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“Everything seems impossible until it is accomplished.” For continuous career growth, everyone needs to be passionate, curious and desire to do better every day. In different stages of professional or personal journey, people need inspiration and an expert’s advice that could help them to make things happen, and succeed in their goals. Angela Alvarez, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Aglaia Capital, involved in a crypto marketplace Blockchain project, Vice Chairman and at the Advisory Board at Fair Value Capital (UK) Ltd., Advisory Board at Iskander Blockchain Accelerator, speaker at economic forums and mastermind groups, occasionally jury at industry competitions and awards, featured as Top Fintech influencer, is a deal maker which provides strategic and financial advice in any corporate transactions and corporate governance, keen in cooperating business models with investing partners, and helping organizations in creating value at the path of their success. She is proud of being Tech oriented, but believes that technology can go together with human sciences which may help people to grow in this world of new technology without losing humanity.

Following is Angela’s story in her own words, which exemplifies her legit, potent and ambitious behavior towards success.

In the life of any person there are always people that influence and mentor you, close people that you trust and that usually know most about you, and also those people you influence and mentor.

I think that keeping the equilibrium between these three flows, makes a good combination for anyone’s personal growth. Any leader should have dreams, ambitions and beliefs, and have the courage to continue when things seem not going so well, or others do not share their vision.

The challenges and situations that I’ve had to face in my life, having my own vision and opinions, and fighting for things that I believe in, people that had helped me, and people that I’ve helped, have helped me in my vital growth as a person without losing my essence. I’ve enjoyed diversity, challenges, new situations and problem solving, and going out the comfort zone which makes my journey richest.

I think that a good dose of authenticity, passion, ambition, honesty, courage, generosity, resilience, curiosity, appetite for knowledge, and vision have been good companions on my personal and professional journey, together with that inner impulse to start again in the fails, being calm in the celebration of success, and a desire of doing better every day, and making an impact to make a better world.

I am currently involved in developing a new company with the same activity I have been having along my professional career to further apply my vision on it. My business is about advisory Corporate Finance, M&A, Investors and Family office services, and Private Equity, focus on selected niche funds and investors, and off market deals, oriented to be a trusted partner for investing in Europe and in the Philippines mainly, and, selectively, in Latin America, specialized in Financing structures, and in Hotels, Real Estate, Financial Services, Fintech and Blockchain.

I adapt myself to the trends and demands of the moment, and am innovative and personalized in the approach to the Transactions. Usually the clients or investing partners are approaching me, or are a part of my ecosystem, or I approach the ones that identify as suitable to join this trusted network. I have a continuous dialogue with them, and discuss the opportunities that come to me and find those which are appealing. The world and industries are experimenting fascinating changes, and I am fortunate to be in a business like this that can be a part of those. I usually participate in economic forums, and mastermind groups, which nourish my global vision and creativity for problem solving in the corporate and business world.

I think that passion, ambition, honesty, resilience, courage, empathy, and vision are good companions in business. These vital attributes together with knowledge, common sense and intelligence make a great complement to these vital qualities that I appreciate in anyone.

I think that one of the main challenges for women in the corporate is not being considered as a minority and statistics but just professionals and at the same conditions than professionals with the same attributes that can be at the first line. Any organization needs capable people in any of the positions, and diversity provides richness to those, and to the community.

Also we need to be aware of our role in the society, and in the corporates, and make elections accordingly. Following the interests and the path that consider appropriated without thinking in gender would be a sensible advice.

Probably having leading positions can be my biggest contribution to women empowerment. I have also been supporting female entrepreneurship ecosystems and mentorship initiatives in several countries when I have been requested in doing so.

It makes sense that top levels and governance of the organizations and companies have representation on the people that they serve and represent. More representation of women in top positions and Board of directors would reflect better of what the society is currently made of. Diversity in gender, ages, background and nationalities provide richness to companies, and can be a valuable contribution to understand better, and face the challenges of a world in continuing change, and with global organizations.

I am usually where the business is, and where the interests of the clients are. I have the focus on niche deals and clients, and in maintaining long clients’ relationships based on trust and mutual interest. That trusted network of investors, partners and companies is increased with new lines of business, and adapting to the newest trends and interests. The own network and ecosystem of deals, clients, and industry nourishes my businesses.

Technological changes that are happening nowadays are fascinating, and I usually am keen to go with them, and applying them also when is possible in my activity, where I am creative in the approaches to any Transaction. On specific technological fields, I am active in Fintech, fund raising in Tech startups, and I am currently involved in a blockchain crypto P2P project, and in a blockchain accelerator. I think that Technology and Human Sciences can go together so we can face this new technological world without losing humanity, and those can be used as a tool also to analyze some of the ethical issues that technology can bring nowadays in many fields.

I see myself in the near future, thriving, continuing to face new challenges with my new projects, and contributing in sustainability, and in transforming my industry.

I believe in doing business based on balance and win-win situations, and I would like to keep doing the same to be making an impact and doing sustainable businesses and Transactions, where there will be companies or groups of interests exchanging or cooperating to achieve the best alternative for their mutual success.

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