Albert Fouerti: Transforming the Consumer Goods Industry 

Albert Fouerti, CEO of Appliances Connection

Over the last few decades, transformations in every industry have been a significant catalyst for organizations to incorporate various technological innovations to elevate their businesses. The consumer goods sector had it difficult at the earliest stages of this digital transformation. E-commerce has been a significant vector for retailers to sell their goods, making it more convenient for sellers and buyers alike to conduct business. Today, with the help of various online platforms, retailers can connect with consumers everywhere to create a buzz around their brand. What was once was sold to customers wanting to touch and feel the appliances up close can now be simulated remotely to give them a personalized digital shopping experience. Industry leaders have expectedly developed strategies to deliver the same exceptional services to consumers no matter where they may be located.

Albert Fouerti, the CEO of Appliances Connection, is one such leader and a pioneer of the switch to the digital realm. He has led Appliances Connection for over two decades with his expertise and innovative strategies, which have yielded significant improvements to both operations and sales after implementation.

A Paradigm Shift

Albert started his journey with a computer store, but over the years the industry changed, and the computer industry became less profitable. As a result, he switched to digital cameras, and in 2008, with cellphone cameras surpassing the specs of the digital camera, the industry became pretty much obsolete for him.

Finally, Albert shifted focus towards domestic appliances and embarked on his decision to consider that appliances and their demand can only ever grow in scope as technology improves.

However, the appliance industry covers a very wide scope of brands, appliance categories, and design styles, making it hard for consumers to find the perfect appliances for them. As a result, considerable focus was placed on optimizing searches, allowing customers to dramatically narrow down their selection according to their specifications. Products can be filtered by design style, availability of specialized features like Sabbath Mode, or even by technical details so you can confirm they are compatible with your utilities. Additionally, they produce a wide breadth of educational content on their blog site so customers are updated on the newest releases, the top appliances of the year, and are even provided buying guides so they are as educated about their purchases as the experts at Appliances Connection are.

A Straightforward Streamlined Approach 

From its inception, Appliances Connection has striven to be customers’ one-stop shop for all their appliance needs. It believes in providing customers with the most seamless, worry-free shopping experience by keeping everything within its vast network of residential and commercial design professionals.

Whether you need help remodeling your home kitchen or are looking to stock an entire apartment complex, look no further than Appliances Connection. The company’s close relationships with interior designers, builders, customer service specialists, and other professionals will ensure everyone is working as a cohesive unit to get your project done precisely to your specifications.

Moving Up in the Industry 

Before Appliances Connection came online in 2008, buying appliances online was a rarity and mostly unheard of. Most consumers preferred the personalized experience of a brick-and-mortar retailer that would allow them to see and touch the appliances personally before making their purchases.

After seeing how successful Appliances Connection became, many retailers followed the trend it set, trying to get a piece of the pie. It has remained a top contender in this industry through its diligent efforts and continues to grow every day.

The Highs and Lows of the Pandemic 

Albert expresses that the consumer goods industry took a heavy hit because of the pandemic. Many brick-and-mortar stores lost significant capital due to lockdowns, and many customers transitioned to e-commerce platforms like Appliances Connection for their needs.

Additionally, limited manufacturing has caused significant delays in the delivery of physical goods. Many retailers, both in-person and online, are unable to keep up with the growing demand from consumers. Being based in the Northeast United States, Appliances Connection had an uncertain first couple of months of the pandemic, as many retailers did. However, thanks to its merger with Goedeker’s, it has not only been able to expedite deliveries, but it also acquired and continues to acquire new warehouse locations across the United States. Combined with an expanded fleet of trucks, these developments will greatly reduce shipping times and allow the company to make deliveries faster than ever before.

Customer Focused Work-Culture 

As stated earlier, Appliances Connection has striven to be customers’ one-stop-shop for their appliance needs. Albert believes this is fostered by facilitating solid interpersonal relationships amongst the company’s staff. To this end, it has adamantly committed to having a very open and friendly office environment for its employees.

When everyone is on a first-name basis, everyone feels respected. When everyone feels respected, the quality of the work flourishes and its customers reap the rewards. Appliances Connection does not simply “put on a face.” It wants its customer service professionals to be authentically committed to providing customers with a warm, friendly experience for even the simplest appliance inquiries. To help them, the company provides regular, informative training sessions to ensure they are prepared for whatever its customers may need assistance with.

Appliances Connection’s employees are much more productive when they are confident in both their appliance knowledge and the company’s commitment to fostering their career growth. 

Gaining A Foothold Utilizing Technologies 

Albert states that e-commerce has a solid foothold in every industry, including retail, but its potential continues to manifest in new and exciting ways with each passing year. The pandemic gave e-commerce a significant boost in the number of new shoppers in the online space as well as user experience innovations being developed, making online retailers more competitive in the industry.

Appliances Connection has several teams of marketing professionals, web developers, data entry specialists, and more to ensure it explores every avenue and keeps up with the latest technology trends.

In particular, the dedicated web development team produces and integrates new technologies into Appliances Connection’s website to enhance its visitors’ shopping experience, such as the Interior Design Inspiration Platform. It is not simply a brick-and-mortar appliance retailer. It prides itself on providing customers in both the domestic and commercial sectors with personalized, in-depth e-commerce experiences from their project’s planning stages all the way to completion. In addition, the company’s merger earlier this year has greatly expanded its distribution network, allowing it to provide quick deliveries to every corner of the country. 

The Change in the Wind 

Albert expresses that the pandemic caused an unprecedented transition for many consumers to e-commerce platforms to conduct most of their shopping. As computer technologies continue to advance, customers are demanding more interactive e-shopping to match the in-person experience they have become accustomed to.

Appliances Connection has risen to meet this new demand with its Interior Design Inspiration Platform, which combines a multitude of strategies to fulfill customers’ wishes for their dream homes, no matter where in the country they are located. Appliances Connection’s interactive galleries allow customers to “shop the look,” providing various lifestyle imagery of kitchen appliances and more information on these items once clicked. For instance, if you see a built-in refrigerator you like in a gallery image, clicking it will redirect you to that unit or a comparable unit’s listing. That way, you can know how the appliance will fit into your home’s layout before buying it, as well as be provided with information on all the exciting features it comes with.

In addition, Appliance Connection’s website has become a hub for interior designers across the country to create their unique designer portfolios. These portfolios will connect them with clients in their geographical area, so together they can plan a complete home makeover with products from Appliances Connection. 

Rising to a New Dawn 

Alberts plans to make Appliances Connection a household name such as Lowes or Home Depot. His business ventures have had unprecedented growth due to the transition by many consumers to e-commerce platforms. He plans to utilize this boost to garner more national acclaim while expanding its warehouse locations across the continental United States.

Appliances Connection has always been an industry leader and pioneer in e-commerce. The combination of technologies available on its easily navigable site provides customers with the greatest shopping experience that can be found online. Hence, its industry peers frequently look to them for guidance. It has many new and exciting developments coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned for those!

Guidance from Experience 

While advising up-and-coming entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the consumer goods sector, Albert says, “Keep adapting; the worst thing you can do is be stagnant. The market changes, and you must change and adapt with it.”

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