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Jeff Goins | CEO | Adaptive, Inc.

On any given day, we make decisions that direct the course of our day and often without putting much thought into the action per previous experiences and habits. These daily decisions slowly turn into a routine based on the experiences they generate for us. We love repeating decisions that gave us good experiences and avoiding bad ones based on such experiences.

For a business, these experiences are based on its data that it generates throughout its functioning processes and people, whether related to clients, vendors, employees, or shareholders. And if an enterprise is wise enough, it will utilize this data to generate information that helps it make better decisions. Business decisions, backed by data, metrics, facts, and figures are known to give better results and help enterprises achieve their goals.

Companies today are faced with an explosion of the amount, complexity, and importance of enterprise information. And, without a complete understanding of how that information is created, defined, managed, and consumed — otherwise known as metadata — an organization’s ability to meet external compliance reporting demands and optimize business performance is severely undermined.

“Adaptive provides the most comprehensive data governance and metadata management platform available today.”

Helping enterprises navigate through data and make sense out of it is Adaptive, Inc. The company provides the most comprehensive data governance and metadata management platform available today. Adaptive offers standards-based solutions that help organizations better align their valuable information by supporting specific management challenges including Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, and IT Portfolio Management while ensuring Knowledge is retained as systems evolve.

Jeff Goins, CEO of Adaptive, Inc. shares insights into how the company provides innovative solutions that enable enterprises to align their capabilities with strategic intent leveraging governance processes on how to effectively maximize the value and understanding of data.

Give a brief detail on the company’s inception and the journey it has experienced.

Adaptive has been in the data governance, metadata management, enterprise architecture, and data analytics market for many years. This has brought us a vast amount of industry expertise and knowledge in delivering enterprise-scale solutions enabling our clients to implement our offerings rapidly.

Adaptive’s suite of software solutions leverage a powerful core set of modeldriven and data-driven web-based solutions that can be hosted on the cloud or premise. Adaptive is one of a few vendors that offer a complementary and integrated repository solution enabling ongoing agility, governance rigor, and full reach across the analytical spectrum.

Our platform and solutions provide the flexibility to address the most pressing and complex operational and analytical needs. We employ cutting edge technologies to ensure our solutions meet all performance agreements, infrastructure dependencies, and faulttolerance requirements including graph databases, data streaming, Big Data, semantic inferencing, advanced cybersecurity AI applications and many more.

Our platforms support a data-independent approach to solution development enabling a wide degree of customization. Our platforms permit users to discover, learn, engage, analyze, and prescribe using rules-based, semantic, and pattern matching techniques based on their data or industry standard models. In no time at all, organizations can quickly derive knowledge and build upon it using their rules or industry best practices.

Our vision is to become the de facto data analytics platform that compliments the existing information and technology technologies already being leveraged by our clients.

Describe your approach to attracting your target audiences for their better experience.

Many of the Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solution providers do not combine the holistic metadata and instance data layers in their offerings and are not architected to fit within the technology landscape already being used by the organization. This causes long and costly implementation time frames. Adaptive is focused on delivering value quickly by leveraging the cloud or onsite installations working with the technologies that are already being leveraged by the organization.

Adaptive also brings in industry content with our solutions which facilitate assessments on the current state of the organization‘s data landscape including providing governance processes to ensure the proper stakeholders are involved in the process including audit trails and change management work flows to ensure accuracy and repeatability. Adaptive focuses on specific use cases relating to regulatory compliance mandates focused on data quality and understanding of how data is moving throughout the enterprise.

The Adaptive platform leverages a powerful graph-based platform combining metadata and actual data allowing organizations to quickly understand the source, quality, and relationships of their data landscapes. Our solutions take out the issues and unknowns of their data and bring in the audit trails and change management processes to ensure the right stakeholders are involved in the process.

Our clients can start by leveraging our product capability to create a holistic data catalog to ensure governance and understanding is current and leveraged across the organization. Key capability offerings include our Data Catalog, Data Privacy, and Data Lineage Analytics offerings. We consistently provide our clients to be up and running in just a few short weeks with incremental enhanced capabilities added per customer directives.

Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement?

Adaptive exists to help organizations realize they do not need to reinvent themselves, rather, they can benefit from leveraging what they have in the most optimal manner to provide a knowledge management asset that facilitates reuse, analytics, and compliance throughout the organization.

Fundamentally, Adaptive aims to couple operating silos, align structured and unstructured data sources, bridge logical/physical/ETL and Business Intelligence applications, derive and apply meaning through Ontologies and semantics to provide true enterprise-wide insight, planning, governance, and capabilities management across people, functions, processes, and resources.

What endeavors your company is planning to undertake in the upcoming future?

The combination of best practices, industry content reference data, leveraging model-driven and datadriven capabilities including unstructured data, along with machine learning will continue to evolve enabling Adaptive to be at the forefront of capability on understanding and managing the complexity associated with data governance and analytics. Adaptive will continue to work with leading consulting and integration firms who specialize on providing enhanced analytics.

About the Leader

Jeff Goins has been responsible for developing alliances with firms on an international basis around the world. He continues to be a thought leader in acquiring and packaging technologies that meet key needs in the compliance, governance, and risk analysis markets. In his twenty-five-year career in the technology industry, he has led companies to a high level of success in developing quality software solutions.

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