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Savvy entrepreneurs join direct selling companies for a multitude of reasons — an increase in income, a flexible schedule, the opportunity to be their own boss, personal development and more. But what often makes them stay is the relationship they have built with the company they’ve partnered with and the recognition they receive for their contributions to the business.

A Brief about Direct Selling

In direct selling, commonly referred to as network marketing, independent distributors/representatives — entrepreneurial minded individuals who sell company products and services outside of a retail establishment — are the heart of the company. Presently, there are more than 10,000 direct selling companies worldwide, and with this surge of phenomenal growth, it can be hard to remain competitive.

Creating Something Unusual

ARIIX was created by seven founders who saw an opportunity to create an environment where people could win — where the average person has a chance to succeed. Offering industry-first innovations and a Representative-first approach, ARIIX is disrupting everything that’s been done before.

It’s the relationships that are built and nurtured that fuel ARIIX Chief Sales Officer and Founder, Ian Chandler’s passion. He understands how vital it is to foster a meaningful recognition culture, where distributors feel valued and rewarded for their daily efforts. It’s the company’s Representative-first focus that nurtures their partnerships with representatives, and this applied focus is what sets ARIIX apart.

Into the Shoes of 10 Spearheads

Where other companies give the spotlight to the representatives who have the longest tenure, ARIIX has created a program called Power Ranking — a proprietary scoring mechanism that statistically highlights the top-performing representatives who not only generate high revenue for the company, but also practice positive business-building behaviors like leadership development and customer and team member retention. This revolutionary approach allows the company to encourage and reward positive business practices and recognize emerging leaders who will undoubtedly help shape the future of ARIIX.

In the following pages, you’ll find the ARIIX Top Ten Worldwide Power Rankers and their stories. These highly esteemed individuals have proven themselves to be well-rounded business professionals propelling the next wave of growth and stability at ARIIX.

The main purpose behind Power Ranking is to reward our Representatives for a multitude of businessbuilding behaviors, not just one or two. The Power Ranking program has been wildly successful, and I am fortunate to know these incredible professionals who demonstrate all the qualities of consummate leaders.” — Ian Chandler, ARIIX’s CSO and Founder

“Our representatives are our business partners. They help shape strategic decisions in areas like compensation plan updates, policy changes, product offerings, events and more. We truly believe in the collective input of our reps and the inherent value they provide.”

Vanessa & Alexandre Blando

Vanessa & Alexandre BlandoWorking to their strength as a couple—Vanessa and Alexandre Blando, though their beginning was humble, have become an ARIIX network marketing dynamo pair, achieving worldwide ranking status and recognition.

“We are ordinary people who believed in an extraordinary future,” quotes Vanessa & Alexandre. Working traditional jobs in which they barely got by, they started in this business to earn extra income.

Swiftly, however, they recognized that the direct selling industry could provide much more, and they saw the key to attaining their financial and business freedom. Together, with immense determination and dedication, they grew their business by telling their story through ARIIX’s top-of-the-line products. As a result, five years later, they have built the life they once only dreamed of.

“We have learned that when you really want to, you can achieve anything. We are our own limit,” they add.

Now, as leaders and role models in the business, they understand that their greatest success lies in helping others also achieve their dreams. Talking to each person they meet, inviting others to join in the wonderful opportunities with ARIIX, their business is an integral part of their daily lives.

Working every day to change the lives of those around them, both customers and team members, Vanessa and Alex consider themselves as the “locomotive” of their network, constantly moving forward with motivation, innovation and a positive spirit. “We just stay ourselves,” and in doing so, they show others that opportunity abounds, that anything is possible, and that they can “dare to dream again as when they were children.”

Tatiana DestandauTatiana Destandau 

“Know thyself,” though the most ancient, yet still incisive philosophy has been a motto for Tatiana Destandau.

Although she began in the business of network marketing with ARIIX as shy, afraid and outside of her comfort zone, she saw great opportunities with the company. The day she enrolled with ARIIX was the day she decided that she was “going to succeed no matter what.” That determination and grit helped her to be one of ARIIX’s top Power Rankers. Describing herself paradoxically as both “reserved and reckless,” Tatiana has used those characteristics to complement, rather than compete with one another. As a result, both qualities have served her well on her road to success.

Tatiana feels “fulfilled” by what she does and her passion for her work is palpable. By telling her own story, she strives to inspire others that come in her path. Tatiana believes, not just in the power and importance of inspiring those outside of her network, but also in her team. She displays exemplary leadership by teaching “attitude and actions rather than the theory.” She strives to push her team members out of their comfort zones, just as she once did for herself, to foster self-confidence and growth.

