ANALEC: Helping Broker-Dealers and Banks Drive High Value Engagement with their Customers

Indy Sarker | Co-founder & CEO | ANALEC

The investment research and related client servicing business model is under structural pressure. Technology innovation and service level differentiation are integral to the success of Broker-Dealers and Investment Banks. With an intent to make them more competitive and productive and above all help them engage their clients in ways that lead to a longer lasting and profitable relationship, ANALEC was established. ANALEC is a leading financial technology company offering platforms and solutions in the investment research and related client servicing space, working with a range of brokerdealers and investment banks globally. The company combines deep domain knowledge of its client’s business and its ability to leverage the most appropriate technologies to design workflow and process automation and client servicing solutions, helping them to build more profitable and sustainable customer engagement while boosting their competitive position in the marketplace.

The inspiration behind ANALEC came from the core team’s own experience working in large investment banks and broker-dealers where process automation and intelligent workflow solutions were at best clunky and cost the banks millions of dollars to create and maintain. The company wished to address specific efficiency challenges in the areas of content authoring and publication, workflow compliance and content delivery in the investment research space and boosting customer service engagement levels via its cutting-edge CRM platform for capital markets. All of the above while ensuring a compelling total-cost-of-ownership argument on the technology spend.

ANALEC since its inception has built long lasting client relationships. Many of its customers have renewed their subscription contracts on the company’s platforms year after year, in some cases relationships spanning over 13 years.

One of the ingenious minds behind the inception of the company is Indy Sarker. As the Co-founder and CEO, Indy has been integrally involved from the very onset of the company. Indy spent over 12 years in capital markets (prior to ANALEC) and was an Institutional Investor (II) ranked analyst. Indy along with his colleague Colin Stone brought the fundamental building blocks of the business with Indy bringing the business domain knowledge of capital markets and Colin bringing the technical expertise to create world class software. ANALEC chose to build a technology center in India and over the years has built a global delivery model out of India office with Consultants and domain specialists based in the United States to cater to the US marketplace.

ANALEC’s proposition has been to build world class software platforms that addresses acute workflow and client servicing challenges at its customer organizations, while ensuring the data collected into the client servicing process drive insightful analytics to aid business decision-making around service levels and resource allocation.

Indy is supported closely by Colin Stone – CTO and Chief Product Architect – and Lalit Raj – Director of Client Engagement. Colin brings a deep understanding of the capital markets place. As a technology leader, Colin works closely with the customer base to ensure the company has a “solution” for most of their needs, pertaining to its area of involvement with its customer. In addition, Colin supports the internal product development and innovation roadmap at ANALEC, with the view to keep ANALEC’s capabilities cutting edge and contemporary always in the marketplace.

Lalit Raj has over 12 years at the firm and has built world class customer engagement capabilities across the ANALEC organization, as well as worked closely with the team on various client implementation mandates both in Asia Pacific as well as the United States. Lalit remains closely connected with each customer of ANALEC on an on-going basis, in order to ensure that the company has the best solution and engagement model in place for each client organization.

Three of them have set a work culture that is of a complete meritocracy with enormous opportunities to individuals and groups to seek greater responsibility and ownership in their career growth aspirations. The company works in a collegiate environment with each team member assessed on teamwork and participation, while ensuring a keen focus on its customer needs and aspirations.

ANALEC’s platforms cater to specific business challenges being faced by the broker-dealer and investment banking firms servicing their institutional investor client base. Firms providing investment research led financial insights and recommendations to institutional money managers are facing significant structural challenges in their business models, such as range of compliance controls, reporting, and the commercial model supporting their business models in the marketplace.

ANALEC’s CRM helps research analysts, salespeople and the trading professionals to ensure their levels of service remain the most relevant to their customer base and supports a (service level) prioritization that reflects the current as well as future importance of a client institution to the business. Increasingly, services consumed by the client base drives both transparency requirements (under the “unbundled commission” regime being adopted by most institutional money managers) as well as better client profitability targeting by the service providers (i.e., broker-dealers and investment banks). The company provides not only the technology capability to track services delivered and consumed by the client (of the bank or broker-dealer), but also drive insightful analytics that aids proactive decision-making.

In summary, its CRM for capital markets – ANALEC ClientManager – ensures more transparency across the service value-chain, while driving intelligent and insightful decision-making to support the profitability of the business. ANALEC’s commercial model focusses on total-cost-of-ownership of the technology on its platforms by its customer organization, with an acute focus on delivering a strong ROI rationale for the business.

The company’s product suite – ANALEC ResearchWise – offering on the research authoring, workflow & compliance and content distribution front, once again delivers enormous workflow automation and productivity benefits and delivers innovative client engagement solutions around the research product (at the broker-dealers and banks) when it comes to servicing their institutional client base.

The challenges in the marketplace as a result of regulatory change in Europe under the MiFID II regime as well as US investors adopting certain provisions of the MiFID II regime as best practices in a “commission unbundled”, poses business model challenges to brokerdealers in the US. ANALEC’s technology solutioning has consistently focused on raising the commercial viability of its customers while addressing their challenges from technology perspective, both on the workflow as well as decision-making analytics to support the business. “Doing more with less” has been the mantra for ANALEC when it comes to empowering its customers on its platforms and helping them achieve their commercial goals.

According to ANALEC, there are many roadblocks that an organization can face over a length of time. The first challenge is to execute successfully to build the capability necessary to deliver a proposition to the customer base. The second hurdle is to win over customers to their proposition and finally to ensure they build long-lasting customer relationships. Indy Sarker, CEO states “The success of ANALEC rests disproportionately on the quality of human capital and resources that come together on this common pursuit. ANALEC has been very fortunate to have a solid team of high energy professionals that always have gone beyond their call of duty to make ANALEC a success in the marketplace.”

ANALEC over the years has never shied away from making the investments necessary to continuously innovate and keep its product suites cutting edge and contemporary in the marketplace. Customer feedback and engagement drives many of the items in any future roadmap at ANALEC, while at the same time ANALEC showcase new technology solutions proactively to its prospects and client base.

When it comes to impacting change with compassion in society, ANALEC has been a strong believer in “giving back” right from the onset, having initiated a social contribution to well deserving causes over the years. Presently, ANALEC is closely involved with the Miracle Foundation to help orphanages and orphans in India. ANALEC aspires to be the solution provider of choice to Broker-Dealers and Investment Banks. Additionally, its long-term aspiration is to expand its customer reach to a wider audience to help them better manage their data and content across the organization while fulfilling internal reporting and compliance objectives and ensuring intelligent content distribution.


“The ANALEC team was very dedicated to the task of implementation. They also demonstrated a high degree of flexibility in working with us.”- Managing Director and Head of Research, at a leading investment bank

“ANALEC’s deep knowledge of the investment research and sales & trading space makes them stand out as a service provider in the marketplace. They are extremely receptive and swift in meeting our requirements.” – Managing Director, Head of Equities, at a Pan Asian financial institution

“ANALEC’s onsite team’s technical expertise, business acumen and passion for their work, combined with the quality of their product suite are top-tier.” – Director, Global Research, at a US based investment bank

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