Breaking out of the Proverbial Box

Lyn Ola | Founder & CEO | Chimes Consulting

– by Lyn Ola, Founder & CEO, Chimes Consulting


There can be a little cloud of bias hanging over the word girl. Whenever used, the term often comes with a connotation that may make the subject inferior. But I’m here to reclaim the word and tell you what being a girl can mean.

A Gritty, Independent, Radical Leader. A GIRL.


Being new in the corporate world is quite tricky for most people, much more for women. When I started with my corporate job, I did the usual nine-to-five. I set my roots and learned whatever I could about the industry, the work, and myself. I got the opportunity to work with top multinational companies. I was ecstatic to achieve my dreams earlier than planned. However, it didn’t take very long to realize that this setup is not the right fit for me in the long run. The dream of being on the top of the corporate ladder wasn’t that too appealing to me as time passes by. I was not impacting anyone, and I was not helping others as I wish I could have. I got a glimpse, and I understood why it was called the corporate jungle. Most entrepreneurs who started as an employee would understand and maybe have the same reasons they opted to create their businesses. I wanted many things to change, and so I decided to take the other road.

“If you can’t change how it is run, change who runs it”- Lyn Ola

Once you’ve set your eyes on the prize and realized how you want your time spent (building on your dreams and passions), all the risks and obstacles seem worth facing head-on.

I’m not saying that it will be easy as many of the best things in life aren’t. But that’s where grit comes in. Grit isn’t about blind positivity. Not everything you do will be great, and not everything you plan will happen in a snap. Grit is about doing whatever you can, whenever you can, and however you can to make your dreams and goals happen despite all challenges. You push through because you know it’s worth it.

For me, I’ve set my eyes on collaboration with businesses and the education of those who share my passion for learning to provide more job opportunities for people. I decided to integrate my love and expertise in Information Technology and Marketing and built Chimes Consulting.


Being an entrepreneur has its challenges; sometimes, everything is in your hands, all the weight on your shoulders, and you have to go through stuff alone, that can be overwhelming and terrifying at times. Luckily, being an only child, being independent is not a new concept. Fostering a strong sense of being independent and responsible is a significant value in business and life. I built my business from the ground up. It was a slow, step by step process with more hardships than I can count. It was not an easy feat, mostly when I was more or less on my own starting it. I needed to learn, grow, and work on my business (and myself) to keep it thriving. Chimes didn’t pop up out of nowhere; it came from countless hours of planning, learning, falling, replanning, and adapting.

Now, this isn’t to say you should never ask for help, collaborate with others, or learn from far more knowledgeable people, but what I’m saying is that you need to keep developing yourself to avoid relying on others. Having others around could drive you forward faster, but you need to ensure that you can still make it yourself. Developing high-quality skills is essential. With that, no matter whoever comes or goes out of your life, you have two steady and rooted feet as support.


Breaking out of the proverbial box is vital in making a difference. Being atypical is not bad at all. There are more risks involved for the unprepared, especially if the road less taken, but there are also great rewards to reap.

Changes in the trend and the industry can force us to become radical. A few decades ago, the only distribution channels for most businesses were physical ones and, now, technology and social behavior are continuously pushing companies to go online and reach their customers through digital means.

In being radical, entrepreneurs and businesses need to start by being present, significant, and distinct.


Nearly anyone can be a boss and tell people what, when, or even how to do things, and this can be exhausting. Your people will be robots and end up not respecting you for not trusting them. Choosing the right team is a challenge, but once you find your core, they can help you achieve greatness. Businesses cannot thrive if the people in it do not succeed with it. I love education, so I choose to be a mentor more than a boss. I get to share my knowledge and my passion with my team. We get to learn from the work that we do, and in return, we can provide our clients the best. We continue to keep getting better. My team and I fit together like IT & Marketing; we’re each powerful on our own, but together we’re an unstoppable force.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a G.I.R.L.?

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