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Jim McNeese | Owner & CEO | C2XCEL

The telecom industry has come a long way where its evolution has disrupted advanced IT and networking systems. These advanced technologies have enhanced the capacity of data storage and required strong networking systems making them more reliable and secure. Headquartered in Allen, Texas, C2XCEL is a professional technology advisory firm, providing strategic technology solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and enterprise-level companies. As an advisor, they seek to increase operational and financial efficiency using time-tested techniques. Having years of diverse experience, C2XCEL is able to create cuttingedge recommendations that will transform client’s network infrastructure. C2XCEL customizes a no-cost, comprehensive solution designed to fulfill immediate needs while considering future technology requirements.

The organization’s goal is to eliminate the obstacles and frustrations involved with the creation and implementation of a solid infrastructure foundation. This partnership creates a resultoriented environment where the best solutions are born and executed. C2XCEL acts as a technology compass – setting client’s on course for success and efficiency.

Having over 50 collective years of technology experience, the team at C2XCEL has worked with many different sized clients, with varying technology needs. As well, they have worked with different technology service providers. Together, these experiences have educated the C2XCEL team that no customer and no service provider are alike; in fact, their experience has proven that no two projects are the same, even if the same service providers and the same services are involved.

C2XCEL has created a proprietary process called ACT, which Analyze, Consult and Transform the technology environment. Using this process C2XCEL works with their customer to create a comprehensive inventory of active services. This allows them to understand what is active and billing and analyze the environment. From there they will consult with the customer to determine if the current technology provides an ideal environment, and what changes are necessary to attain their ideal environment. The company will then work with multiple services providers to create solutions to fulfill the needs, and often times lower the cost, while increasing bandwidth and network infrastructure. C2XCEL then works with the customer to narrow the service provider options to only those that best fit the requirements and works with those service providers to produce contract language and pricing so the client is able to make an intelligent selection. At that point, C2XCEL transforms the technology landscape for the customer by project managing each component of the order to ensure it installs and functions as expected.

Technology is in a constant state of growth and evolution; therefore, it is necessary that C2XCEL remain vigilant to the changes. This allows them to offer the very best technology solutions, which will help the client maintain an up-to date landscape. Currently 5G and SDWAN are driving platforms in technology. SDWAN (Software Defined Wide-Area Network) has proven cost effective for most customers and allows them to utilize all data connections without having to designate connections as primary, secondary, tertiary, etc. SDWAN is several years into production, but 5G is very new and the benefits unknown to most people. C2XCEL is able to explain 5G, or any technology platform and whether it is a good fit for the customer, based upon their needs.

One vital part of the C2XCEL team is project management. After many years in the industry, Jim is one of the few in his field who understands the importance of having a project management team. Having dedicated employees monitoring each project, beginning at contract execution through turn-up of the ordered services, C2XCEL has removed the requirement for customers to chase status of a project with the services provider. This allows the customer to focus on their business, while C2XCEL works with the services provider.

As an unbiased technology advisor, with access to over 250 services providers, C2XCEL provides the best of the best to their customers. Their solutions are strategic and tailored for each project. Their team becomes one with the customer throughout the life of the account becoming an invaluable asset when the services provider’s contacts move-on.

About the Leader

With over 20 years of experience in technology, Jim McNeese, owner and CEO of C2XCEL, is able to guide customers through the myriad of service providers and their respective service options. He works within the customer’s technology requirements to develop strategic solutions that will evolve with the organization. Jim’s 10-years of service in the U.S. Army enhanced his ability to see ’the big picture’ in any situation, which means every customer can rest assured C2XCEL will explore all available technology avenues to achieve the goals.

Along with Jim’s industry knowledge, his desire to establish a team that supports and builds upon his skills to create a dream team for each business opportunity. This team acts as the catalyst to inspire and incite augmentation of the technological landscape and becomes an extension to each customer’s team.


C2XCEL is a professional organization who provide value-added services immediately. They have literally become an extension of my IT staff – providing rock-solid solutions for all of my data communication & Telecom needs. The cost savings they have provided to our global Law Firm allow us to invest in other avenues of technology. I look forward to many more years of our partnership with C2XCEL. Thank you for everything!”

C2XCEL has proven to be a valued partner and facilitator as we execute a highly aggressive growth strategy. Opening 50-60 locations each year, we’ve found C2XCEL to be a strong force behind our WAN, redundant integration, and hosted voice program. With new locations consisting of new construction and retrofitting existing structures, C2XCEL has, and continues to provide management of circuit orders and installations. Their oversite allows us to focus on our business, yet remain on schedule with our store openings. This has been a great advantage to us, and should certainly be an advantage to any organization, regardless of size.”

URL: www.c2xcel.com

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