Asokan Ashok: Solving Issues of Humanity by Using Technology

Asokan Ashok, Founder & CEO of UnfoldLabs Inc.

If technology is used positively, it has the power to make a huge difference in the lives of people. Successful business leaders believe that there is remarkable potential in technology. By combing their admirable leadership and technical skills with their visionary approach to solving complex business problems, they separate themselves from the herd.

Asokan Ashok is one such impactful business and technology leader who believes in the potential of technology and wants to make the world a better place to live by using technology. Ashok has over 30+ years of experience as a technology leader and innovator. He is CEO of UnfoldLabs, a company that focuses on creating innovative products and solutions for the technology industry. He has led UnfoldLabs to success with his passion for strategic, innovative products and solutions. Being an inspirational and amazing leader with his business relationships and industry expertise, he has nurtured and grown UnfoldLabs with a keen interest towards futuristic and cutting-edge technology.

Innovating Things to Help Humanity Grow

Starting his career as a Software Engineer, Ashok has never looked back on innovating things that help humanity grow. His hard work and passion for technology brought him multiple prestigious awards. Ups and Downs are common, and Ashok believes in learning from mistakes and moving forward.

As a technology geek, he is more passionate about writing and motivating people with thoughtful, forward-thinking ideas. He has presented at various conferences around the world. His vision towards future technologies and experience in implementing strategic business ideas have achieved him the great honor of receiving many awards for leadership, technology, and products.

Easing Lives of People with Innovative Tech Products and Solutions

As technology trends are growing/changing at a tremendous rate, organizations need to re-focus and align with the new waves to keep pace with the changing trends and technology. That’s why UnfoldLabs started with a motto to ease people’s life with innovative technology products and solutions.

The professionals at UnfoldLabs capture these changes through innovation who are an agile team specializing in mobile, cloud, and new product development/ innovation. They make products from pure ideation to complete product development and marketing, ensuring a high level of success. The company’s vision is to provide the right solution for the customer; hence, its team encourages process, excellence, user experience, and innovation for a quality outcome. UnfoldLabs strives for Strategic Precision in all of its production processes.

Providing Best Experience to Users with Perfect Functionality 

Ashok states that passion and engagement are universal features within the UnfoldLabs community. It has developed products to help people ease their living in day-to-day life. Starting from Fun, Inspiration (unfoldQuotes – App for Motivational, Love, Nature, etc. quotes) to Family Safety and Security (MyFamily – A Digital Parenting Platform), its experts always strive to solve human/humanity issues with technology.

UnfoldLabs also has other amazing solutions like SecureME and uFallAlert that have already positively impacted many of its users. It always strives to provide the best user experience with perfect functionality that can solve user problems.

Collaborating Closely with All Team Members

Talking about the values and the work culture, Ashok mentions that Excellence, Safety, Care, Innovation, and Responsibility define UnfoldLabs. Its culture is based on a flat, hierarchical structure in which it has an open-door policy and collaborates closely with all members of the team, whether they are janitors or CEOs. It has a well-organized structure of frequent meetings and weekly face-to-face briefings in place to ensure that it maintains communication and a much-needed sense of belonging.

UnfoldLabs sets goals for each team so that everyone knows what they’re working towards. Setting goals will not only help them perform better, but it will also help their team members collaborate more effectively.

In addition to setting goals, UnfoldLabs ensures that every employee is aware of its long-term objectives. This is to aid in the development of a sense of professional purpose among its personnel. UnfoldLabs makes time to make the office environment happier and merrier, even if its work might be challenging at times. Everyone’s spirits are lifted with the right amount of inspiration, motivation, and happiness.

Having Right People and Right Culture to Win Any Technology War

Ashok believes that the technology will have a significant impact on most businesses, as it will shift orders of magnitude in terms of data transmission speed and volume and connection quality.

Ashok states the importance of innovating continuous innovation, “Advances in information technology have ushered in a period of rapid innovation and upheaval. We will not be able to satisfy the expectations of today’s highly consumerized markets unless we continue to innovate, particularly in the area of modern digital transformation.”

Ashok says, “You need the right people and the right culture to win any technology war.” So, UnfoldLabs’ HR team makes sure that the right individuals are hired and cared for so that they can take care of the stakeholders. UnfoldLabs works hard to create the right culture for its people to learn and grow because great companies don’t necessarily build great cultures, but great learning cultures do.

Having Perseverance is the Key

The software industry is advancing quickly, with every piece of tech becoming connected to the cloud. So, Ashok believes that successful entrepreneurs can be only those who can adapt quickly.

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs, he says,“Be it any product, get to the basics of it. It is very important that one is always ready to learn, unlearn and move forward with the right attitude, just not in the software sector but any sector.” Ashok is completely convinced that pure perseverance separates successful entrepreneurs from non-successful ones.

Providing Unmatched Customer Service

Ashok’s goal has always been to take a more innovative position in the industry on solutions and provide unmatched customer service. UnfoldLabs continuously strives to enhance the lives of the world by providing a simple and better user experience. Its aim is always to contribute towards making the world a better place to live by using technology. Of course, in terms of geography, UnfoldLabs will continue to grow.

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