Elizabeth Blount McCormick: The Great Love for Travelling

Elizabeth Blount McCormick- President, Uniglobe Travel Designers

Whether you are bringing the extended family together, celebrating a milestone, orenjoying a reunion of friends, you don’t needto wonder for destination, Elizabeth BlountMcCormick is here to help and exceed yourexpectations. She is the President of Uniglobe TravelDesigners creating fun and memorable experience foryou. Elizabeth and her team coordinate all of the detailsto plan the destination wedding of your dreams. 

In an interview conducted between Elizabeth BlountMcCormick and CIO LOOK assists everyone with theirtravel arrangements.  

Below are the highlights of theinterview: 

Please brief our readers about your leadershipposition at the company. 

I am the President and Owner of Uniglobe TravelDesigners (UTD), a travel management companyspecializing in both corporate and leisure travel. 

What were the challenges you came across sincefounding the organization? 

My mom purchased this business in the 90’s. I workedin the business during my high school and collegesummers and eventually moved back to Columbus in2006 to run the business. Many people, who were nowmy employees, had watched me grow-up and had toadjust to reporting to me. We had to completelyrevamp the culture. Additionally, my mother had grownthe business organically without any major focus onmarketing and technology. To compete and grow thebusiness we had to invest in marketing, social media,and technology. There is a saying that you have tospend money to make money, which was a challenge atthe time. But we shifted our priorities to positionourselves as market leaders and to compete with othertravel management companies across the country. 

Being an experienced business leader, what is youropinion regarding the impact of the COVID-19pandemic on your industry? 

I own a travel management company and we specializein corporate and leisure travel. We have beensignificantly impacted by Covid-19. Travel was close tonot existing from one month to the next. People arehesitant to travel as a result of the pandemic. We areseeing a slight increase in travel for our business andleisure clients as a result of the vaccine distributionthroughout the world. Consumer confidence is beingrebuilt, but it’s going to take time. 

And how has your company managed to overcome thissignificant challenge? 

We have continued bringing on new business despiteCovid-19. We brought on 22 new clients in 2020. Wecontinue to connect with prospective clients to buildrelationships so that when they are ready to travel, theywill reach out to Uniglobe Travel Designers.Additionally, we started hosting lunch and learns andhappy hours with our preferred suppliers who arelocated all over the world. We want people to continuedreaming about travel and we want to make thosetravel experiences a reality when they are ready! 

What is your thought on the necessity of a positivework culture? 

A positive work culture is absolutely necessary to besuccessful. I’ve had people who worked for me in thepast who were not aligned with my vision and we had topart ways. A wise person once told me that I should beable to enjoy having dinner with everyone who worksfor me. This really struck me and I now make this apractice when I am thinking about hiring someone. Iask, “would I like to have a meal with this person”? If theanswer is “yes” I will most likely hire the person. 

In what ways do you implement it at yourorganization? 

I always say, “As long as something is not immoral orillegal, try it”. We do not micromanage people here andthe UTD team is empowered to do what is in the bestinterest of the client without having to go throughmultiple layers to get things done. 

In what ways have you or your contributed to thecommunity? 

We have a Vitamin D program and for every vacationbooked, we give a portion of our profit back to charity.We also encourage our team to volunteer together andchampion causes they care about. Additionally, Imentor young women and Black business ownerswhenever I can. 

If given a chance, what change would you bring to helpother companies? 

Pay it forward. Give someone an opportunity whodoesn’t look like you. Be intentional about yourrelationships and the people you work with. 

What would be your advice for aspiring and emergingwomen entrepreneurs in your industry? 

Look at challenges as obstacles, not barriers. Take achance and put yourself out there. Know your worthand do not sell yourself short. 

Have you in any ways contributed towards the causeof women empowerment. 

I mentor women whenever I can. I always championwomen and speak their names in a room full ofopportunities. 

What people, what books, what life factors haveinfluenced and impacted you? 

My Mom is my mentor. I mirror my behaviour after herand I am successful because of it. I watched her actionsand I put those actions into place. 

Books – What I know for sure (Oprah Winfrey),Becoming – Michelle Obama, A Promised Land –Barack Obama. 

Not winning business has influenced me and made alarge impact on my attitude and approach to mybusiness. It has helped me understand I am not foreveryone. And that’s okay! You need to know yourworth and not compromise your value or integrity. 

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