A.I. is Positioned to Evolve in 2022


Machine Intelligence is increasing every year, but still Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about to live up to the reputation or hype that is created abut it by the technology companies in the world. AI still has a long way to go before behaving like a human intelligence but we will certainly see the evolution of AI in 2022.

AI can excel at specific tasks but it struggles to do more than the specified tasks. It is better at doing programmed tasks than taking intelligent decisions or situational decisions.

Edward Grefenstette, a Research Scientist at Meta AI said, “AI algorithms are good at approaching individual tasks, or tasks that include a small degree of variability. However, the real world encompasses significant potential for change, a dynamic which we are bad at capturing within our training algorithms, yielding brittle intelligence.”

Grefenstette said that AI researchers have started revealing that there are multiple ways of efficiently adapting AI training methods for changing tasks. Grefenstette believes that there will be more scientific and industrial applications of such methods that will produce significant leaps in 2022.

Anthropologist Beth Singler studies Robots and AI at the University of Cambridge. She said, ”Claims about the effectiveness and reality of AI in spaces that are now being labeled as the metaverse will become more commonplace in 2022 as more money is invested in the area and the public start to recognize the “metaverse” as a term and a concept.”

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