All of these factors in Tatiana’s career with ARIIX have made her a “fulfilled woman and mom.” She has freedom and creativity in her work, financial success, and the ability to focus on her husband and children, which are the most important parts of her life.

Stefano Orru

Stefano OrruWhen Stefano Orrù decided to leave his job as a pizzeria server to enter the world of direct sales, he shifted his mindset. He stopped thinking like an “employee” and instead moved forward as though he had invested thousands in his personal business. In the first 15 months, he made only $500. But he kept working, staying focused on his goals and one year later, Stefano was enjoying a six-figure income.

Through ARIIX, Orrù has become a true industry leader. One of his greatest achievements, in addition to his own success, is helping others learn to find their power. “This is a time of enormous abundance of possibilities and opportunities for anyone,” he says. Through his own experiences in this business, Stefano teaches the importance of listening to yourself, of studying on your own, and believing in your ideas. He says focusing too much on the opinions of others is limiting and narrows personal growth. Stefano’s role as a leader has come, in large part, from the way he views mistakes. Rather than detriments, he has turned them to triumphs. “I’m the result of every single mistake I made. I’ve learned from them. I fell, I got up, dusted off and went forward. Never looked back.”

His mission now is to connect with new people each day and inspire them to seize the same opportunities he has discovered.

Stefania Giaccardi

Stefania Giaccardi  

“Very shy. Not social. Afraid to focus attention on herself.” Those words used to describe Stefania Giaccardi. But, when she encountered ARIIX, all of that changed. She “fell in love” with the business model and began believing in herself. The result is an inspiring, incredible transformation that has made her an industry leader.

Stefania now speaks about ARIIX with everyone she encounters and describes her passion for her work as “a continuous, wonderful daily journey.” Stefania enthusiastically shares her life and work with ARIIX as a diary on various social media platforms and, in the process, has created success for herself and those she works with. Her Instagram account alone has nearly 30,000 followers.

During her career in direct sales, Stefania has focused on sharing much of her knowledge and experience with other women and in doing so, has created a dream team of extraordinary women. Because she was unable to find the balance of home and professional life in a standard job, she felt it important to show other women what she has discovered through her ARIIX business: that you really can have it all! By focusing on, fostering, and celebrating the success of others, she has helped create even greater success, not just for herself, but for those on her team. Using the hashtag #ladynetwork (with a red shoe), Stefania’s style is a blend of sophisticated businesswoman, mother, traveler, healthy lifestyle coach, and purveyor of happiness, and that all shines through with passion, authenticity and playfulness. “There is nothing more exciting than celebrating the successful stories of the people who have trusted you,” says Stefania.

Severine Cassiede

Severine CassiedeWhen Séverine Cassiede decided to start her own business with ARIIX, she faced a big challenge in hurdling the fears and criticisms of others. But she was inspired by the products ARIIX offered and was drawn to the compensation and travel opportunities it afforded. What she saw was a “magnificent opportunity.” Marketing her business on social networks only, Séverine has become one of ARIIX’s Top Ten Worldwide Power Rankers.

When Séverine started in this business in 2012, she had nothing. By applying what she learned through training, working hard, and remaining dedicated to her goals, she not only achieved success, but also became an industry leader. Séverine credits her experience in network marketing through ARIIX with the wealth of selfconfidence she now carries. “Today I can do anything if I want to. I realize my dreams one after the other —things that I could never have done before embarking on this activity,” states Severine.

Her professional success is also a personal success and the skills she has obtained and the relationships she has established continue to keep her motivated to grow and help others achieve their goals. Her enthusiasm is intoxicating, and it inspires others to invest in themselves and work with her as a team.

Serena Accai

Serena Accai 

“There was never enough.” Growing up, this was a theme throughout Serena Accai’s life. Her family struggled financially. When she got older, she worked as a secretary, but she did not earn enough to provide for all her needs. She worried about the future and had a burning desire to change her life, but she didn’t know how because she had few skills and no money to invest in her own business.

Enter ARIIX, the company that’s Disruptive by Design™! Today, Serena is one of the company’s most successful representatives. For Serena, her business is a lifestyle. Her financial success is equally entwined with the physical well-being she experienced using the high-quality products ARIIX offers. Through social media, Serena markets her own transformation in learning to care for her body with greater attention. The result is a truly inspirational message framed with honesty, bravery and relatability.

Since finding success, Serena has shown extraordinary leadership in committing herself to helping others find theirs. “My mission is to help people make their dreams come true. I know how I was in the past, and now I am at that stage where I feel that I can help others achieve their dreams.” Her belief that each of us has unexpressed potential is the backbone of the support she provides others. She drives home the message that it is not special talent that is necessary for success, but rather a great desire for transformation. “I believe in them!” adds Serena.

