15 Ideas if you’re looking to start your own small business in 2021

15 Ideas if you’re looking to start your own small business in 2021

The majority of people in today’s generation look towards becoming businessmen and prefer being their own bosses instead of working the regular 9-5 job.

The reason being, that in today’s day and age, it has become quite easy to kickstart your own business. Resources to do so are all now available on the internet.

Similarly, to start your own online-based small business, the main requirements are:

  1. A good and feasible web design;
  2. An understanding and application of digital marketing;
  3. A good understanding of business (which can also be procured on the internet).

Launching a small business may require a decent amount of capital or may require little at all. This depends on the business type you plan to start and the services you need. You may need to wear several hats until you gain enough capital. Then, you can begin spending on bookkeeping or copywriting services, for example. 

However, there are feasible options for both. If your business idea requires some capital that exceeds your budget, then don’t be disheartened. The first step to follow will be to keep the current job you have and launch your business initially as a side hustle.

A person who starts their own business enjoys quite a few advantages. The freedom of setting your own schedule and controlling your lifestyle. Starting your own business will keep you motivated while making you a pro at a wide range of skills. You are able to follow your own ideologies and at the same time be following your passion. Financial independence, job security, tax benefits, being able to start from scratch are all some of the benefits of starting your own business venture.

Here are 15 small business ideas that you can use to become an entrepreneur:

  1. Consultants – People now who are knowledgeable and have a passion for certain topics, can automatically become consultants. There is a requisite for consultants in all industries. You can always start on your own and when you gain momentum with revenue, you can ask hire other consultants as well. To add to your profile, you could also do a certification that would give you more credibility.
  2. Online re-seller – To be an online re-seller you would require to be passionate either about clothes and fashion or sales or have an understanding of both. This concept may take up a lot of time as well as dedication. You could initially start off as a side hustle using online store websites to sell your clothes and eventually expand into a full-time resale business.
  3. Courier Services – All you need for this business is to have a vehicle that you can rely on and great time management skills. As of now, due to the present scenario of COVID-19, there is a huge market for medical courier services. This too, once you start to expand you can hire more drivers and turn it into a successful small business
  4. App Developer – There are plenty of requirements in today’s digitalized world and industries for App Developers. If you have relevant knowledge about technology and can build applications, then this is definitely for you. Today’s world relies too much on mobile apps and is slowly growing into VR app requirements as well.
  5. Transcription Services – There is a huge market for transcript services. For example, medical transcription services are in high demand as voice recognition software requires healthcare provider dictation. All you require for this is a computer, appropriate software, secure messaging services, good listening ability, and definitely great typing speed is an added benefit.
  6. Cleaning Services – There is always a requirement for cleaning services that range from Commercial properties to households. The requirement to start this business is very minimal. To start you would need a few staff members, cleaning supplies, and transportation. Like all businesses, to expand you will also need planning, dedication and marketing.
  7. Domain Name Buyer – A domain broker also known as a domain name buyer, is someone who buys domain names and sells them at a profit. However, in order to do this, you need to be able to keep up with the trends and be able to identify popular domain names that people or businesses would want to purchase.
  8. Translation Services – This concept saw a decline in 2020 but has been predicted to make a big comeback in 2021. The internet has opened up a number of entrepreneurs to different markets with different dialects and this is where translation services would come in.
  9. Customized Clothing Business – Much like graphic designing, this business would also require you to have an artistic and creative sense in order to do well. Either that, or you could also implement someone else’s visuals onto a blank t-shirt.
  10. Food Truck – Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants, and indoor dining have now become quite limited now all over the world. A food truck gives you the opportunity to use your culinary skills and take it directly to customers on the road. The costs of maintaining a food truck are comparatively lesser than a restaurant, and you would have the advantage of mobility.
  11. Digital Marketing – This generation is known as the digitalized era, and for good reason. Now every single thing is done online, and through the magic of the internet, a wide market can be reached through various digital platforms. There is a requirement for this as most companies, big and small find it difficult to market themselves and prefer outsourcing to a third party. This also has the added-on option of working from home.
  12. Event Planning Services – If you are highly organized and very detail-oriented this is for you. Considering the current situation, the event industry has shifted to virtual and online events and platforms to ticket different events.
  13. Errand Services – People today find it difficult to maintain a balance between work and life and the majority of the time find it difficult to do their personal errands. This would require you to have good time management skills and dedication towards freeing up your client’s day.
  14. Sustainability Consultant – In recent years, different businesses and industries have started becoming more conscious of the impact they have on the environment. This has all-sized businesses looking for experts to advise them on a wide variety of backgrounds.
  15. Resume Writer – This business idea is pretty self-explanatory. Plenty of people aren’t good at or either doesn’t prefer writing their own resumes. You could sign up your services on freelance services and market them on social media platforms. The only requirements are a computer and a good sense of marketing.

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