Bianca Shakinovsky: An Astute Leader Committed to Deliver Innovative Flooring Solutions.

Bianca Shakinovsky

Leadership is not about title or position; it is about responsibility of empowering others. Successful leaders believe in making a difference in the lives of others. The same leadership when it’s paired with passion, can turn vision into reality. An embodiment of one such exemplary leadership is Bianca Shakinovsky, the CEO of Pentafloor. Bianca started Pentafloor in 2005 with Larry Shakinovsky, with the main aim to supply affordable, high quality, flexible access flooring solutions, together with superior quality floor finishes, to a wide range of projects of all sizes in the commercial, hospitality and residential sectors. Since 2005, this venture has grown exponentially.

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

The journey of Bianca has not been a walk in the park by any means. She says that to have one’s fingers on the pulse of the business is of utmost importance. There are many aspects to the running of Pentafloor. Although she has competent managers in each department, she still has a day-to-day feedback on all projects, knowing that clients are satisfied with Pentafloor’s service is key. She finds it imperative to a hold management meeting on a weekly basis to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Being Limitless and Contagiously Passionate

Bianca believes that as an entrepreneur, one should not limit oneself to working 8 to 5.

According to her, entrepreneurs are all about passion in what they do, and time does not play a part for them. “Your passion should be so strong that it rubs off on everyone you come into contact with,” she expresses.

She adds, “Giving your best at all times, and letting your clients know that you have their best interests at heart, after all they are what makes your company successful.”

Being Determined to Stand One’s Own Ground

In every business, one will come across challenges. Bianca believes that what matters is how one chooses to take on those challenges and deal with them. For Bianca, it has been finding the balance between running a home with four children and being on top of her game at work.

Secondly, working in a male dominated industry has been especially challenging for her. As a woman she was not always taken seriously and had to become hard and fight for her right to be accepted. Her determination to win has paid off and she is thankful for the resources she has earned by standing her ground.

Putting the Needs of the Clients First

From the very start of Pentafloor, it has been the company’s policy to ensure the needs of the client is being put first. To achieve this, Bianca has gone from just a purely supply outfit to a complete turnkey operation. This was achieved by acquiring similar flooring companies over a period of time, making Pentafloor the largest raised access flooring companies in Sub Saharan Africa and the sole distributor of the Shaw Carpet range in Africa.

Being Accessible to Staff

As for Bianca ‘s style of running the company, she takes an open-door approach. Although she states that this may at times disrupt her day’s planned activities, she has also found that potential problems have been prevented by swift decisions. The open-door policy shows she is not unapproachable, and this is important as it gives the staff a sense of belonging.

Remaining a Leader in the Industry

Sharing her views on the pandemic, she says the pandemic has affected many lives and businesses. She feels in many ways people have become more understanding and empathic. As for driving the company, Bianca says the joint efforts of all her employees are making a concerted effort to insure Pentafloor remains a leader in the industry. Putting safety on top of the list of priorities goes without saying.

Trusting Principle of Reciprocity

Giving back to the community is important and something Bianca holds dear to her heart. As a company, Pentafloor is continually involved in projects that help the less fortunate. They offer their services in which they supply and install flooring to help individuals as well as NGO’s. SPCA, homes for unwed mothers, families whose homes have been destroyed by fire and to churches , to name but a few.

Being Courageous and Fearless

As Bianca mentioned this is a male dominated industry, and thus, to the up-and-coming women out there, she first welcomes them for taking the initiative to better themselves. She advises them to never accept no for an answer and allow to be put down or intimidated. She says that the industry is changing, and they need to be part of this change. “Go out there and show what you are made of. Getting your hands dirty is part of this industry, I have never been afraid to work on site side by side with my teams,” she adds.

Being Best in the Industry

Bianca’s vision for Pentafloor is simple, Be known as the go to company.” When it comes to expansion, the company has always looked at the international market as a target it has set its eyes on. Bianca feels with her company’s unique approach to business and its superior and diverse range of products, it will be able to reach this goal and more. “With our mindset and talented staff nothing stands in our way,” she concludes.

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