AsiaPay: A World-class Provider of digital Payment Services & Technologies in Asia  

Joseph Chan | Chief Executive Officer | AsiaPay|digital Payment Services

With a vision to provide corporate entities with the latest digital payment values that readily maximize the efficiency, productivity, and global opportunities of their businesses, AsiaPay was incepted. As a world-class provider of digital Payment Services & Technologies in Asia since 2000. It currently operates in over 16 countries, with 15 operative offices and over 170 employees in Asia, with over 100 payment methods and bank partners, as well as over 144 currencies accepted, AsiaPay is the leading digital payment processing service and solution house in Asia, offering advance, secured one stop digital payment processing solutions to banks and eBusinesses around the world.

A Step Closer to a More Advanced & Secured &Digitized Economy

Throughout its over 20 years of expertise, AsiaPay incorporates payment security and seamless transactions at the forefront. On top of that, AsiaPay has certified its EMV and introduced the latest Secure 3DS 2.0 solution to banks, merchants, and partners in the region.

AsiaPay enabling merchants to experience EMVCo’s latest security feature through PayDollar to boost the business’s productivity and revenue. The 3DS 2.0 secures customers’ retail transactions and personal data through its advanced authentication process. Thus, increases their eBusiness’ sales conversions and minimizes cart abandonments with a seamless checkout experience.

Asia’s progressive move towards the digitized economy has developed both in-store or online retail. With that, AsiaPay strives to produce comprehensive and technologically advanced payment solutions in every platform. AsiaPay focuses on a streamlined and user-friendly experience that will boost eBusinesses’ productivity and revenues.

An Ingenious Mind

Talent pool are composed of 15 teams with innovative minds and skillful performance. This elite team of the company is led by its Founder and CEO, Mr. Joseph Chan. He has always envisioned the day when digitalization and technological innovations will take over in both FinTech and multi industries. He firmly believes that the future requires contact-less payment transactions that would make shoppers complete their purchase in a just few taps. The company aims to meet the fluctuating demands of its digital consumers and the growing eBusiness concerns in the region.

Boosting e-businesses’ Productivity and Revenues

AsiaPay pledges to bring its merchants and consumers the business-suited payment tools and services that are convenient for them in the eCommerce landscape. It takes advantage of Asia’s active card penetration as it integrates with innovative payment options and solutions that would bring ease and security in this going cashless generation.

Asia’s progressive move towards the digitized economy has developed both in-store or online retail. With that, AsiaPay strives to produce comprehensive and technologically advanced payment solutions in its payment platform. The company offers a streamlined and user-friendly experience that will boost e-businesses’ productivity and revenues. Updated services include:

3DS 2.0 Solution: latest 3DS upgrade is offered to merchants’ eCommerce & mCommerce platforms. This security upgrade features an advanced authentication process that speeds up the customers’ checkout process, increase sales conversion rate opportunity and reduce cart abandonment. 

Launch of Diners and Discover: Introducing Diners and Discover as the additional payment methods aiming to provide completely seamless payment solutions for both merchants and consumers.

eWallets Payments (QR Payments): PayDollar offers various major eWallets across the Asia Pacific to merchants as payment methods which able to increase merchants’ sales opportunities and provide customers seamless checkout experiences for their ePurchases. The most used eWallets are AliPay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay QR, GrabPay, Maybank QR, Boots, NetsPay, Zip Pay, India’s UPI, GCash, Momo, OVO, etc.

SamsungPay: Enables merchants to offer a secure, seamless and flexible payment method for their customers to complete their ePurchases on-the-go via mobile devices.

SmartPOS:  An integrated Android-based POS system by PayDollar dedicated to the retailing industry. It packed with NFC & QR Scanner, which allows retailers to accept a wider range of payment methods such as cards’ contactless, chip & pin and QR payments from their customers in a single device.

PayDollar SDK for Android and iOS: PayDollar SDK lets merchants offer in-app payment processing for their customers to complete their eTransactions through the mCommerce platform. Thus, increasing merchants’ business productivity and revenue.

Online Purchase eInstallment Service: Merchants can offer eInstallment service to customers as an additional payment option while performing their ePurchases on merchants’ eCommerce or mCommerce platforms. This eInstallment service is available through partner banks and helps to increase eCommerce/ mCommerce platform productivity.

Imparting Value Proposition

AsiaPay imparts its value propositions to every client that has dealt with its service. The company upholds its trusted payment service and technology by keeping it digital, fast, secure and cost-effective solutions. With its several integrations and strong connections with eCommerce and FinTech industries, the company has extended its top performing electronic payment gateway to various brands and big banks. Its existing key merchants include airlines, insurance, telecommunication, hotel, travel and transportation, retails, food and beverage, media and ticketing, beauty and others.

A Glimpse of Future

AsiaPay continuously grows as it seeks for further market expansions and build stronger partnerships with its integrated payment features and solutions. The company will continue to uphold its company’s reputation as the premier payment gateway suited for all types of businesses internationally. It will continue to bring regional, advanced, comprehensive, integrated, and secure services toward its future technological generation.

AsiaPay takes part in the progress of contactless payments in Asia as it incorporates its advanced technology and services to the banks, businesses, and promote cashless transactions to the unbanked population. Its brand focuses on improving AI, the Blockchain sector, big data, and biometrics to bring new solutions and contribute to the future development and security of payments. AsiaPay eyes for business connections and innovations to further expand its reach and maximize the potential of its trusted payment system.

Showcasing Customer Satisfaction

From SkyJet

If you are looking for a powerful web-based online payment service platform. That is not only safe and secure but also reliable for competitive in the growing market, then the answer is PesoPay. The payment service of AsiaPay in Philippines. As a company that utilizes comfort and fast paced online transactions, for easy access of payment for our services (flights) SKYJET AIRLINES relies on PesoPay to deliver that express feel that our customers desires, Hassle free transaction in just seconds. Monitoring and reviewing are also processing that we have o issues with PesoPay is a great asset of the company in entrusting the security and swift flow of our online transactions. Quality assistance form the different representatives are with high regards. Questions and concerns are immediately addressed and given resolution. Overwhelming support is given by the management in making the merchant feel appreciated. Customer service and support are outstanding. – IBE Specialist

From SunPay Tech Pte Ltd

AsiaPay Singapore provides an excellent and highly professional service to its clients. They are very knowledgeable and exhibit their experiences via close attention to details to get everything right.

AsiaPay Singapore team always responsive to any question I have, they keep me informed and they understand who we are and what we’re trying to do. I firmly believe that. And, any time that I make contact with them, they let me know they’ve received it and they let me know what the next step is.

I can unhesitatingly recommend Asiapay Singapore based on the work done for us SunPay Tech Pte Ltd. – COO

From HeyCars

By partnering with a trusted payment brand like what AsiaPay has to offer, we can now provide our users the advanced payment alternatives and ensure financial security in every transaction.” – eCommerce operation manager

From IQN

“Paydollar is an excellent, well-managed payment gateway. The gateway helped hundreds of IQN students to pay for their certification and exemption fees. We aim to work more closely with AsiaPay in order to deliver impeccable payment services for IQN students who are in different parts of the world!” – Chief Executive IQN

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