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Professionalism retains integrity and result oriented strategies that relatively exemplify the successful competency of an organization. cBEYONData has proved to be a reliable business services provider in the market. Co-founded by a prolific and all-encompassing leader, Dorinda Schmidtknecht, the COO and President, the organization has ardently procured a steady pace towards success. Her unique approach and distinctive ideologies have contributed in the evolution of financial management sectors. CIO Look admires such leaders and considers it as an opportunity to feature determined personalities in this edition.

Following is Dorinda’s story and her endeavors on building an empire in financial and management solutions, in her own words:   

The establishment of the company came about when Dave, my husband and co-founder, and I decided that after working for many people throughout the years, we could do a better job by building a company based on ethical foundations and focuses on employees while ensuring we serve our customers with unique and cutting-edge solutions, all while making a profit and having a financially sound company.

With Dave’s background as a CPA and working in the business intelligence/IT industry for 25 years and my background in Portfolio and Asset Management focusing heavily on Finance and Business Management, we decided to start our own business in 2010. We believed the business intelligence/IT industry would be a great fit because of his career history and contacts in the federal space. We also saw a need within the federal agencies to focus on financial reporting, data analytics, and compliance and audit solutions which wasn’t being met easily.

Many of the agencies have these incredible systems that collect pertinent data, however the systems are not capable of producing the required compliance reports, dashboards, and data analytics that enable the agencies’ CFO’s to achieve their missions. So, we set out to produce a solution that addresses these issues, which is our CFO Control Tower toolkit solution. It enhances financial systems to ensure the CFO can immediately, reliably, and accurately meet their financial reporting requirements internally as well as externally for compliance. Our CFO Control Tower solution works with the agency’s existing financial system so there isn’t a need to purchase a whole new system.

Thus, with our combined experience and our prime market defined, we moved forward knowing that Dave could build the customer and employee base. And I could bring my managerial and finance skills to “run the office”, work along the financial relationships with the bank, and could establish long-term and short-term company goals as well as budgets. We believed that between the two of us it would be a great start for a successful company.

At cBEYONData, fostering a positive and supportive company culture is our top priority. We believe that a company’s culture is derived from its core values and our core values are meant to empower our team so they enjoy the work they do and the environment they do it in. We encourage our employees to excel in their personal lives and careers through educational opportunities and career advancement opportunities; the outcome is an outstanding team that delivers unparalleled service to our customers. Our core values enable our team to achieve excellent customer satisfaction and long-term business partnerships.

About The Company

cBEYONData specializes in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Business Automation Solutions. We specialize in designing and building analytical data solutions for Federal Customers such as the United States Marshal Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Equal Opportunity Commission and the Executive Office for the U.S. Attorneys, as well as other regulated industry customers such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Experian Credit Bureau. Our customers are able to implement solutions that effectively report, access, present and analyze any form of organizational or third-party data.

cBEYONData is a woman-owned purpose-built professional service company that specializes in supporting mission-driven agencies and organizations with the enhancement and automation of business processes, cloud migrations and enablement, business intelligence (BI), data management, data analytics, agile project and process management, dashboards, and geo-mapping. We bring rapid deployment of specific financial management reporting and compliance solutions to agencies and organization for the CFO Offices. We leverage these capabilities to improve our customer’s return on investment, enabling higher success with achieving our customer’s mission.

cBEYONData has been recognized as leaders in our industry and most recently have been awarded the following by:

  • Clutch – Top IT Business Services Company 2018,
  • CIO Review – 20 Most Promising BI Solution Providers 2018,
  • Clutch – Top IT Service Firms 2017,
  • Best Big Data Analytics 2017,
  • 2017 Washington Technology Inaugural Innovators Finalist,
  • CFO Outlook – Top 10 Financial Reporting Solution Providers 2017.

Advice to the Tyros in Business

Career advice I would give to a younger me or budding business leaders of the future, would be to take your time in looking at an issue from all possible angles in order to mitigate the risk rather than rushing into a decision just so that you can say “I’m done” without realizing the fast decision could leave you exposed to failure in the long run. Don’t ever give up and follow the path that speaks to you and makes the most sense with your background. Also, remember that you can always learn something new from every person you meet if you actually listen to what they are saying. My final piece of advice is for our younger generation that may just be starting or recently joined the workforce, and that is to invest in your 401k immediately because before you know it, you’ll be 50 and talking to an investment broker to ensure that you have enough to retire at the age that you want to!

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