others in the business world. She says that women who continually uplift others are inspirational because they have an all-inclusive approach and are always acknowledging, appreciating, and rewarding all efforts in the workplace. There are many women that Elyse has drawn inspiration from in her professional life, and one of those important is her mother.

Elyse mentions that her mother has held various roles from VP of Training and Development at a large financial institution, to a consultant and a business owner, and she has provided her with advice and supported every step of the way. Now, Elyse is empowering others to step up, as she is of the firm belief that when women help other women, remarkable results can be achieved.

An Insight on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Mentorship

Elyse believes it is essential to make sure that as a leader, you are always listening to your team and understanding their perspectives. Active listening is one of the most important aspects of being a leader, and that is the case across large and small organizations.

When asked about her entrepreneurship experience, Elyse believes that entrepreneurship is an incredibly rewarding experience. To build a business from the beginning is challenging, with ups and downs along the way, but it is rewarding when you start to see how your work and your team is impacting others and their businesses. As a service business, Prism sees how its marketing programs positively impact their clients and their organizations, and incredible it is to be able to see those results.

On mentorship, she says that mentoring is another crucial aspect of entrepreneurship. She has found various networking groups where women connect, collaborate, and mentor one another because all women genuinely should want to see one another succeed. Finding a mentoring group that can help you work with a mentor to give you a third-party perspective helps improve your business acumen.

Continuing to Evolve

In the future, Elyse sees herself continuing to grow her marketing agency and provide their clients with consulting and services that grow their organizations. In addition, she has written a book on inbound marketing and plans to speak on that in the coming months to share inbound strategies with individuals and companies looking to leverage inbound best practices to generate revenue.

Self-Belief and Continual Learning is the Key

In her advice to emerging women entrepreneurs, Elyse emphasizes self-belief and continued learning. “Always believe in yourself, and always continue learning. Learning and continuous professional development and personal growth are the keys to success. When you are continually upskilling, you are gaining valuable knowledge and skills to allow you to propel your career. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you believe in your own skills,” concludes Elyse.

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