Paolo Meucci

Paolo MeucciFor Paolo Meucci, his greatest achievement has been in becoming the person he is. And he thanks network marketing and ARIIX for that process and what he considers “the best school of life.” A trailblazer with 27 years of network marketing experience, what Paolo has become is an “unstoppable, visionary guy” who is “in love with his business!”

Paolo is a powerhouse and a free-spirited energy. Working in direct sales for almost 30 years has given him a wealth of experience. But experience doesn’t guarantee success. Rather, what has kept Paolo on top is his ability to adapt and improvise with the changing times. Six years ago, he let go of his “old school” mentality of network marketing and revolutionized his trade. Today, his business is based almost entirely on social media. Paolo’s personality, which takes center stage in his social media platform, is infectious. Garnering excitement and interest in this manner, he is continually working to establish relationships and connections with new people. Paolo feels his most important goal as an established leader in this industry is to foster and help create leadership in others. Giving people the tools and training to begin, he emphasizes that to win in this profession, “you have to dream the unstoppable, put your plans into action, and decide every day that you are capable and deserve it.”

Wataru & Yoshimi Kanno

Wataru & Yoshimi Kanno

‘Indomitable. Limitless. Dynamic. Compelling.’—these are just a few words that describe ARIIX Japan’s premiere powerhouse couple, Wataru and Yoshimi Kanno. Their list of achievements is awe-inspiring and includes Founders Club Membership and Top Ten Power Ranker status. Their leadership qualities, business savvy, and inspirational methodologies have helped create a team of highly accomplished individuals.

Influenced by his father who has his own business, Wataru was eager to find his own business. While working in a bar, he was introduced to network marketing. It was a brilliant fit! Bright, energetic, and hard-working, the Kannos have achieved incredible success.

“I love when I can show people their potential and help them believe in themselves. Believing in yourself takes more than just being motivated and taking a few actions. It takes time to be skilled and become confident,” Wataru says.

The Kannos are an incredible resource of inspiration and knowledge in network marketing. They understand that the first step to success in this industry is finding the right role model. Keen, innovative and always open to new ideas, they have become the ultimate example of success in the network-marketing world and in ARIIX. Their leadership and mentorship have created a dominolike effect, spreading forth great success in others along their path.

“The core strategy of our business is to grow steady leaders. We have many leaders on our team, and everyone has their own way to succeed. It is OK to have different ways to reach the same goals. We learn from those differences,” Yoshimi says.

Claudio Capozza

Claudio Capozza’s mantra—’Humility. Thankfulness. GRATITUDE. Endless gratitude.’

The story behind this mantra is a true inspiration, the one that he owes to ARIIX and his network marketing experiences. Before that venture, Claudio was “almost a lone wolf.” He had few friends and few interests. Then he realized it was not the world around him but rather the way he was participating in the world that was holding him back. On his path of gratitude, he discovered ARIIX, met others like himself and found his family.

Today, by sharing his personal story and his message of gratitude, he has become a top ARIIX entrepreneur. Each day, he works to become a better person and to inspire others. Along his journey of inspiration through gratitude, Claudio has learned that dealing with difficult and impervious situations is a key factor to success. He states that it is not what you have or what you know, but what you do with those things that makes you successful. Be they the people he has yet to encounter or the people on his team, Claudio tries to show others the way. When advising his team, he states, “Sew this activity on yourself as your best outfit and success will be only a consequence.”

Andrea Orru 

Tired of having to exchange time for money in a traditional work setting, Andrea was looking for “freedom.” That is what led him to start his direct sales business. Looking for a better opportunity, he started his ARIIX business in May of 2019. In just seven short months, Orru is enjoying success as an ARIIX’s Top Ten ARIIX Power Ranker.

Although he knew almost nothing about the direct selling industry, Andrea was deeply motivated to create abundance in his life. So he dove forward with action, implementing what he learned in training and growing from all of his experiences along the way. Andrea strongly maintains that “action” is the fundamental building block to success. That you must make a real commitment to change your life. What Andrea has learned, is that in addition to taking action, this industry requires a special talent for success. And, although one must believe in the product and the company, the biggest factor to success is “YOU.” For Andrea, the opportunities at ARIIX led him to tap into his highest potential.

What is perhaps most inspiring in Andrea’s story, is that the manifestation of his success has not been solely financial. In fact, for Andrea, money has been the least important thing he has obtained on his adventure with ARIIX. “There is much more. Relationships with people, experiences and above all the person you become on your journey to success is something priceless and will be your best ‘asset’ in the future,” adds Andrea.

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