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According to a survey conducted by IDG’s (International Data Group) CIO Research Services nearly 90% of organizations are investing in AI – but only 1 in 3 projects are successful. AI tools have focused on automating machine learning and other processes for building models, but many data scientists still must write code to aggregate, cleanse, and prepare data for use by these tools. This is where TimeXtender can help.

TimeXtender has worked tirelessly to offer its world-class technology offering, Discovery Hub®, an agile, comprehensive, and future-proof data management platform, help companies fulfill their business requirement for being data-driven. More specifically, Discovery Hub is a data management platform that helps prepare and manage data for AI and analytics – without writing code – automating the process of getting documented data in the right place, in the right form, and ready for analysis.

Anne Krog IversenChief People, DNA & Culture Officer, and Co-founder, who has years of experience in technology such as data warehousing and business intelligence leads TimeXtender’s corporate culture.

The Impact of Emotional Skills

There are many paths to becoming a technology business leader but what has worked well for Anne Krog Iversen was getting experience in different disciplines early in her career. When she started, she held positions in human resources, sales, marketing, and management at various companies. Anne worked on developing and understanding the impact of emotional skills and people skills so that she could pass on and guide the X-People (what the team calls themselves at TimeXtender). This passion and commitment have led the company to higher self-awareness, selfmanagement, and resilience, enabling the achievement of much more as individuals and as an organization.

Supporting Analytics Data in the Cloud

TimeXtender Discovery Hub helps companies fulfill their business requirement for being data-driven. TimeXtender regularly updates Discovery Hub to provide new capabilities for its partners and customers within the Microsoft technology community and was designed with a cloudfirst mindset for deployment on Azure. Discovery Hub provides organizations with instant access to data to help them derive greater insights to make faster and better decisions from their analytics data, and to support their efforts to meet compliance and to reap all the benefits from having their analytics data available in the cloud. Most importantly, the company works towards a bigger purpose – through automation, it focuses on giving the partners and customers it serves, more time to do what matters most to them to help them make faster quality decisions with data, mind, and heart. This is of the greatest importance because time matters.

Future Technology Advancements

TimeXtender is exclusively focused on the Microsoft data ecosystem. It supports data deployments on Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, Azure Data Lake, Azure Analysis Services, and SQL Server. The company also support Azure Synapse Analytics and SQL Server 2019.

TimeXtender is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Azure Certified, and available in the Azure Marketplace. Although Discovery Hub was built with a cloud-first mindset, it’s also available on-premises or hybrid. The company supports changing deployment models without changing data models as its technology is built to evolve with future technology advancements and new Microsoft Azure offerings. This unrelenting focus has proven to be successful as evidenced by the company’s more than 3,000 customers worldwide and a global partner network of more than 170 business alliances.

Connect, Collaborate and Improve Decision Making

TimeXtender has a great appreciation for how technology can simplify corporate processes, as it looks to automate what can be automated to save time so that it can focus on what matters most. Anne Krog Iversen keeps an eye on new technologies as they emerge to integrate them into its workforce as needed. For example, the company uses BambooHR for its human resources information system. It uses Microsoft Teams to collaborate across functions, regions, and continents. Yammer is used to communicate within the company, and WorkBoard helps to keep track of projects. It even enjoys virtual reality for meditation breaks. And it starts online meetings with a moment of silence to land, focus, and connect with its fellow XPeople who work across various time zones.

“Technology should be used to make life easier for us so that we can connect, collaborate and make better decisions, but technology should never run our lives; rather, it should provide us with greater freedom in business and in life,” said Anne.

The Futuristic Leader

Anne Krog Iversen is a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council and has enjoyed writing and contributing articles for the Forbes Community and other media outlets. She has written several industry articles related to human resources, corporate mindfulness, and corporate culture. She foresees writing more articles and blogs related to these subjects and hopes to write a book in the future. The company takes great pride in community service and charitable efforts. The team at TimeXtender actively sponsors many efforts and donates its time to help others in need, and it plans to dedicate even more time to the community. TimeXtender also offers Karma Days so that X-People can take a paid day off from work to get involved in community service and charitable endeavors.

On another front, Anne, working together with the TimeXtender X-tended leadership circle, is rolling out a new, innovative, agile organizational model that will allow the X-People to work in cross-organizational purpose circles that will be customized based on an employee’s profession, function, and project. With this, the corporate purpose and individual purpose will become a vital part of its corporate dynamic.

All-around Cool Businesswoman

Working together with a close business colleague and personal friend, she started a tight-knit network for businesswomen that helps them garner greater leadership skills to achieve a new level of consciousness on a global scale. This program supports others in achieving a higher level of consciousness in leadership – the beauty of girl power – as it makes each other grow as individuals. The members talk a lot about feelings, the purpose and the bigger picture – that’s how a company grows as it remembers in feelings and close connections to build trust, which is a very powerful and vital feeling that a team needs to learn to help them thrive.

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