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Gabriel Tupula | CEO | Big Bang ERP

ERP systems help improve the management of any organization and allows each team member to understand his/her role within the company. Its many advantages include streamlining business processes and supporting the team’s daily operations promoting the business’ growth. In 2014, Big Bang ERP is founded to offer the best service through a unique, personalized experience for each customer. Since then, the company has become one of the leading trusted business advisors for cloud solutions, and applications including ERP, CRM, MRP, ITSM, marketing automation.

Big Bang’s Reach

Big Bang is not simply a Value Added Reseller (VAR) it is a solution integrator. No matter the business need, the Big Bang team can and recommend the right solution and provide the necessary services to implement and integrate it with the client’s current systems. Big Bang’s expertise in various industries has influenced it to Big Bang invest in industry-specific events, over the years, to reach out to their potential customers in-person. It is very important for the company to establish a human connection, as it is part of the company’s vision to act as trusted business advisors starting with human contact. The organization also supports these marketing initiatives through an online presence by publishing insightful posts on social media, creating ad-word campaigns to help its audience find what they are looking for easily, and remarketing campaigns. The Big Bang team stays up to date with market trends to convey the right information to the right audience through their content. The organization also uses SEO keywords in all of their content to attract their target market. Its website serves as a big landing page that allows the company to study their visitors’ behavior and use it to deliver the appropriate information along with several call-to-actions allowing visitors to connect with a big bang. Moreover, the company’s proprietary methodology & approach allow them to assess clients’ business needs and fully understand the requirements, to offer exceptional service tailored to those needs, for each customer. Finally, the company does occasional email campaigns to stay connected with its audience providing them with the latest updates, news and relevant information related to Big Bang and the products they offer.

Big Bang believes that all people in every organization should have direct access to the information that enables them to do work, from anywhere, every day, and that is what the company hopes to accomplish.

As Gabriel, CEO at Big Bang, puts it: “Take the best features of best of breed products for one tailored solution?” What he realized was that offering multiple products was the solution to better serve a vast array of customers. Gabriel has been working in the field of technology for almost two decades. The reason behind the idea of Big Bang was Gabriel’s disapproval of supporting only one core product. Offering clients more than a single option for their business needs allows the customers to have some sort of benchmark. This freedom to choose what fits best with the client’s requirements is key in delivering exceptional service Big Bang ERP is solution-agnostic. It means that the company assesses the needs of its customers and then offer recommendations based on those needs. The company’s priority is to help customers streamline their processes to grow and prepare for future success. Its solutions are upto- date. The company is constantly looking for ways to expand its portfolio of solutions and make sure they cover all business management needs with the best-in-class solutions in the market. This is how the company fulfils its purpose of creating tangible value for its customers and giving customers the right tools to grow.

The company’s mission and vision statement are very straightforward. The vision consists of becoming the most trusted independent consultant team specializing in business management, collaboration, and automation solutions. They do so by seeking simple and scalable solutions that respect the company’s clients’ requirements for Cost effectiveness, Scope and quality, and Delivery schedule.

Big Bang is always up to date. In fact, the company’s department of innovation and solutions’ main purpose is to make sure the company can keep up with the volatile technological changes along with expanding its portfolio of products and solutions. The Big Bang team is constantly monitoring the industry changes and applies best practices to adapt to this fast paced industry. Moreover, having an in-house department to advise the company as it does with its clients has proven to be incredibly beneficial in coping with technological changes.

Big Bang wants to become the most trusted independent consulting firm for all business needs. Their company’s aim is to be a one-stop shop for all its clients and build long lasting partnerships with them to contribute to their business growth and success. The company also wants to expand on an international level and increase its global footprint. Its future aspirations consist of making the company’s vision a reality by actively looking for new solutions to serve all business needs and opening offices as it grows around the world to serve customers worldwide in the best way possible.

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