Elena Herweyer: An Entrepreneur who is Defining Courage, Vision, and Success

Elena Herweyer | CEO | Founder | Art Fresh, Inc.

The current pandemic crisis brought to all of us new challenges and tough questions that we have to respond to. In marketing, the media channels and business models must quickly assimilate new time requirements and technologies to help businesses survive and even find a way to grow. In this new economic era of high-speed changes in the market where new technologies bring new ideas and opportunities to open new amazing horizons, and Elena Herweyer, founder, CEO and creative director of Art Fresh, Inc., and her team work hard for the clients’ objectives and strive to exceed their expectations.

Elena is a talented, proficient and award-winning creative director. She is having expertise in creating visual concepts and communicative tools for branding, marketing and web strategies. Art Fresh is growing and strives to respond fast to the new reality, digital technologies and creative innovations and to be on the cutting edge of all innovations in a fast-changing market.

Speed is the keyword in today’s business world. She asserts “With an increasing volume of information that we receive every day, fast changes in the markets, new economy realities we must be more creative in brand development and obtain a deeper understand of the target audience, the sales drivers in order to find new approaches and media channels for effective communication of the brand values. We never stop to sharpen our marketing tools to develop a brand vision and methodology to deliver new more effective solutions that will work and help our clients build powerful brands in the highly competitive environment where the Covid-19 crisis has changed the businesses significantly.”

Elena is known for increasing brand recognition for well-known international organizations such as Kimberly-Clark, L’Oreal, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Giorgio Armani, Gillette and Samsung.

A Born Leader

Elena likes to take responsibility and organize people to achieve the results. She always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start her own business even being a professional fine artist and graphic designer. She is a team player and loves to work with like-minded people who are passionate about what they do, who want continuously to develop professional skills, who have an open mind and who dare to make the impossible possible.

In 2009, Elena came to Canada from Kyiv, Ukraine. She understood that here is the chance to make her dream come true and she decided to start her own business. She says “My startup was launched without partners or investors — only based on my passion and expertise. It may sound like a crazy idea to start a new business being a newcomer to Canada without entrepreneurial experience, but intensive learning of new business tools such as marketing, business management, and accounting helped me gain new clients and develop my business into the multi-award-winning full-service marketing agency that I have now.”

A Team of Mindful People

For Elena, Business is an intellectual sport and, like every team, she and her company aim to win and want to be a leader in the market. She asserts “Our creative team of like-minded professionals wants to be the best at what we do and to deliver the most effective business and marketing solutions for our clients. We always look deeply at the root of each problem, each challenge that clients bring to us, which can require sometimes creating a new business strategy or do repositioning of the product to obtain the desired results.”

For the team, it is very important deeply understand the current business position in the market, the uniqueness of the client’s product to offer a right solution which can require improving of the business offer or a stronger focus on the ideal target audience with its desires to help grow the business in the highly-competitive business environment.

Using this comprehensive methodology, Art Fresh, Inc., helps businesses save time and budget by taking the right steps in achieving their goals much faster. It transforms visions of brands which lead to the business transformation and the opening of new exciting opportunities.

The AF team has a strong passion and love to help businesses reveal their passion to the products or solutions that they provide in the market to grow and succeed even in the uncertain times like now.

 Advice from a Proficient to Novices

Business requires constant developing of not only your professional skills, business intellect, but also your personal and human qualities” says Elena. She believes the key to business success is a clear vision of the objectives that one want to reach, the ability to be a good team player and to learn fast every day and to not be afraid to take a risk to try something new that one never did before. “You have to have open mind, not be shy, and be “a student” when you learn from your own experience or experience of others. Another vital trait I think is a strong love and passion to what you do,” she adds. This all is true for women as well for men in business.

Continuing Excellence

The challenges, Elena is facing to grow the business, are to organize the business process in such way as to not lose the creative spark, to develop a fresh approach and new vision for the services that Art Fresh, Inc. provides to its clients and to strive to exceed the clients’ expectations and deliver much better results that it promises.

Empowering Women

Recently Art Fresh, Inc. was a proud sponsor of the campaign “New Life Girl” of The Vulnerable Children Society (www.vulnerablechildren.ca) that was created to rescue girls from the sex trade, and over a period of a year, provide them with skills training, counseling, personal hygiene education; and when possible, reunite them with their families. The company believes that all together we can make a big difference in the lives of those who need help, even if it is seems a small contribution from a global perspective.

Future Objectives

Elena has a strong passion and love to help businesses grow and succeed as entrepreneurs indeed are the ones who change the world. She asserts “In a new economic era with high-speed changes in the market where new technologies bring new ideas and opportunities to open new amazing horizons, my team and I will continue to work intensively for our clients’ objectives in order to exceed their expectations.” Marketing, new media channels and industrial design quickly assimilate new trends and technologies to transform businesses, so her goal is to further grow the marketing agency to the level where the company is able to address the new and more complicated business challenges of the clients and help them grow their businesses quickly. She adds “For Art Fresh our clients’ success is our success.”


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