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Most Admired Companies

And! CIOLook presents you, The Most Admired Companies to Watch 2019!

What? How could you shortlist few companies and tell that they are the most admired companies of 2019?

What makes them the most admired amongst billions of companies around the world?

Wait!  the answer is not that straight forward, as you might think. While listing out these companies amongst the long list, our team at CIOLook has gone through various painstaking processes which have helped them to carefully curate the final list.

Few mandatory factors came into play whilst deciding the list which includes;

  • Disruptive Products: Disruption is the key word. Some also tends to think this as a ‘fad’. However, for me and our team at CIOLook, disruptive products always takes the industry forward and makes way for new innovations. When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone, it was a truly disruptive product, which eventually changed the telecommunication industry.
  • Giving it Back to the Society: Social responsibility to the community played a large role while deciding this list. Its not always about doing business and getting the moolah, its also about giving something back to the society for the betterment of everyone.
  • Employee Relations: The ability to attract and retain talented employees also gets scrutinized. Employee retention plays a big role as it often indicates the number of content employees.
  • Global Presence: Effective presence in the global market is a key factor that gave these organizations an edge over the others, who doesn’t have a presence to boast about.

Other than the mentioned points, we have also referred to the financial steadiness of the organizations, investment value in long term, decisiveness of the respective managements, and usage of corporate assets.

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