CMIC, Inc.: Ascending Zeniths of Global Success

Mike Suga | President & CEO | CMIC, Inc.

“Without laboratories, men of science are soldiers without arms!”

So said Louis Pasteur, Chemist and Microbiologist par-excellence on the subject of laboratories.

So important are laboratories in the creation and development of drugs worldwide that today the likes of CMIC, Inc, a global contract laboratory aren’t taken to be an outsourced entity but are treated as an integral element in the working of pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With the pandemic having driven humanity to cower behind closed doors and high walls, and every conceivable lab trying to churn out a vaccine, CMIC Inc’s activities have an added significance of finding decisive and long-term succour for humanity.

Speaking of activities and services to the pharmaceutical industry, CMIC’s most significant offering happens to be in the area of Bioanalysis that finds application in clinical and other pharmaceutical related studies, and includes method development, method transfer, method qualification, method validation, cross-validation and sample analysis. Due to the range of services under Bioanalysis, it remains a critical element to drug development in the pharma industry.

With over 30 years of expertise as a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a provider of specialized bioanalytical services to research CMIC Inc. provides cutting-edge expertise to pharmaceutical companies in their small and large molecule bioanalysis in order to optimize the latter’s drug development activity. To this end, CMIC, Inc provides bioanalysis for nonclinical and clinical projects, both GLP and non-GLP, to meet critical drug development milestones. Its GLP compliant state-of-the-art facility can accommodate quick turn around and high-volume projects.

“We have an aspiration to become a “Personal Healthcare Value Creator” (PHVC) to contribute for and to address to the up-coming personalized medicine and individual patient quality of life.”

Those in the know attribute the reason for CMIC Inc’s high efficiency and incisiveness to its origins. A significant off-shoot of Japan’s formidable first and largest Contract Research Organization (CRO) and also the top bioanalysis lab, the CMIC Group, the former was established as a strategic cornerstone for CMIC Group’s growth prospects in the North American pharma sector.

CMIC Inc was established with a vision to provide the “Pharmaceutical Value Creator” (PVC) service encompassing the entire value-chain of pharmaceutical companies to include not just CRO, but also manufacturing, sales, and marketing services. In doing so, they remain the leading bioanalysis CRO in oligonucleotide therapeutics (Oligo) for several years now who remain extremely flexible and agility with quick turn-around times- a forte not found in most large CROs.

Their 3 plus decades of experience in the field has earned them a name in conventional small molecule research and they are in the process of significantly expanding their capabilities in large molecule and biomarker. Marking their presence in the field as also getting them their clients’ attention are several scientific publications and whitepapers and several webinars either already implemented or planned by CMIC, Ind together with the rest of CMIC Group.

If there is anything that mirrors CMIC. Inc’s growth story, it is that of its President and CEO Mike Suga. With 3+ decades in the industry that matches that of the group, he came into the CMIC fold in the year 2015. With significant and commendable experiences across fields including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and medical devices, he is more than a known figure in the industry.

With a Bachelor and then a Master’s degrees in agricultural biosciences from the University of Tokyo, Mike started his 30-year’s professional career as tissue culture and genomics scientists at JT genetic engineering lab and later spent 5 years in New York and San Francisco as JT’s recombinant DNA business development manager. He was also the Deputy General Manager of GE’s Healthcare’s CT/MRI contrast media in vivo diagnostics and PET/SPECT radiopharmaceuticals division in Japan and was responsible for establishing a new pharmaceutical operation reporting into GE Healthcare’s U.K Headquarters.

Complementing Mike’s efforts is the leadership team at CMIC. With experience ranging from 15 to 25+ years, they are helping the company grow and address the bioanalysis CRO needs of mid-to-small/bio ventures who were never the target clientele pf larger CROs. Together the current leadership team has also competed the strategic facility investment in 2017, leveraged by CMIC’s new U.S. client base expansion after business integration. At CMIC, Inc., we will accelerate our growth of services in North America and most importantly better aligns with our overall vision to bring value with each client interaction,” so says a charged Mike Suga. Based in Chicago, Mike also serves as the Senior Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., reporting directly to CMIC Group’s Tokyo Headquarters.

“Despite Mike’s initiatives and CMIC, Inc’s formidable presence and activities, the industry remains a volatile place with newer technologies and methodologies making their presence at regular intervals. To address these and evolve themselves to address customer needs has been CMIC’s “CREED”, a corporate philosophy that is about considering the Wellbeing, Challenge, Change and Communication (W&3Cs) any opportunity might bring. Mike and his team apply the philosophy with marked seriousness to evolve themselves in line with market changes and the voices of customers.

If there is one word which best describes the future, it is volatility which as a phenomenon affects everyone in every situation. To this end CMIC, Inc and Mike’s team plan to expand their scope from the current “Pharmaceutical Value Creator” (PVC) business model to an aspirational “Personal Healthcare Value Creator” (PHVC) which would see them contribute to and address the up-coming personalized medicine and individual quality of life among patients. A great decision given that the ultimate aim of any pharmaceutical initiative, including of those of their subsidiary entities, is to be of use to individual patients.

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